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Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Richt speaks, I type

Not much today in the way of injury updates or anything else revealing. The team just had a walk-through today, in anticipation for a full scrimmage on Wednesday.

And a serious scrimmage it will be.

The coaches will be in game position, the booth or the sidelines. They’ll play at least 30 minutes like a real game, transitioning from defense to special teams and so forth. They’ll go so far as simulate a coin toss.

This will be more about getting ready for the opener than deciding any starting jobs.

“We don’t get preseason games,” head coach Mark Richt said. “This is about as close as we’re gonna get to a preseason game.”

It’ll be simulated to the extent that it’ll be the Georgia players going against the scout team simulating Louisiana-Lafayette. So if “Georgia” wins the toss, it could elect to receive and Aaron Murray and company will go against the scout team. And vice versa.

But they will also interrupt play to simulate some game conditions, like an onside kick.

- The team just had a walk-through on Tuesday. The coaches briefed the scout team on how to line up as Louisiana-Lafayette. They also went over some offensive and defensive assignments, and did some conditioning.

- Asked to name their punt return guys, Richt said AJ Green, Branden Smith and Carlton Thomas, Bacarri Rambo and Logan Gray.

I also talked briefly with Smith about the punt return situation. Basically, it’s very much up in the air right now.


202dawg said...

Carlos Thomas? Did we recruit a player when I wasn't looking? :)

Anonymous said...

Great blog, Seth. This is the information we want to read on a Bulldawg blog.

BullyMack said...

Seth, if you like Carlos Thomas, you would have loved J.D. Stokley!

Anonymous said...

Man, you people are funny. I don't remmeber Hale getting near the hell for his typos. And trust me he had plenty. It is a blog, these aren't published articles. Did I misspell anything?

Anonymous said...

Hey Seth did Smith give any indication why PR is up in the air - are they all good candidates or do they all suck :-)

M'ville Dawg said...

Thanks Seth for your blog. Unlike many, I don't think you work for me.

By the way, awesome pun ("up in the air") on the punt return situation. Well played.

Keep up the good work.

devildawg said...

Hi Seth,

Does the comment about starters mean that they've either settled on starters, or have at least settled on the two-deep well enough, even if 1-2 might switch places?

Also, with all the green we've heard about, do they have the personnel to run a full simulation like this? Will we hear any remotely meaningful stats out of this?


Anonymous said...

To Anonymous defending typos:

Seth doesn't really have typos in this article; he has blatant grammatical errors.

It's unprofessional, even on a blog, and especially for a professional writer. His editors at the real news outlets he writes for must have fits.

Dude can't really write.