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Thursday, August 12, 2010

This and that

- There’s obviously a lot of angst about Branden Smith’s situation. We didn’t get a chance to talk to head coach Mark Richt after yesterday’s practice, so we’ll have to ask him today if there was any new word.

My initial feeling was that since Richt said he expected it to be resolved by the end of the week, that meant all would be well. Then when Richt said it could stretch to next week, and you started to hear that Smith himself was very worried, you start to wonder.

There’s just not much to report right now. But when we learn something, we’ll pass it along.

- I also wouldn’t look too much into the good-cop, bad-cop routine between Mark Richt and Mike Bobo over Aaron Murray’s scrimmage performance. Because it’s probably exactly that: The head coach injecting some confidence, the coordinator and position coach exerting some pressure. Or, it could be a simple matter of Bobo having an extra day to think about it and watch tape. (We talked to Richt and Murray immediately after the scrimmage, and Bobo about 24 hours later.)

- Back to the cornerbacks. Early in camp it was true freshman Derek Owens getting love from coaches. Now it’s redshirt freshman Jordan Love and redshirt sophomore Sanders Cummings.

“They’ve both gotten better since spring,” secondary coach Scott Lakatos said Wednesday. “They’re both physical players. Jordan’s got a lot of work at nickel. He’s pretty good inside at nickel. And Sanders is using his strength and his long arms and his speed and all that.”

Receivers coach Tony Ball, who gets to see his guys go opposite the secondary, named Vance Cuff, Jakar Hamilton, Bacarri Rambo and Cummings as having stood out. (Then he added Brandon Boykin as an afterthought, since Boykin’s just expected to do well at this point.)

- Ken Malcome’s stock has dropped a bit. But it’s the second week of camp. He could be back up tomorrow.

“He’s slippery,” Bobo said. “He’s got a lot of power, he’s a big back. He’s just gotta learn what to do. That’s the struggle all those freshmen (have), they gotta come in and learn what to do.”

Then Bobo made a comment that should give you a window into what they think of Malcome’s pure talent.

“If you show a knack for making plays, we’ll reduce the playbook enough to where we can get you in the game,” Bobo said.


BigMuddyDawg said...

Awesome to read that quote from Coach Bobo. I like that sentiment a lot. It stands to reason that you've got to get your play makers on the field, even if it's just for a handful of plays.

IveyLeaguer said...

I've been wondering about some of the other corners, especially Sanders Commings. He's one of the most talented players we have, and he has great size for a corner.

Never like losing a player, but the good thing about Smith being out is the extra opportunity Commings and Jordan Love get. I want to see them play, and play meaningful snaps.

I like playing a lot of people, especially on defense. And it's hard to tell, but I'm beginning to wonder about how Grantham is going to be about that.

Seth, maybe you could keep that in mind and find out about PT and rotations, etc., sometime before the first game, and if there will be any distinctions at the different positions between a real rotation player and what Grantham calls a "role" player.

For example, Dowtin, if he keeps coming on, might be a part of a real rotation, whereas Commings or Love (before this week) might have been considered role players.

FWIW, I'm OK with Murray's progress at this early point. It's important he gets this stuff out of his system before we go to Columbia.

Anonymous said...

It's Sanders Commings, not Cummings you perv.

Anonymous said...

Can we PLEASE get some info on Kiante Tripp - this is the third time I'm asking...thanks Seth

DrewDawg said...

Here's your Kiante Tripp update... He's big and pretty, but he plays like a pu$$y. Just no killer instinct. True story: the other day during practice a ladybug landed on his shoe. He stopped practice [in dramatic fashion - "OMG a ladybug... don't hurts it"], held the bug while he walked to the edge of the practice field and let it go. Then he walked back to the field and resumed practice. The strangest part was the coaches didn't even seem to care. Nobody said anything like it had happend 1000 times before. Seriously... that happened. If you were a opposing QB and that pussy cat was rushing you... just yell "ladybug"

Todd said...

DrewDawg, that was funny. I don't care where you're from.