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Monday, August 23, 2010

To start the week ...

If you’re like me, you follow any situation involving cowbells any chance you can get. Well, luckily we have something.

Georgia visits Mississippi State on Sept. 25 – and I think we can all agree that there’s no better trip in the SEC than StarkVegas. The SEC has cracked down on Mississippi State’s use of cowbells, decreeing they can basically only be used on stoppages of play: After touchdowns, in between quarters, etc.

If the rule is broken, the school will first be fined $5,000, then $25,000, then $50,000. The fourth possible fine isn’t specified, but I’m guessing it has something to do with never being able to leave Starkville again.

(Don’t mess with the SEC league office. They have that kind of power.)

Meantime, Georgia returns to practice this afternoon after a 48-hour layoff. We’ll have a full report later – well, a full report of what we’re let in to see – but here are a few completely non-Bulldog related notes to fill some time:

- At the behest of David Hale, I finally started watching Breaking Bad. Impressive first episode. Very dark. I think they capture Albuquerque pretty well, having visited there. I’m curious to see where they go from here. Feel free to give me an idea, but no spoilers.

- Speaking of AMC shows, Mad Men was pretty good last night. Don Draper is such a complex character; I want to like him, then he does stuff like firing the babysitter for something beyond her help. (OK, you can argue that she should have known little Sally was up to something in the bathroom, but I would have been more forgiving than Draper.)

- And finally, the most important thing: I need a good fantasy football team nickname. I’m taking suggestions, with only two stipulations: It has to be 20 characters or less, and it has to be clever.

Preferably, we’re looking for some topical and relevant. But I'm not adverse to references to cowbells or, speaking of Will Ferrell, SNL Celebrity Jeopardy.


Nate said...

Seth, in reference to your fantasy football team: I was leaning towards The Voo Voo Zelas for myself, but I felt the vuvuzela motif might be a bit overused this year. You could always go with a clever non sequitur like Indigenous Nudity(TM). If you're looking for topical relevance, you could try something like Cowbell Connoisseurs or Favre Dollar Footlong. Good luck!

Irwin R. Flecther said...

I always find 30 Rock to be a cornucopia of fantasy football names.

I was leaning towards Tracy Morgan's fake movie title: Who Dat Ninja. But feel free to use it if you'd like.

Goregasm: The Legend of Dongslayer
Hushed Rapings


On another topic, did anyone else see ESPN AP voters?

Fowler, Craig James, and Herbstreit are the only AP voters to have Tech in their top 10. (7th, 9th, and 10th) All three have Georgia unranked. (To make matters worse, Fowler and James have A&M ranked). I can't figure out the logic of a Tech team that got handled at home by Georgia and losing as many pieces as they did being in your top 10 but Georgia being out of your top 25.

I think it is an ESPN/ABC directive. There are no real marquee games in Week 3 of highly ranked opponents....except for UNC vs. Tech. All three voters have UNC above average, too. Hmmmm....

Anonymous said...

My fantasy football team is Stuart Scott's Eye.

Boss Dawg said...


ChicagoDawg said...

Well, any reference to SNL celebrity Jeapordy would have to include the name -- Turd Furgeson

ChicagoDawg said...

Or, you could go with 'Apetit for $200'

Anonymous said...

I suppose Lumpkin Bumpkin won't get it ...

Matt Cheij said...

Herbstreit on Sportscenter today- "Dark horse-UGA"
SEC Championship game Auburn v. Florida...

Anonymous said...

Fantasy Football Team:
Soggy Bottom Boys

Joe said...

I Would Prefer Not To

What? Not much of a Melville crowd?

Or maybe The Stolen Lemurs.

Anonymous said...

emersombigoletitties or emersonbigoletitties... you get the idea

and it's 20 characters :)

dawg1976 said...

Opps... I forgot the link for the non-southerners on this here blog


Anonymous said...

How about Saban's Agent's Pimp? Or Saban's Pimp's Agent?

dan9124 said...

I like to name mine after various indiscretions that NFL players commit. Some are:

Mr. Ben Goes To Milledgeville
Donte's Driving School
Shoot N Shine Car Wash
Cedric's Boat Party
Cedric's Roadhouse

Anonymous said...

show me your td's
beer & td's

Anonymous said...

Focus - Its a football blog.

If Penn Wagner refs the game, he will probably call any cow bell infraction on GA. There not many worse conference refs than the SEC.

Boss Dawg said...

Or if you don't get Peterson and land Andre Johnson instead... YourmomlikesmyJohnson (or sis)

Coach J said...

My fantasy team team in baseball this year: Las Vegas Strippers

Nice double entendre.

jm from louisville said...

Off in the Woods!!!!!!!!!!!!!

As in - you're never going to beat 'off in the woods' this year!

Anonymous said...

haleslamereplacement usctougaisagreatmove craigjamesdarkcloset gottalovebeinnathens
fantasyfootballdorks actuallydoinagoodjob coachrichtsmynewhero 10winsperyrsdamngood okdbakcoachwillbfird lostallrecruitstofsu
mddoesntplayfootball atleastimnotnflorida

Anonymous said...

My favorite FF team name:

Washington Foreskins

Come to think of it, there is a Tebow play somewhere in there...