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Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Green still mum on inquiry

A.J. Green still can't talk about the NCAA inquiry. And the opener is days away.

Green has steadfastly declined comment on the NCAA inquiry, which became known last month. Head coach Mark Richt declined to say anything at his press conference earlier on Tuesday.

When the subject was brought up Tuesday night, and Green was once again asked if he was authorized to say anything, he smiled and said "no."

But it's four days till the opener, a reporter pointed out.

"Yeah, still can't say anything," Green said.

Green was then if there was any doubt he would play Saturday.

"No. No, I don't know," Green said. "Still can't say anything."

There still appears to be no worry from anybody at Georgia - Richt, Green or anyone - that anyone will be held out of the opener because of the inquiry. The best evidence for that is Green has been made available to the media repeatedly. (Other schools, such as North Carolina, South Carolina and Alabama, have kept a lid on their players linked to the agent scandal.)

But it's still strange that no firm word has been given out on Green. If there was any worry about his eligibility, Georgia wouldn't play him in a game. At this point, Green seems all but certain to be out there against Louisiana-Lafayette - but we still await official word.


darb said...

Let's get this season under way, PLEASE! I am sick of this crap! He did not go to Miami...ever!

Dawgfan17 said...

Maybe it is the homer in me but it really does not feel like Green is worried at all since he is accused of doing something that he claims is easy to disprove. At the same time it would be nice if they had heard from the NCAA saying he was 100% in the clear

Anonymous said...

How is this non-story still a continuous story here on the blog? Slow day? Enough already. We need at least 2-3 more mentions of Ealey's arrest.

Paul Johnson's Man Boobs said...

Yes, slow injuries...thank God no injuries....oh sheet, hope i didn't just jinx us

Dawgfan17 aka Hooray ANON said...

This is for Anon... Ealey's arrest, Ealey's arrest, Ealey's arrest. Any new details on it? Nope, any word beyond he will miss at least 1 game, maybe that is all maybe not? Nope, ok so how is that newsworthy? Well at least you should feel better because I mentioned it 3 times.

Anonymous said...

Way to go dog fan 17. Pretty sure anon was being sarcastic. Do you know what that means? Its when someone states the obvious in attemPt at being funny. You two agree on the point of bs news, yet your too dumb to pick up SARCASMZZ dude!
Go dawgs. Sorry for busting ballz but don't judge and make a dousche out of yourself. We dawg fans need to stay cool. Love yall

Anonymous said...

Is this blog being linked from the AJC blog page? The comments on the posts here have gone down hill fast.

Anonymous said...

Here's a guess as to why UGA/Green can't say he has been cleared by NCAA. The NCAA is investigating this whole agentgate thing at several other schools, as mentioned, and has told UGA and those other schools not to discuss the investigation. If UGA alone is allowed to come out and say Green and UGA are in the clear, the implication is that the other schools/players are not. So the NCAA wants everyone to decline comment on the investigation until the entire agentgate investigation is concluded. If there was any doubt, you can bet that UGA would hold A.J. out of Saturday's game. My guess is that UGA and Green have been told by NCAA that they are in the clear, but have been asked to refrain from commenting until the NCAA completes its investigation elsewhere.