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Friday, August 27, 2010

Ealey out of jail

Georgia tailback Washaun Ealey was released from jail in Athens on Friday at 11:18 a.m., about six hours after being jailed there on two initial charges, then held on a third one.

Ealey was picked up originally on charges of leaving the scene after hitting a car, and having a suspended license. He was then held at Athens-Clarke County jail after a bench warrant was discovered.

The bench warrant was from Clarke County municipal court, for failure to appear in court after a previous traffic stop. Ealey was cited for speeding and not having registration while driving a 2004 Cadillac, according to records.

The total bond Ealey had to post, according to the Clarke County web site, was $3,480.

Head coach Mark Richt was scheduled to meet with the media, as normal, after Friday's practice.

“Coach Richt has been gathering information today on the incident," Georgia athletics spokesman Claude Felton said.


Muckbeast said...


Can UGA please get a full time employee who does NOTHING but monitor the status of all players' drivers licenses and possible outstanding warrants for tickets?

kc said...


Like a DMV rep or something?!?!?!?!

Anonymous said...

How about some rules and holding players accountable?

Ealey and his 3:00 AM trip is inexcusable.

Anonymous said...

We're getting on college students for being out late? In the year 2010? Really?

the 3rd richt said...

Why can these kids not take care of their own driving issues? They've been spoon fed enough and need to tighten up. I get the whole they r just kids point some of you try to make, but at what point do they finally get some character and responsibility?
They've been coddled enough. Richt needs drop the hammer down or he'll be gone. These players need to fear him and the staff if they even think of doing wrong. I don't sense that at all. If only Erk were around to haunt them daily about team coming 1st!

Anonymous said...

my grad assistants would be working on this drivers license issue.

Anonymous said...

Anon 2:33 what about his responsibility to his teammates.

Is it OK to stay out past 3:00 AM when you have a practice the next day? How about the other guys that are striving to get better - make the team better?

Enough of these weak excuses - the players either shape or ship out. Ealey is a selfish non team player until he proves otherwise.

Anonymous said...

How on earth can there be a bench warrant on him in clark county. Did they not know where to find him? Fine police work.

DevildawgNC said...

The warrant wasn't something so serious as to go seek him out. He didn't show up for a court date and apparently didn't pay his fine either, so they file it as a warrant. That doesn't mean they're gonna send Dog and his crew after him. It just means that, when he gets arrested for this stuff, they pull up that file as well. Less work for them.

Anyone got a decent idea what sort of suspension we'll see with this? Misdemeanors aren't a huge deal, and I've heard some people say just the opening game, but I have a sneaking suspicion he won't play against USC.

Anonymous said...

Mark Richt said 1 game suspension, which is fair for a error of that level. Go Dawgs!!!

Anonymous said...

Does anyone need a new roof or have wind or hail damage? I need some work..

Anonymous said...

"Is it OK to stay out past 3:00 AM when you have a practice the next day?"


"Ealey is a selfish non team player until he proves otherwise."

Shall we take back those yards against Tech?

JRL said...

Anon 4:51 I hope you are kidding.

If not then are we to apply the rule of law based not on your transgressions and the law but rather how much amusement or entertainment you provide?

Good grief we have reached a new low. If you represent the New Bulldog Nation I want a divorce.