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Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Richt speaks, therefore I blog

We’re at the halfway mark of preseason camp – the 14th practice, and midway through the third of five weeks – so Mark Richt just finished giving what amounted to a State of the Team address.

A quick summation: Everybody’s doing great.

OK, a bit of an exaggeration. But the Georgia head coach, in a pretty jovial mode in general, issued a compliment to nearly everybody as he went through the positions.

“I mentioned to our players that I thought we were (in) the second half of camp,” Richt said. “The second half of preparation. I told them from what I’ve seen we can be a pretty good team.”

Richt said the staff did talk about personnel today. He spent more than an hour with offense, about an hour with the defense.

“We didn’t so much juggle the depth chart as much as get an evaluation of how every single guy is doing,” Richt said. “Whether he deserves playing time, whether he deserves to start. We’re not gonna get too concerned with who’s gonna start until we get to the week of the game.”

Some nuts and bolts:

- On the injury front, Josh Davis (ankle) returned to practice Tuesday. ILB Richard Samuel (leg) should be out another week. Richt expects all the offensive linemen to be ready for the opener, including center Ben Jones (knee) and guard Cordy Glenn (mononucleosis).

Well, that doesn’t include Brent Benedict (knee surgery) who is practicing but will redshirt.

- Speaking of the O-Line, Trinton Sturdivant (knee surgery) continues to work at left tackle, the one position he’s been working at. Richt said Sturdivant would be ready to play if there were a game on Saturday – but probably not the entire game.

- Receiver Logan Gray continues to get a lot of praise from Richt. He still won’t start opposite A.J. Green in the opener, but could see action in the first quarter, according to the coach.

“Logan Gray has been really impressive to me,” Richt said. “He’s making really nice plays. He looks like a seasoned receiver. And he’s only been playing it really for a couple months. But I’ve been really impressed with that kid.”

- The Bulldogs will hold their third allowable scrimmage next Tuesday. Then they’ll get one more after that.


Erked Russell said...
Hope this turns out to be true!

Doug said...

I hope he is committing also, but fanhouse isn't the most reliable source.

Andy said...

I saw it on Twitter, so it must be true.

Anonymous said...

A few sources in Florida are saying the same but I will believe it when comes from Wilder.

JoshG said...

Man, I love me some Logan Gray. That kid could have transferred to a D2 school, or just decided to ride out his scholarship as a backup. But he wanted to be on the field making plays, and he's worked his butt off to learn his new position. I hope to see him get some big clutch plays this season.

My verification word was potersp.

JoshG said...

Also, about Wilder...My brother (The Stuff of Legend) and I just had a phone conversation about Wilder, and he mentioned a horrible scenario: Wilder commits, chases Crowell to Alabama, then signs with FSU on signing day. Do we want Wilder on the team? Of course, the guy is one of the top recruits in the universe. But, he wants to play RB. Would you rather have Wilder (a natural LB) or Crowell (a prototypical RB) playing running back?

Can we get both?!!

South FL Dawg said...

Good to hear. But Richt has never been critical so I can't get too excited when he's complimentary.

Can I suggest an idea for a day that there isn't much news to cover...since you used to be on the USCe beat, how about giving us your perspective on covering Richt and Georgia vs. Spurrier and USCe? Are they as different as they look from a distance?

Yoda said...

Yes, Josh G, give them the universe will

My veri-word was testic.....heee heee

ok, Im just a Techie-troll (level VIII!) but I love talkin' bout Star Wars and my Balls (Reggie that is)

Anonymous said...

Where's the interceptions on the new 1st team defense?

Hey Lakatos! Are you there?

What about the interceptions?

202dawg said...

Good eats, Seth.

My verification word is supwag.

Bizzaroneck said...

Hey Seth, can you have your links open in a new window. I hate having to come back here to read another article. Thanks and keep up the good work.

dawg1976 said...

" we can be a pretty good team" c'mon coach. how bout we can be a damn good team.

getting Wilder is great news.