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Sunday, August 8, 2010

What we learned this week

Like the headline says:

1. As far as grasping the offense, Aaron Murray should be ready for the opener. At least ready enough. The coaches have raved about his recall ability so far; in fact Murray has been teaching the true freshmen the offense. So the main issue will remain how ready Murray is from a competitive and ability standpoint.

2. The defense is also on schedule as far as picking up the 3-4, at least according to defensive coordinator Todd Grantham. But before we all start anticipating a huge improvement, the ability to recall schemes and plays doesn’t automatically translate to stopping a spread-option drive. So we’ll see.

3. Dexter Morant seems to be a bit indecisive.

4. The receiver picture after A.J. Green is slowly crystallizing. Rantavious Wooten’s injury may cause him to slide back a bit if he’s not ready for the opener. (He’ll miss at least a couple weeks of practice.) Logan Gray and Marlon Brown both drew raves the first week from teammates and coaches, so they’ve helped themselves.

5. Akeem Dent may not miss the opener after all. The senior inside linebacker has been dutifully biking on the side during practice, and his prognosis seems to improve by the day. Still, it remains to be seen how much Dent missing a large chunk of summer practice, if not all of it, will impact the cohesion of the defense.

6. People really don’t like the “Party in the UGA” video.

7. The guys, besides Brandon Boykin, who have a leg up in the secondary: Nick Williams, Shawn Williams, Baccari Rambo and Jakar Hamilton. And the fact they all happen to be safeties means the spot opposite Boykin could be a real issue.

8. At tailback, Caleb King and Washaun Ealey appear headed to a on-field, production-based competition for playing time. Behind them, freshman Ken Malcome has gotten a look, but doesn’t appear to yet have the full confidence of the staff.

9. The true freshmen, other than quarterbacks, who have stood out the most so far: The Ogletree brothers (S Alec and FB Alexander), CB Derek Owens and OT Kenarious Gates.

10. Overall, Richt is very happy with the team’s progress so far.

“Just when you look at the whole week in its entirety I thought it was a very, very good start,” he said after Saturday’s practice.

Not that I would expect him to come out and say, “We stink, this is hopeless, I’m gonna spend the rest of the month golfing.” (Mainly because Richt doesn’t golf.)

But he and the coaches do seem reasonably pleased with how things are going so far.


Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Just kidding Seth....what are your thoughts about your personal experience covering the Bulldogs your first week?

Anonymous said...

Thank you for all the Sunday updates!

Anonymous said...

Is ogletree a lb or s?

opsomath said...

Yo. "The spot opposite (CB Brandon) Boykin?"

Also, I think you might have the Tree brothers backwards in their positions. Isn't Alexander "Zander" the FB? (This is legitimately confusing...)

Thanks for the frequent posts, no offense meant!

Anonymous said...

What about Thomas at running back? You said Boo was getting a look. Should we expect to see anything out of him in terms of significant playing time?

Andy said...

Hey Seth! You are off to a great start, especially considering the big shoes you are filling.

One thing about the CB opposite Boykin. I know you are still catching up on the personnel, but there is actually plenty of talent at the other side. Vance Cuff won most improved defensive player in the spring, and by all accounts Branden Smith has also developed well. They raved about them so much in the spring, I think we can assume they are playing at the same high level.

While they still have a lot to prove, our DBs are loaded with talent at all positions. It is our DL that I am most worried about.

Thanks again for the great posts!

NCT said...

Hee hee! Welcome to the beat.

Anonymous said...

No Seth, the main issue is will our only quarterback get injured, again.

You are 0-2 Seth. The Defense we do not have to wait and see if it will be better. We have a great Defense this season. Addition by subtraction.

The video is lame, and Coach Richt isn't visible enough in it - only a cameo. The reason why it isn't liked however is that Coach Richt should have never been involved in it, he knows it too, and it reflects very poorly on the state of Chug-A-Lug-U with his rise to # 1 Status in The Fulmer Cup Standings for the # 1 Party School in the nation - thanks in large part to the football players and their forgiveness for everything forever.

Seth, there you go again. You missed it on Cornerback as Branden Smith and Vance Cuff are both looking very much like either could be opposite Brandon Boykin. And, you missed on safety too, as obviously with that many safeties, one could easily also play cornerback - such as Jakar Hamilton.

Jeez, guy, really TJ Stripling it doesn't stand out to you that TJ Stripling is not only on the Athletic Director's Honor Roll but also is on the Dean's List at The University of Georgia ? That certainly stands out in my mind, that he is on the Dean's List, which I was on every single time. TJ Stripling and Drew Butler for example Dean's List released Friday. Perhaps you didn't study the Dean's List Seth ?

Nice positive post for a team playing a schedule that will most likely only find Florida still ranked at season's end, on route to our 12-2 I hope. But, you missed every point, by my count, except that Coach Richt's Party Video doesn't reflect well on him personally in these troubled times for Discipline on our football team, both on the field and off especially.

Southwest DeKalb TJ Stripling was offered scholarships by Alabama, Virginia Tech, Florida, Miami of Florida, Florida State, South Carolina, West Virginia, Tennessee, Georgia tek, and Clemson to name just a few who wanted this young man with a very bright future.

chitown dawg said...

Seth - Welcome aboard - Can you PLEASE seek out and ask on the progress of Kiante Tripp? That young man deserves a shot.

melinda said...

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Seth Emerson said...

Folks, I edited the Ogletree note, because yes I messed that one up. Still a bit confusing, but sorry.

Anonymous said...

"before we all start anticipating a huge improvement"

Sorry, its waaaayy too late for that. And I thing there is good reason to expect huge improvement. Better fundamentals with the exact same scheme would be a huge improvement over last year.