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Thursday, August 19, 2010

Mailbag time

I’ve been getting a lot of questions, on the e-mail and on this here blog, and sad to say I’ve been unable to get to all of them. Or even most of them. But now that I’m settling in a bit, hopefully I can get better about that.

The best way to handle it is probably through one big blog entry, or the ever-so-popular mailbag format. I understand my predecessor David “Dave” Hale went this way too, so I guess I can’t hurt to copy that too.

(Speaking of Dave, I got my first “Breaking Bad” disc in the mail Wednesday. So here we go.)

Anyway, on to the questions:

When the OC and the DC are preparing for their opponents, do they take notes on possible weaknesses for the other coordinator to exploit? I know they are getting their own game plan together, but because they are experts on that side of the ball, I would think they could see things the other one might not.
-Billy Wallace

Obviously I’m not in coaching meetings, but I know they do a good bit of that. It can depend on the staff, since head coaches delegates duties differently. Most of the time, the coordinators will worry about what will happen on their side of the ball, but if a staff gets along well, as most should, they will share information like that on a regular basis.

Seth, as Dawg fan living in Columbia I am familiar with your work. I was hoping you might comment on the differences you see so far in the two programs (S. Car & UGA). Is there a difference in athletic talent and so on and so forth?
- Anonymous

I’ll go into this further the week of the South Carolina game. But one thing I have noticed is that on a simple eye test, there isn’t a huge difference in size. The airport test, so to speak. South Carolina may actually have some bigger players, in terms of height, but it also has some smaller guys that will see playing time. Georgia doesn’t tend to have that. Take the inside linebacker spot: The Gamecocks have a 5-11 guy, Shaq Wilson, who will be one of their key players. Whereas the Bulldogs have a 6-2 guy, Akeem Hebron, who was a high-profile recruit, who has had trouble seeing the field.

Since you used to be on the USCe beat, how about giving us your perspective on covering Richt and Georgia vs. Spurrier and USCe? Are they as different as they look from a distance?
- SouthFl Dawg

As previously mentioned, I’ll delve further into this next month. But I will say they’ve been very different so far. Richt is much more accommodating with the media. Not that Spurrier isn't on the whole, but after a practice Spurrier just tends to want to get out of there. (Interestingly, we used to get Spurrier as he came off the practice field, while Richt comes up to an interview room and takes our questions until we don't have any more.)

(After James Wilder Jr. committed to Florida State.) I wanted (Isaiah) Crowell more anyway. The Huggins kid outta NJ is still in play. We will be fine. How is the Ken Malcome kid looking so far?
- Brian

When camp started it looked like Malcome would play. But he seems to have slipped into a tie for fourth on the depth chart. He’s definitely got talent, and he’s the team’s biggest back right now, but coaches have said he still has a lot to learn.

One question that's been lingering since David covered the Butts-Mehre expansion: how's the construction on the Stegeman renovations coming along? Any way you could post some pictures or video? I'm stuck in Iraq and would like to see some of the progress!
- Dawg521

First off, Dawg, thanks for whatever you’re doing in Iraq. My dad is actually in Afghanistan right now. (Private contracting business.) … As another blog commenter pointed out, they’re showing video updates of the Stegeman construction on My own insight, from driving past every day, is that they appear to be working very hard, so I’d expect them to be right on schedule. At least they better be, as much dust as they’re pulling up.

Why do we lose so many recruiting battles with FSU???? do you think they talk bad about Richt since he left??
- BZ

Richt’s been gone 10 years now, so I doubt that’s the case.

Hey Seth, can you have your links open in a new window. I hate having to come back here to read another article. Thanks and keep up the good work.
- Bizzaroneck

I’m looking into this. I’d prefer the new window too.

Seth, haven't heard much about the TE's lately. Would love to hear more about who sits where on the depth chart, the perspective of the coaches on two tight-end sets, etc.
- Anonymous

I’d expect Aron White to start, but get about as many snaps early on as Orson Charles. The coaches think they’re loaded at tight end. They’ve been kind of noncommittal about double tight-end sets, but I’d say you’re going to see it at least some of the time.

Why were you interviewing (Willy) Korn in his pajamas? That's kinda weird wearing another persons pjs. I'm just sayin.
- BK Dawg

To be clear, he was in his pajamas, I was not. It was winter break, and he was home all day, so he didn’t feel like dressing up. Which is fine, I want people to feel comfortable when they’re interviewing me. Well not TOO comfortable.


NCDawg said...

Re: links in a new window, please don't. I don't want browse windows opened everywhere. Right-click on the link and choose Open, Open new window, or Open new tab - viewer's choice.

Charlestowne Dawg said...

If you do want the links to open in a new window, in the HTML code, just put, target="_blank" after the link. So between the "< and >" it would look like this:
a href="link here" target="_blank"

(It wouldn't accept the post if I made that a working html string)

My vote is for new window as well.

Anonymous said...

NCDawg thanks I had no idea - tough to admit being a dumbarse.

Ben said...

What's the problem with having the links open in a new tab instead? Are there folks who still aren't on board with tabbed browsing?


Anonymous said...

Still haven't heard much about Kiante Tripp...I've asked this question a few times now.

Charlestowne Dawg said...

Oops...yea, I meant new tab. My browser automatically opens a new tab whenever it's set to open in a new window. So vote goes for new tab. My bad.

I believe that target="_blank" html should still work for opening a new tab.

Dip said...

Oh man, Breaking Bad is such a good show.

Dip said...

Also, btw, since Season 3 of BB isn't on DVD yet, you can try to find the episodes here. The MegaVideo links usually work, but I was definitely able to watch the entire season off these links.

No idea if it's illegal or not.

Doug said...

Kiante Tripp is no where near seeing the field.

dawg1976 said...

oh the drama with a new browser window. looks like we'll need a vote on this. my vote is NO.

Do a poll... it's only fair

dan9124 said...

Just do it like Hale had it. Links opening in a new tab. I don't think anyone here really means opening in a new window, since pretty much all browsers now support tabbed browsing.

Bizzaroneck said...

target="_blank" will open the a new window or tab depending on what your browser is set to do. There is no difference between the two from a HTML perspective. Thanks for looking into it Seth.

Anonymous said...

Mark Richt may have been gone from FSU ten years but if you visit some FSU blogs and forums they have ill feelings towards him. There was one blog earlier this summer that was so negative that I was actually shocked by the venom.

Anonymous said...

You came from The State to the Telegraph. Joe Person left The Telegraph to write for The State. Who's career is moving the right direction?

NCT said...

Put me in the "just right-click the dang link and choose for youreself" camp.

Carry on, Seth.