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Friday, August 13, 2010

McGarity on Jacksonville

Moving back to Georgia from Florida hasn't changed Greg McGarity's mind about playing the annual game in Jacksonville.

Georgia's new athletics director said after his news conference Friday that he favors keeping the game in Jacksonville, and pointed out that the game is under contract to stay there until 2016.

"When I worked here at Georgia, earlier, it was the greatest trip of all," McGarity said. "And I think the fans, players, everybody loved it. I mean it was so good to get down to Florida because the Georgia fans would go to Sea Island, all those areas around the coast there. ...

"It's an atmosphere like none other. And when it was Alltel Stadium, when they brought it up to the (specifications) of an NFL stadium, it set a whole new dynamic there."


ULIKA BBQ said...

the big questions is, is he in favor of changing it back to LWLOCP?

Anonymous said...

At what point did it stop being the WLOCP? Where did the other L come from anyway?

Crewchief7884 said...

Must be a Georgia fan! It is hard for them to keep themselves from thiking and extra L needs to be a part of their WLOCP experience