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Monday, August 9, 2010

Monday, Monday

Happy second week of practice. Georgia has its first and only two-a-day on Monday, with a morning special teams practice and a full afternoon practice. Both in shells.

We'll hear from coach Mark Richt this evening, after the second practice. Selected defensive players are available after the morning round.

In the meantime, here's a story on Kirby Smart ... wait, why Kirby Smart, you say? Well that's because Alabama's Nick Saban, well you may have heard he can keep his assistants on a bit of a tight leash with the media, so Sunday's media day in Tuscaloosa was a rare chance to catch up on Smart's decision to stay at Alabama rather than come home to Georgia.

Meanwhile, former Georgia defensive end Geno Atkins had a great start to his pro career, if an exhibition game can count. Atkins led Cincinnati with six tackles, and also had a sack, in the NFL Hall of Fame Game against Dallas.


Joeski said...

Yeah, I watched the game last night and kept an eye on Geno: Collinsworth was positively RAVING about him. I wish he had mentioned more than just once that he played at UGA.

chitown dawg said...

Seth - Can you please try to get an update on Kiante Tripp's progress...thanks!

Anonymous said...

Who cares about Kirby Smart. I refused to read that article.

Anonymous said...

Mark Richt made the first bad decision by letting Van Gorder and Kirby Smart leave the program. His second bad decision was hiring Willie Martinez and now his third decision to hire Tod Grantham and Scot Lakatos to replace his first bad decision, Smart and Van Gorder. Wow Richt is a regular Donald Trump of decision making.