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Sunday, August 15, 2010

Uniform note

I meant to post this earlier in the week, then all the Greg McGarity stuff overtook it. Anyway, had a question from a poster about uniforms. I quote:

Can you find out if the Dawgs will wear the 'real' silver britches this year instead of the flat gray ones worn last year? I know Damon Evans expected silver this year but now he is gone?

The answer, bluntly, is no change. Here was the answer from the inimitable Claude Felton at Georgia:

We will be wearing the same pants as last season. Nike has a newer lighter material called cordura that the players all wanted. They feel the new pants are lighter and more comfortable than the old pants but on these it ‘s a little more difficult to replicate the same silver “sheen.”

So there you go.

Shameless plug: My story in Sunday morning's papers on the Ogletree brothers.

Blog side note:
I encountered a snake this afternoon, walking the dog down at the river. Now here's my problem: I was always taught by elders that snakes were as afraid of us as we are of them. And typically they've held up their end of the bargain, slithering away when we get within, say, 10 feet of them.

But this bugger didn't jump into the river until I was right up on it, giving me a good look at its light brown skin (but not the head, so I couldn't be sure whether it was a poisonous copperhead, just a water moccasin, or what.)

Bottom line, if any of you out there know any snakes, let them know that they're supposed to run away from us before we see them and get spooked. They're supposed to be able to sense us from far away.

Blog side note 2: I forgot to start Jair Jurrjens in my fantasy baseball league today. ... Whoops.


Anonymous said...

Water mocassins/cotton mouths can be aggressive

Anonymous said...

Cotton Mouths won't run and sometimes will in fact attack/chase if provoked. They are pre-programmed to be pissed off.

Anonymous said...

"They are pre-programmed to be pissed off."

Ha, sounds like my girlfriend...

Anonymous said...

great article on the Ogletree brothers, Seth. Keep it up!

in other news, my word verification was "bection"

Carter said...

We have a social contract with pigeons to get out of the way, not with snakes.

Anonymous said...

Cotton mouths are territorial creatures. They won't run like other kinds of snakes will.

VAdawg said...

I forgot to start Jair too. Would have really helped my K totals. Damn.

ChicagoDawg said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
ChicagoDawg said...

Seth -- I hope when you say "just a water moccasin" that you do realize that they are poisonous and one of the more agressive snakes you will encounter. Did it have a fat tail? Was it dark in color, almost a black color? If so, it was likely a Water Moccasin (aka Cottonmouth) and they are one of the nastier pit vipers in North America. If I am not mistaken, they are more venomous than a Copperhead, so I would not be dismissive of these guys at all.

By the way, I actually like the flat gray pants much more than the shiny silver pants. The gray pants were what was worn in the early to mid-80s and I think they look better, but that is just my opinion.

Anonymous said...

No offence intended to anyone, but water mocassins are not aggressive. They may let you get close to them before they slither off, but this is because they trust there camo. On the other hand the common water snake will come at you and scare you off. The problem is, that most people cant tell the difference. Water mocassins are quite rare, and you will likely see 20 or more water snakes before you see a true water mocassin.



Anonymous said...

This is what we are left to talk about with this "offensive coaching staff" Coach Richt has put together for 10 years now this season :


In the meantime, this is what transpired on the football field while a guy from South Carolina working for a paper in Macon and has no cell phone between Macon and Athens, whom he reputedly is the beat wrtier for :

I have a suggestion for IMPROVEMENT

FIRE Mike Bobo.

We can only say good things about Georgia Bulldogs' football in here, or talk about snakes all day long, or talk about UNIFORMS again.

Reporting on the football field, not 5 posts a day saying NOTHING :

4 sacks

2 pass break-ups

2 fumble recoveries

0 Touchdown Passes

“The offense couldn’t get the ball off, getting sacks. We were making plays, tackles for loss. Locking down passes. Doing what the defense is supposed to do. Causing turnovers. All the right things,” Houston said.

Wide receiver Logan Gray on the offense stalling out in the redzone: “Obviously, when you have an opportunity and you get down there, you wanna stick it in. I think we were thinking about that after practice — we gotta convert.”

Caleb King 7 carries 18 yards

Washaun 7 carries 78 yards

Justin Houston 3 sacks and scored TD after recovering 1 of several fumbles

Aaron Murray 8 of 20

0 touchdown passes

Played against the 2nd team defense ONLY

Seth Emerson said...

Thanks for the helpful words on the snakes. I didn't get a good look at it, but it did look light brown-ish, and with a somewhat thick body. Of course the mind can play tricks on you.

What's frustrating is now I'll be reluctant to take the dog down to this spot on the river. I'll probably still go, but I'll be looking left and right for slithering critters the whole time, wondering if this'll be the last time I ever walk the earth.

But ... eh.

Seth Emerson said...

Oh, and Anonmyous 12:09 a.m.:
Again, I'm from Maryland, and just was living recently in South Carolina. And I live in Athens, where my cell service is just fine.
Carry on.

Anonymous said...

Not to be a douche, but...

Cotton mouths and water moccasins are both venomous, so you're screwed either way. Also, snakes aren't poisonous. An animal is poisonous if eating them is bad news; an animal is venomous if the toxin must be injected into the blood stream. That's why you're supposed to suck the venom out if you get bitten by a snake because swallowing it isn't dangerous.

Anonymous said...

...and by "cotton mouths" I meant "copper heads"

Dylan said...

There are over 35 different species of water snakes in the United States. Only three of them are venomous (Florida cottonmouth, Eastern Cottonmouth, and Western cottonmouth). Cottonmouths are pit vipers, just like rattlesnakes and copperheads. Just like rattlesnakes, their tails rattle when they feel provoked or threatened, they just don't have the rattle.