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Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Summing up, Green NCAA update, etc.

It's really hard to sit here and opine and analyze and pontificate (did I miss any verbs) on a scrimmage that none of us in the media were allowed to see.

But I just put the lemon pepper talapia in the oven, and I have 15 minutes to kill, so why not.

The story in tomorrow's papers will center on quarterback Aaron Murray, as it should. Murray seemed reasonably pleased by his performance, and what emerged from his teammates was more of what he'd heard already about him: His command in the huddle.

“I believe it (generally) takes a long time for a brand new quarterback to have everyone around him trust him,” tailback Caleb King said. “I believe he did good today in that aspect. Everybody listened, nobody was talking in the huddle.”

Then again, Murray was going up against the second-team defense. So proceed with caution on how he will perform during actual plays, but continue to be pleased with his intangibles.

- The first-team offensive line apparently opened up some big holes for the tailbacks, and protected Murray well. No surprise there.

But what about the second-team line? Linebacker Darryl Gamble claimed he had about four sacks, and the defense as a whole about twice that. Richt didn't dispute that, but indicated the number was lower. Eh, who knows.

- As for the defense, it sounded like the first-teamers had a pretty good day. The second-teamers, however, were scorched for some big plays. And considering the first-team defense was going against a true freshman quarterback and more backups, I'd say we're still in "incomplete" mode for the defense.

Two quick other notes I couldn't get in previous blogs:

- A.J. Green agan demurred when asked if he'd had his talk with the NCAA.

“Can’t answer that yet," Green said. "Can’t answer that.”

When will he be able to answer that?

“I don’t know," he said. "Whenever Claude gives me the thumbs up.”

(Claude being Claude Felton, the associate athletics director for media relations.)

The very fact that Green answered it that way almost confirms that he was the player in question - a fact that's never quite been confirmed. But again, that doesn't mean Green did anything wrong. His denial wasa pretty strong a couple weeks back that he's never even been to Miami.

- It looks more and more like two freshmen DBs, Alec Ogletree and Derek Owens, will be factors this year. And maybe not just on special teams. Ogletree had the one pick of Murray in the scrimmage, and Richt said Owens will probably play this year.


Andy said...

If I were anonymous, I'd say "quit posting so much, I can't keep up, you suck, bring back Hale"; but I'm not, so thank you.

I'm looking forward to tomorrow's write-up.

Keep up the good work!

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...


I have been away in the state penatentery for the last four years. When I left the Dawgs had played in three SEC Championship playoffs and won two. Now they are not in the top 25. What happened?

When I left Van Gorder was defensive coordinator and Kirby Smart was defensive backs coach and they have moved on. What happened?

Anonymous said...

when I left UGA was one of the best programs in the country. And now it still is, although coming off a down year. What happened? Why does UGA consistently put more players in the NFL than other schools?

Anonymous said...


When I was away in the state penatentery for the last for years I must have been picking up the soap in 2007 when the Dawgs finished #2 in the finnal polls and could have beat the day lights out of ANYBODY at the end of that year. Please excuse my first post I realy enjoyed my long showers "picking up the soap" with other men.

Anonymous said...

Not sure your boy Kirby ever coached DBs here.

Anonymous said...

Man, this blog has really lost any semblance of personal character or humor...and its level of writing has suffered from a technical (i.e., grammar and spelling) standpoint, too. What a shame.