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Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Bean to start at nose tackle?

Justin Anderson was playing offensive line as recently as the Independence Bowl. If Georgia's season started today, the sophomore would be starting on the other side of the ball.

Bulldogs defensive line coach Rodney Garner said after Wednesday's practice that his tentative starting lineup - which he emphasized could change tomorrow - was Anderson at nose tackle, DeAngelo Tyson at end and Demarcus Dobbs at the other end.

Tyson was the favorite to start at nose tackle, but he's done so well in cross-training at end, that he has a good chance of playing there.

Anderson, known simply as "Bean" to everyone around the program, didn't even practice at nose in the spring, because of injury.

We'll have more from Garner on Anderson's rise and Tyson's cross-training in Thursday's papers.

In other news:

- Defensive coordinator Todd Grantham, dealing with a number of position battles, said he was "honing in" on which guys will start, but didn't get specific.

Grantham also said a lot of players are being trained at different positions, but again did not get specific. By the sounds of it, Grantham was talking more about depth and not massive position switches: For instance, defensive backs coach Scott Lakatos said safeties Jakar Hamilton and Nick Williams were being trained at both safety spots now. But no safeties were switching to cornerback, or vice versa.

- Grantham also said that cornerback Branden Smith, who missed eight practices with academic issues, wasn't really behind in preparation because of the time off.

- Receiver Logan Gray turned his ankle in Tuesday's practice, but offensive coordinator Mike Bobo didn't seem too worried about it.


Anonymous said...

hey seth, long time reader of the blog, here. just wanted to say you've done a great job so far. i really appreciate your hard work, and as an unemployed journalist, i'm envious, to say the least! have fun out there, and keep doing the great job you're doing.

dawg1976 said...

Logan is fine. no worries. he'll be ready to catch a TD come Sept. 4.

I loves me some Logan Gray. Hell we miight see him a little bit behind center this year.

Anonymous said...

Seth, as Dawg fan living in Columbia I am familiar with your work. I was hoping you might coment on the differences you see so far in the two programs (S. Car & UGA). Is there a difference in athletic tallent and so on and so forth? Thanks and keep up the good work. Your article on Morant appeared in the "State" today much to the disgust of the S. Car fans.

Cojones said...

dawg1976- Amen! on Logan Gray. I've been thinking that we(the fans) owe him some love. Think we can get Seth to participate?

Seth- your fanbase is growing mightily and for good reason. Many writers have systematically taken themselves out of the game by reporting on nonsense. You have consistently kept the spotlight on the players and their activities. The more player quotes the better. Think you may get a player's bench slot going for bench talk during gametime to get us linked to the comraderie that seems to be flourishing this Fall? Just asking.