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Friday, August 6, 2010

Wary of trying to be like Ware? Nope

The name DeMarcus keeps popping up these days around the Georgia football team complex. And not just in relation to defensive end Demarcus Dobbs.

It’s DeMarcus Ware who’s on the lips of a lot of defensive players, especially the outside linebackers. Not surprising, since the NFL Pro Bowler flourished in the 3-4 system of the Dallas Cowboys, and Todd Grantham is installing that system at Georgia.

Darryl Gamble has been watching a lot of Ware film, as he tries to pick up the new system. He loves the increased freedom: Gamble said he will go from blitzing three or four times a game to maybe two in a set of downs.

Justin Houston, slated to go at the other outside linebacker spot, has also taken in a lot of that film.

“He’s always watching that DeMarcus Ware film in there, getting tips and everything off that,” said Dobbs, a defensive end. “I think all them guys at outside linebacker, including Darry Gamble moving from inside linebacker to outside, they have a slight swagger about themselves.”

But with all this excitement over trying to be like Ware – who had 11 sacks last year – you might wonder whether there could be a drawback.

Not according to Grantham.

He was asked earlier this week if there was any danger in the players trying to emulate Ware, who after all is bigger, faster and more talented than them, as well as arguably anybody else in the pros.

“Naw, if they can play that good we’ll all be better,” Grantham said with a wide grin.

Then he turned serious. The reason he feels so comfortable using Ware as an example is that Ware – along with his Cowboy teammates – ran the system right, and didn’t just rely on their superior talent.

“We’ve got it broken down where they kind of watching their technique, here’s how the guy did it,” Grantham said. “You can watch a guy who’s a pro bowl player, you know playing with technique. To me, that’s something there. You’re talking about a guy who’s one of the highest-paid players in the National Football League, and you see him in drills, or you see him on tape doing it, then I should do it that way too. So from that aspect of it I think it’s a good thing.”


John P said...

I wouldn't mind a few guys turning into someone like Ware.

By the're doing a good job Seth.

Prov said...

Thanks for all of the great stuff your first week!

Scott said...

Great stuff? Better, I would say.

Andy said...

Well put, Prov, and I say great job as well, Seth.

Seth Emerson said...

Prov, I appreciate it, but I had to delete the comment because of that one last word. (If there's a way to just edit it out, I haven't gotten that far yet.)
Here's what you wrote, right up until the, er, bad word:

Scott - Do you pay a fee for this blog that the rest of us don't? Or think that you are somehow entitled to you to free coverage of UGA? It's a free blog that a beat writer does in addition to the stories he writes. If you don't like it, or think it's not up to your standard then go pay $9.99/month for one of the pay services and stop coming on here and acting like an -----.

Nick said...

Good post, Seth. The more I hear about Grantham, the more I like. And the more I read from you, the more I like.
Do you think Grantham is the kind of guy that just wants to coordinate or do you see head coaching as a goal of his? I'm sure some guys don't want to be involved with the politics and just want to teach the X's and O's. It'll be interesting to see what happens if he is successful here like he was as a line coach in the pros.

Seth Emerson said...

Hi Nick, thank you kindly.

I haven't been around Grantham long enough to give you a firm answer, but I can say that in my limited dealings with him he seems comfortable around the media - some coordinators are not, and it takes them longer to get head jobs. (Charlie Strong comes to mind.)
If Georgia's D is good this year, I would expect, given Grantham's NFL background, you'll start to hear his name connected to head jobs.

Prov said...

Seth - Sorry about that. People like Scott just make me mad. I'll try to keep it clean from here on out.

Seth Emerson said...

No worries Prov. I developed a thick skin covering South Carolina.

Scott said...

Is he your boyfriend or something? This is a blog where opinions are posted. If others' opinions on a blog anger you, then I feel sorry for you. I can expect any level that I want.

Prov said...

Scott - Wow, what a witty retort. Now run upstairs so your mom can make you a sandwich. I'm done wasting my time with you.

Scott said...

my mom is 75. It just breaks my heart that you are sooo upset. Why are you so emotional? It appears to be clouding your judgement.

Scott said...

Seth, my comments are not intended to attack your character. I am simply posting an objective opinion.

Scott said...

Scott - stop giving me a bad name.

I miss Hale, too...but it's Seth's first week on the job, and now that he's settled in I think the content around here is getting back to the standard we have previously enjoyed. Flame wars in the comments don't help.

Just my $.02.