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Friday, August 6, 2010

Coaches poll out

The first (meaningful) poll of the 2010 football season is out, and it gives Georgia reason to feel good, but also antsy.

The Bulldogs come in at No. 21 in the USA Today coaches poll, which came out early Friday morning.

Georgia released a statement from coach Mark Richt:

"It's always good to be ranked and it's a starting point for us. Hopefully,
we'll play good enough to merit moving up in the poll as the season moves

It's the ninth straight year Georgia has been ranked in the preseason poll, but the lowest it has been since 2001, Mark Richt's first year, when the Bulldogs were unranked.

The Bulldogs' preseason rank through the years:

2009: 13

2008: 1

2007: 13

2006: 14

2005: 13

2004: 4

2003: 9

2002: 11

2001: NR

2000: 11

1999: 13

1998: 13

1997: 25

Florida comes in at No. 3 in the poll, while Alabama, as expected, is first. But to me the next three SEC teams, all from the West, are a bit of surprise: No. 16 LSU, No. 19 Arkansas and No. 23 Auburn. So the coaches are giving LSU a bit more love than the media did down in Hoover.

Interestingly, while South Carolina was one point away from Georgia in that media vote, the Gamecocks did not make the top 25. (They were 35th, behind even Mississippi, picked to finish near the bottom of the West.)


Anonymous said...

Why would we feel good about 21?????

Ginny said...

Anon- No where to go but up.

Andy said...

If it was my poll I would put UGA at around 16, swapping us with LSU. (Can you still feel that AJ Green penalty reverberating? If we beat LSU we finish 9-4, and the expectations and offseason talk are completely different.)

Also, Fla may be the most overranked team in this poll. How do you lose a ton of NFL talent, your qb, and your DC and still get preseason ranked 3? I would put them at around 10 or 11.

Anonymous said...

Why wouldn't you mention where Georgia Tech is ranked in this post?? I understand I can just go look at it--but def the fact that they're ranked ahead of us is maybe the most interesting news off the poll