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Saturday, August 21, 2010

Dissecting the AP poll

The nice thing about the AP poll, as opposed to the coaches, is that it's an open book. So you can find out who to blame, who's an idiot, and who's really smart.

Not that it's subjective or anything.

In any case, here's the nitty-gritty as far as Georgia is concerned:

- The Bulldogs were left off of 25 ballots, out of 60 total cast. That includes ESPN personalities Kirk Herbstreit and Craig James.

- The highest vote for Georgia came from out west. Greg Archuleta of The Albuquerque Journal voted the Bulldogs No. 15. A pair of writers - one from Oregon, one from Kansas - had Georgia at No. 16.

- Coley Harvey of The Telegraph, who is the only voter from the state of Georgia, had the Bulldogs at No. 20.


Anonymous said...

How the heck is it that Texas gets 4 voters?
California, Florida, and Ohio gets 3 voters?
Alabama, Tennessee, Michigan, North Carolina, Indiana, and Louisiana gets 2 voters?

But Georgia only has 1... (and for that, he's a writer for Tech).

That's ridiculous, that there aren't at least 2 voters and most likely should be 3 voters in Georgia.

Seth Emerson said...

The general rule, as I understand it, is each state gets one vote for every two teams it has eligible for the poll. (Or FBS).

In the case of Georgia, it only has UGA and Ga. Tech.

Alabama has Bama, Auburn, UAB ... North Carolina has the four ACC schools and East Carolina, and so forth.

mdhenshaw said...

I'm in the camp that believes polls before mid October are practically pointless. Alabama lost 8-9 starters on a team that won a championship because of its defense and they're #1 by default.

Georgia has a better team going into this season and our pre-season ranking is lower than last year. Ohio State would be the most logical choice for #1 because they didn't lose anyone from a pretty good team last season.

How many teams have won a NC when losing more than half their starters on defense from the season before? I haven't looked it up, but I doubt there have been many.

Anonymous said...

Craig James would leave Georgia off his ballot if there were only 25 teams in the country. He's a bonafide SEC hater and Georgia's at the very bottom of his list for some reason.

The Texas Tech incident with his pathetic offspring was no surprise. Craig James is a petty little man.

Anonymous said...

Ohio State is the new Notre Dame.

Prepare yourself for the Terrelle Pryor hype machine after Alabama loses its first game.

This will continue as Ohio State trudges slowly through its cream puff schedule until they are crushed in Iowa City by the Big Ten's best team.

ChicagoDawg said...

I think your guy Coley has bumped his head. He doubts UGA deserves the place (20th) that he voted them, yet thinks GT could be part of the BCS discussion. This is the team that was gashed without mercy for about 900yds by a mediocre UGA team. GT had defense that was horrible and lost it's best defenders to the Draft. While UGA's bad defense was led by Deadman Walking Willie Martinez & Co.

The lack of logic is astounding. This is the cat who represents Ga. as the lone AP vote??? Brilliant.

MadDawg 20/20 said...

Someone else said it best....."The worst Georgia team in the last 10 years ran wild on the best GT team in 10+ years."

Georgia's schedule sets up nicely this year fellas, don't be surprised at where we're sitting going into Jacksonville.

meansonny said...

Preseason polls are worthless.

And worrying about them only validates their importance

Anonymous said...

Don't care what the polls say. I'm pretty hyped about this team. I think are defense will be improved-maybe not great- but better. On offense, we're returning everyone at key positions except QB, and I think we'll be better here than we were last year. My biggest fear is that Murray gets hurt. That could bring down our season.

BK said...

Although Herby didn't vote for us in his poll, he DID claim that UGA is the "darkhorse" candidate to make some noise in the SEC this year. (Sportscenter 8.22)

Correct me if I'm wrong, but I'm pretty sure Kirk says that about the 'Dawgs every year. It's his way of not having to vote for us in the poll but gives him the ability to say "I told you so" if we're actually any good this year. Real smooth Kirk.

The General said...

I've never read or seen Coley Harvey's work in the past, but some of his explanations of his picks are simply unintelligible. Did Yoda write that first sentence on West Virginia at #18? Then at #19, he says, "Besides Alabama, LSU definitely is the best in the SEC west," [emphasis added] even though Harvey himself puts Auburn a full 7 spots ahead of LSU. He again overlooks Auburn in the blurb on Arkansas at #25. This is the kind of analytical genius that gets to vote in the AP poll? Color me unsurprised.