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Saturday, August 14, 2010

More news and notes

I have to rush off to a wedding in LaGrange this afternoon (Matt and Jennifer, we thought you'd never pull it off). Before I do, some more news and notes after talking to Mark Richt and selected players following Saturday's closed scrimmage:

- So apparently it was one of THOSE days for the Georgia offense, first and second team. The good news for the Bulldogs is the struggles weren’t being tied to quarterback Aaron Murray.

“He did a good job today of not trying to do something that would’ve caused even more problems. So that was good,” Richt said. “He made some nice plays. He made some very nice plays. We just as an offensive unit didn’t make it where a true freshman or a redshirt freshman could be real comfortable.”

And, Richt added, Murray didn’t do “foolish things” as he did in the first scrimmage, when he threw into coverage in the end zone and was picked off.

Murray himself said the offense “just didn’t get into a good rhythm.”

“There was flashes, but not overall very consistent,” he added. “We’ve got three more weeks to fix it.”

- As for the offense in general, Richt called it “sloppy at times,” but didn’t appear overly worried. Some defensive players (like cornerback Brandon Boykin) cited the weather as a factor, mentioning some fumbled snaps. The offensive line missing three starters didn’t help either.

But clearly the offense has some corrections to make.

“I’m glad we’ve got three more weeks to iron some of this stuff out,” Richt said.

- The bright spot for the offense was receiver Logan Gray, who had a 46-yard catch, and led the team with three receptions for 70 yards. It has his second straight good scrimmage.

“I love throwing to him,” Murray said, citing Gray’s background as a quarterback.

- Inside linebacker Akeem Hebron continues to take advantage of injuries at his position, leading the team in tackles for the second straight scrimmage.

- Darryl Gamble has probably had the most productive camp of any outside linebacker, according to Richt. He seems to have the edge on Cornelius Washington in the contest for the second OLB spot opposite Justin Houston.

- Branden Smith had two tackles at cornerback in his first scrimmage. The sophomore missed eight practices with academic issues.


Anonymous said...

Can I say that I'm pretty excited about Logan at receiver? Good, because I am.

UGAmuffinman said...

Glad to see them going through some adversity and offensive pains. I know that sounds odd but that it really the only way they will learn how to respond well when things don't go their way. They will also learn what needs the most "ironing out" in the next 3 weeks.

Great work so far, Seth. Keep it up.

Dog44 said...

Just a scrimmage, but I will say that our offense having trouble "finding a rhythm" is a pretty common theme in the past number of years. There just seems to be "those games" every year where we just can't get it going. As a fan, you can typically see it coming in the first quarter and you just have to hope the D is playing well enough to win.

Also... I'm still cautiously optimistic about Murray, but I'd be a lot more optimistic if we were seeing a higher completion percentage in these scrimmages. We haven't had a high percentage passer in a long time (since Greene?) I think this is a big deal and I was/am hoping Murray will turn that around.

Thanks, Seth.

ChicagoDawg said...

Glad to see Hebron stepping up in his last year...he came in with the credentials (if we want to call "stars" credentials)....maybe he is a gamer and just needs to get some reps when the band is playing.

Seth -- Any positive news on the DL? In my mind, this is the biggest question mark for this team, with QB a close second.