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Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Murray: "A little step forward"

Or at least that's how Georgia's starting quarterback characterized his scrimmage Wednesday.

Murray had a touchdown pass to A.J. Green, and no interceptions, going against a scout team. (Or Louisiana-Lafayette, as it was called to simulate the season opener.)

"I definitely feel like I took a little step forward today," Murray said.

Receiver Kris Durham, who had a good day, also complimented Murray's handling of the offense.

Head coach Mark Richt was a bit more guarded on the redshirt freshman's performance.

“He’s still learning," Richt said. "It wasn’t bad. But there were a couple times he could’ve made a better decision. But I’m just thankful it happened today … so hopefully he’ll learn from it.”

Something that may have had an effect: At least five or six offensive linemen were held out because of injury, including starters Ben Jones and Cordy Glenn. Trinton Sturdivant did play, however, as he comes back from knee injuries.

The Georgia defense seemed to have a better day, yielding only a field goal - which apparently was only allowed because the coaches wanted to see the first-team field goal defense. Or something like that. It wasn't quite clear.

Either way, cornerback Vance Cuff said the defense basically recorded a shutout.

Officially, the final score was Georgia 38, Louisiana-Lafayette 24. But that was after Richt spotted U-La-La 21 points.

As for the overall ramifications, Richt said there wasn’t anything “earth-shattering on the depth chart.” He would like to take another look at some of the scout-teamers, especially safety Shaun Williams, who had the day's most tackles.

We'll have more in Thursday's papers.


Matt Cheij said...

Thanks for the update stats. I like seeing the D with picks. Yes they are picks against the third string QB but at least they held onto the ball and made plays. Seth, do you think CMR holds out on some of the stats and just feeds us with some to make the media and fans happy? I only ask because I do not see any stats on TEs- maybe those missing completions are theirs? Thoughts please.

dawg10 said...

just checked the Vent and the staff (Dash) said that it was actually Marc Deas with the top tackles. He was wearing #36 today, which is S. Williams' usual number. But still, that great for the youngster to be able to get that much work against the 1st team O.

As for my opinion on the upcoming season, I think we'll be very good, but will screw up and lose 1 or 2 due to stupid mistakes (playcalling, penalties, refs, etc.). That said, I still have a gut feeling we beat florida and go to the Dome in December. What happens after that will be determined in Atl.

Prediction: 10 reg season wins (including 1 over FL)