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Monday, August 23, 2010

Dobbs hurt

Starting defensive end Demarcus Dobbs was in a walking boot on Monday and not in attendance at Georgia's first practice of the week.

No previous mention of an injury to the senior has been made, so presumably he was hurt in Saturday's practice. We'll update his status later.

Dobbs wasn't the only injury. Georgia had so many players in green out there they could have fielded their own team.

- DE Abry Jones, who also had not previously been known to be hurt, was on a stationary bike, though he was in white and fully padded.

- OLB Dexter Morant, a freshman, was not at practice and was seen walking with Dobbs away from the field.

We'll have updates on those guys too. Otherwise, the news was relatively good for Georgia:

- Starting C Ben Jones, who had his knee scoped eight days ago, was back out at practice for the first time since the surgery. He was in green, but going through drills.

(Meanwhile his backup, Chris Burnette, was also spotted in green before practice. So it may be one center out, one back.)

- Starting ILB Akeem Dent was going through drills for the first known time this camp. Dent (toe surgery) had heretefore just been working on the stationary bike.

- Starting G Cordy Glenn (mononucleosis) was also back out at practice for the first time since he got sick. He wasn't going through drills, but the fact he was healthy enough to be out there in the heat was a good sign.

- WR Logan Gray, who sprained his ankle last Tuesday, was running on the side, though not participating in drills yet. Gray was running with fellow receiver Rantavious Wooten, who's been out for awhile with a sprained knee.

- CB Vance Cuff, who dinged his shoulder last week, was in green, but participating in drills.

- LT Trinton Sturdivant (knee surgery) was on the exercise bike, after spending the past week or so practicing with the offensive linemen.

- ILB Richard Samuel (leg) was in green but going through drills for the first known time.

- Freshman CB Sanders Cummings was in green with an unknown injury.

I think that's everybody. We'll have a full update, or as best we can fully update all that, after practice.


Anonymous said...

trinton sturdivant

Seth Emerson said...

Thanks. Rhymes with Quintin, and South Carolina has an OT named Quintin. Gotta flush that out, sorry.

Anonymous said...

Yeesh. Why this rash of injuries?

Are these boys not in good enough shape or what?

BullyMack said...

So much for the one-a-days helping keep these guys fresh and off the training room tables. Hey Seth, there have been 2 scrimmages so far correct? When, and if, is the third and final one? I was thinking it was supposed to be this past Saturday.

Anonymous said...

Also, it's Sanders Commings, with an "o".

Dawgfan17 said...

Hoping that with this being the last week of practice that doesn't end in a game this is a lot of being overly catious in order to have everyone ready to go for game week. I expect (maybe hope is a better word) that come next week with a game at the end of it most of these guys will be ready to go full out.


Great update! Keep 'em coming.