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Monday, August 30, 2010

Monday morning notes

I’d be remiss if, on this first day of the first week of the football season, I didn’t open by discussing AMC television shows.

First off, congrats to Bryan Cranston for winning the Emmy. I know a lot of blog readers are big fans of “Breaking Bad,” and are happy about it. (I also though Jim Parsons was well-deserving for his best actor in a comedy series.)

Also, Sunday night’s “Mad Men” was a solid episode. Loved the flashbacks to Don Draper’s hiring by Roger Sterling, and the parallels with Draper’s current downward slope.

And if anybody noticed, very slick – or very presumptuous – of AMC to congratulate “Mad Men” on winning the Emmy for best dramatic series DURING the show on Sunday night, just a few minutes after it officially won it.

As for football, a few housekeeping things:

- Just to tie up a few minor loose ends from the Washaun Ealey arrest: The incident report, which became available on Monday morning, revealed that it was teammate Jakar Hamilton’s car Ealey was driving, Ealey struck a UGA-owned car in the parking deck, and Ealey actually returned to the scene after the police had identified him as the driver.

- Georgia begins a set schedule of practices this week. The team will have night practices Monday through Thursday, and head coach Mark Richt will have his first news conference of the season on Tuesday.

- As you’d expect, a ton of season predictions are rolling in. Chris Low of has picked Georgia to be the surprise team in the SEC, and Richt to be coach of the year – but Low picks Florida to win the East.

I’ll be making my own prediction soon (I know you can’t wait). I’ll also be averaging out the predictions you all have made on this here blog.


GreenDawg said...

Here is what I infer from Low's predictions. Since he obviously expects Alabama to be the best in the league, I assume that means he expects Bama to win the regular season matchup. So maybe he expects Georgia and Florida to both end the season with one loss in the SEC, with ours coming courtesy of UF. It's hard to say I'd be disappointed with a one-loss SEC season, but it'd be incredibly disheartening to have a team play that well and not make it to Atlanta. Here's hoping we take care of business in Jacksonville and don't have to worry about it.

Carter said...

Where (season, ep.) are you now in your Breaking Bad viewing? At this point, I don't think that there is a better actor than Cranston in film, much less TV. Plus he was Tim Whatley, Seinfeld's inappropriate dentist.