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Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Richt, stats on the scrimmage

A little more clarity on what transpired at the scrimmage, after hearing from coach Mark Richt.

Quarterback Aaron Murray’s line: 12-21, one pick and two TDs, 237 yards

That included a 63-yarder to Green. Richt said Green’s TDs were a post route, and a short route, dodged the initial defender, and took it the rest of the way.

Richt pronounced himself overall pleased with Murray, especially with his ability to handle pressure. The pick, according to Richt, was a “foolish decision” in the red zone.

“Other than that one play he made a lot of good decisions and good throws,” Richt said. “He has a good command in the huddle and of the system. … We’ve given him a lot of leeway in that regard.”

- Backup quarterback Hutson Mason (going against the second unit) was 9-23 for 78 yards, one pick and one touchdown. His longest completion was for 21 yards.

- Tailbacks Caleb King and Washuan Ealey each had long runs.

- Logan Gray, being closely watched at receiver, had two catches for 45 yards. One of them was a long catch that he made at the 2.

- Marlon Brown also had a good catch in traffic, then fought down close to the end zone.

“He’s preparing himself to become a big part of what we’re doing,” Richt said. “I don’t know if this season he’ll just break out on the scene, but before he leaves here I really think he’ll be one of the focal points of what we do.”


Washaun Ealey 5-66
Caleb King 14-63
Carlton Thomas 9-26
Hutson Mason 2-3

Aaron Murray 12-21, 1 INT and 2 TD, 237 yards
Hutson Mason 9-23, 1 INT and 1 TD, 78 yards
Parker Welch 1-3, 41 yards (to Logan Gray on a go route)
Greg Bingham 0-3

A.J. Green 5-141, 2 TD
(“When in doubt, throw it to No. 8,” Richt said.)
Logan Gray 2-45
Carlton Thomas 2-38
Tavares King 2-33
Arthur Lynch 1-3, TD


Defensive stats given to us after the scrimmage:

Akeem Hebron had six tackles, four solo, and a sack.

DeMarcus Dobbs had two tackles, four solo.

Nick Williams had five tackles, three solo.

Christian Robinson had four tackles, three solo and one FF.

Shawn Williams had four tackles, three solo and a sack.

Brandon Boykin and Alec Ogletree each had a pick.

Richt was asked how defensive coordaintor Todd Grantham (who wasn’t available) felt about his defense.

“He felt like there were a couple big plays that were given up that wasn’t good, but overall thought they did a nice job,” Richt said. “We’ve got a ways to go on both sides of the ball really. You just have to remember, like everything A.J. did and Murray did was the No. 1 offense vs. the No. 2 defense. I would say without question our No. 1s whipped our No. 2s. So No. 1 defense also I think did a good job on our No. 2 offense.”


Kathleen said...

Those stats are a little off, of course, and unofficial - I have heard that Caleb had a single run that was about 60 yards, so it's tough to imagine the 13 other carries adding up to 3!

Cojones said...

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Your reporting somehow abbreviates brevity yet lets you feel the practice sessions as if we are there. Thanks! All of your info goes to the heart of what we all are seeking; An unpretentious report on the Dawgs. We will process it the way we like and think.

The guys appear to be more mature this year. Each of these guys are putting a little Heart and Team into their practices. Good reporting. You have our undivided attention, Seth.

How much do you know about Silver Queen corn on the cobb and large blue crabs on a checkered tablecloth and a hammer suckled close to a hearty mug of Maryland beer?

Anonymous said...

Troupe; Did he even sniff the field? I keep waiting on him to be productive. Whatssup w dat?

watcher16 said...

Mysteriously absent from defensive stats is Houston. Any word on him Seth?

Seth Emerson said...

Cajones: Thanks and ... uh, no.

As for Troupe and Houston, not sure it's anything to make a big deal of, they just weren't the most notable when it came to stats. The team only gave us the big producers.

Memphodawg said...

I have always wondered why the #1's go against the #2's in these scrimmages. Why not the #1's vs. the #1's? Seems like that would provide a more realistic test.