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Friday, August 20, 2010

Opposing QB news

Georgia's first two league games are against South Carolina and Arkansas, which notably are among the few SEC teams with returning starting quarterbacks.

Well, hold that thought on one of them.

All offseason, Steve Sppurrier has been riding Stephen Garcia, who started all 13 games for the Gamecocks last season. And the Head Ball Coach has been praising Connor Shaw, a true freshman who enrolled early and went through spring practice.

Most assumed Spurrier was just trying to light a fire under Garcia. But a little more than two weeks from the opener, Spurrier has said Shaw WILL play against Southern Miss. Now it's just a matter of how much.

My former colleague and good friend Joe Person breaks it down on his blog at The State.

This obviously bears watching for Georgia. Will it be facing Garcia, as it expected, or will a true freshman be under center for the Gamecocks when the Bulldogs visit on Sept. 11?

You just never know with Spurrier. Danny Wuerffel is really the only quarterback that's ever had the HBC's full trust. Garcia has a lot of talent, and has done it in flashes, but he has a carefree attitude off the field - and sometimes on it - that has always made Spurrier blanch.

As for Shaw, having watched him in spring practice, he definitely has a decent bit of composure. He's a dual-threat kind of quarterback, like Garcia, who impressed coaches and teammates right away. But he's also still just a true freshman.

We'll see.

- Georgia's second league opponent, however, has no such quarterback issues. In fact Ryan Mallett had a huge night in a simulated scrimmage on Thursday: 31-38, 484 yards and five touchdowns.

It was against the second-team defense, but ... jeez.


Charlestowne Dawg said...

Maybe this uncertainty at SCU will be the first chink in their "armor" (and I do use that word lightly when discussing Carolina football) that we can help to expose!

Bourbon Dawgwalker said...

My college intramural team scorched Arkansas 2nd team defense for the same yards and touchdowns last week.

Ginny said...

Yeah Mallet's good...probably one of the best in the nation...but he's not THAT good. I would be concerned if I'm Arkansas's defensive coordinator.

j.leonardjr said...

Agree Mallet is good but keep in mind that is the 2nd team defense of one of the worst defenses in the SEC last year he was facing.

Anonymous said...

Seth - You've watched Garcia some I'm sure. Is Spurrier's criticism warranted, or is he misleading his opponents into thinking Garcia is truly gawd-awful bad?

Anonymous said...

I do not buy into the Garcia bashing at all. He is a good, but sometimes undisciplined, QB. Spurrier is trying to fool us - Garcia might throw for 350 against the Dogs and our new 3-4. Beware.

dawgfan17 said...

Joe Cox put up those numbers against Arkansas's first team defense, so honestly I am not so sure Seth couldn't put up about 3 hundred and 3 tds again the second team.

Big Muddy Dawg said...

Dang, only 3 TDs for Seth? I know he's the new guy but surely we can be a little more charitable than that? How 'bout we throw in a fake interception as well?