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Thursday, August 12, 2010

Yup, it's McGarity

Greg McGarity is indeed coming home. On Friday.

Georgia's pick to replace the disgraced Damon Evans is McGarity, the associate athletics director at Florida, who also happens to be an Athens native and a 1976 graduate of Georgia.

The news was confirmed by a source in Florida. McGarity told the source he was headed to Athens on Friday, presumably for a news conference to introduce him. (Although Georgia has not announced one as of late Thursday night.)

I'll have more on McGarity in a story I just filed for Friday's papers. It will include a quote from a retired athletics director, who has dealt with McGarity and called him a great hire. And I also spoke with a longtime Bulldog Club director who has known McGarity since the 1970s and was pleased as punch to hear he was the choice.


David said...

McGarity is a winner in every respect. Great guy and he comes from a great family.

Anonymous said...

A safe and unimaginative choice.

Anonymous said...

He should have been hired when Damon Evans was! A GREAT choice but should have been made earlier by a stubborn Adams.

Anonymous said...

Maybe Adams finaly has finally opened his eyes and isn't letting any Dooley hangovers affect his decisions

Anonymous said...

Anon 10:19...

That was a safe and unimaginative post...

Anonymous said...

Everyone is well aware of the fact that Mark Fox has it going on in Men’s Basketball for The Georgia Bulldogs.

Here is a sport where we BEAT Florida :

The Athletic Director at UGA has :

Sweet 16 NCAA Tourney UGA Lady Dawgs have recruited the ESPN # 15 Best Women’s Basketball Signing this 2010 season with soon to enroll Monday # 21 best player overall in the nation 5 feet 6 inch point guard Ronika Ransford out of Washington D.C. who tried to enroll in the Summer Semester here. Watching Ashley Houts play point was a special treat, and Ronika Ransford will score a ton of points. This is the star player.

15 games Andy Landers faces on his schedule this season against either NCAA or NIT tournament teams. Not that Andy was not Sweet 16, because he is.

Andy also got # 36 best player in the nation according to ESPN Khaalidah Miller a 5 feet 9 inch shooting guard, sorely needed on this team. Douglass High School Atlanta.

The Lady Dogs also add a Center project from North Carolina Ariel Johnson at 6’ 5” who considered several other top programs. Andy Landers has developed inside players to be consistent, and frankly who else does he have to play at Center ? Half the games against Post Season Tournament Teams this year and in she comes. There is no luxury of waiting until Ariel gets it.

With the struggles from the field in shooting for Jasmine James. Jasmine runs the floor very well, and has no qualms about putting the ball up : she just cannot hit the broad side of a barn from outside the paint.

It is good to have no fear.

But, honestly after her freshman season last year, Andy Landers is going to have to get the ball out of her hands into someone’s hands who can shoot. These 2 gals can. This is important. We tried to get us a shooting guard, and it just hasn’t work out now for a couple of years.

Now it has.

Meredith Mitchell is my Favorite Player on the team. Watch her any game and you will easily see why. Porsha Phillips is quite the inside force and the team will hinge on her play this season.

25-9 Sweet 16 NCAA Tournament Team, and Jasmine James Freshman All-America shot 31 percent from the floor for the season. 26 percent from 3-point. 64 percent from the charity stripe. The bad news ? She took far and away the MOST SHOTS ON THE ENTIRE TEAM.

Jasmine also played the most minutes.

419 shots made 130.

Also made the most turnovers.

5 rebounds a game.

2nd most assists on the team.

2nd most steals on the team.

Wasn’t even the leading scorer.

Jasmine, young lady, drive the ball to the bucket – shoot or dish it off

but for God’s sake don’t take the outside shot.

This is a team game and you are a ball hog who CANNOT SHOOT YOUR WAY OUT OF A WET PAPER BASKET.

You are fortunate that these 3 talented shooters join your team Jasmine, honestly. If I were that good a shooter as all 3 of them are, I don’t believe I would relish playing on your team dear.

I look for Jasmine James of Memphis to settle in this season and play team ball. Coach Andy Landers has invested a lot in Jasmine James and she could be special if she :

Drives the lane and shoot, draw the foul, or dish – do not pull up.

6’ 5” Angel Robinson graduation is a loss of our big player inside and Ashley Houts was a lot of fun to watch but frankly she doesn’t shoot the ball very well either and graduated, while Christy Marshall graduation too leaves these 3 openings – this team should be well-seasoned by NCAA Tournament time – no doubt.

Porsha Phillips is the lone senior this season, her 3rd and last year playing after sitting out a season to play for us when she transferred from a great LSU team he starred on there.

Season starts November 10 and NCAA Tournament starts March 19.

7-Time SEC Conference Regular Season Champions
4-Time SEC Conference Tournament Champions
27 of 29 NCAA Tournaments
17 Sweet 16 including last year
10 Elite 8
5 Final 4
2 Runner-Up

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Nothing against McGarity but wish it would have been Welton.

Overall, I think he would be maximized revenues and partnerships much better. The winning and standards of excellence would have come.

The next wave of the future in collegiate athletics is less about the old line athletic administrators but professionals from the private sector who have vision for the evolving media landscape, next level marketing partnerships, and maximization of profits.

McGarity was a hire for the 20-aughts. Welton or someone like him would be a hire for the 20-teens.

Anonymous said...

Damon Evans is not disgraced. He resigned after he was caught drinking and driving with some whore's panties in his lap.

That is not disgraced!

Go Dawgs! GATA Damon!

Anonymous said...