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Friday, August 6, 2010

After the rain ...

Longer day than usual here at the football complex, thanks to a big thunderstorm that forced the team indoors for an hour. And they weren't practicing, they just waited, returning after the wait to finish up their fifth preseason practice.

No Mark Richt media availability today, but we did get the two coordinators. The nuts and bolts from each of them:

Defensive coordinator Todd Grantham:

- He likes the progress the players are making in picking up the new system.

"I think the guys have really bought into what we're doing."

They're going to "re-install" a lot of stuff starting with Saturday's practice. The way Grantham explained it, basically they're re-teaching a lot of the stuff they started with in spring practice, and this past Monday, as a way of sort of hammering home the plays and schemes.

- Freshmen that Grantham says have stood out: Cornerback Derek Owens (whom Richt has praised too), safety Alec Ogletree (another guy Richt has praised twice) and linebacker Demetre Baker.

- Positions that are up for grabs: Outside linebacker (Darryl Gamble is pushing Cornelius Washington), both safety spots (Nick Williams, Jakar Hamilton and Baccari Rambo are playing well, according to Grantham) and cornerback.

The latter position is an interesting one to watch. Grantham said three corners will play, whether it's two spots or against three-wide sets. (Grantham didn't name which specific corners.)

Offensive coordinator Mike Bobo (who had a little less time to talk, but also has less issues and position battles):

- He's "really pleased" with freshman QB Hutson Mason, who continues to pick up things quickly.

- Offensive lineman Trinton Sturdivant, coming back from two knee surgeries, has had limited reps, but has looked good when he's been out there.

- Freshman RB Ken Malcome, who's alternating at second team, is still learning plays but is "showing signs of being able to be elusive," and Bobo said it'll be interesting to see how he finishes runs during live drills.

- Marlon Brown is one of the better blocking receivers and has overall done well. "He has a bright future," Bobo said.


IveyLeaguer said...

Seth ... Welcome again.

Your article in the Macon paper yesterday seemed to indicate Kris Durham' shoulder was not 100%.

Is that the case?

Seth Emerson said...

Ivey Leaguer.

That's the impression that Kris himself gave, but I think he meant more that he's still making sure he can go full-out, take hits on it, that kind of thing. A common thing for players coming off shoulder injuries.

Andy said...

Just out of curiosity, why no Mark Richt media availability today?

BulldogBry said...

Um, Seth?

You didn't just do a Nelson reference in the title did you?

Anyway, that's good to hear about Gamble. I kind of thought C Wash was a shoo-in.

bnwdog said...


I must's like Hale never left, minus the comments about T.V. shows of course. Keep up the good work! Does the media have access to practices tomorrow? Be interested on any insider knowledge you can provide as they go full contact. Some insight beyond what the coaches are telling us. Murray, Hammilton, Brown, freshmen (particularly Mason and DL)?

Scott said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Scott said...

That other guy's giving me a bad name...

Seth - You obviously have big shoes to fill...Hale is the best in the business, as far as I'm concerned. But after kind of a shaky start, so far so good in my opinion.

Nice to hear Bobo talking about being physical and setting a tone, even if it is just in practice. It's no secret that establishing physical dominance with our o-line and quality running backs will go a long way in alleviating the issue of a first time starter at QB.

BZ said...

Can you find out about Jordan Love? Is he making any kind of impact in camp, i know he had some kind of injury last year, but was suppose to be pretty good. just curious in case we need another corner besides boykin, smith and cuff...

Anonymous said...

Mike Bobo “less issues and less position battles” ?

Huh ?

While you have been toiling away in ignominy in South Carolina, the Georgia Bulldogs have been the dead last worst offense in America. Coming into the season Averaging the NCAA # 52 Total Offense all 9 years of this offensive regime, The Bulldogs the last 4 years have put up numbers such as # 56 Rushing Offense with Knowshon Moreno and # 85 Passing Offense with Matthew Stafford, while Redshirting Knowshon Moreno one year and ripping the Redshirt Off Washaun Ealey in the 3rd Quarter of the 5th game.

Sans the mistakes, we have been just bloody awful on Offense Seth, sir.

With the mistakes the last 4 years in a Row, we are 10-10 vs SEC East and face off against South Carolina on the road in Game 2 and with a Loss in that Game, will have then a LOSING RECORD over the then last 5 consecutive years vs SEC East Opponents. These are the same Lousy SEC East Opponents who, have offered up as competition for UGA the grand sum of 1 team only : Florida.

And, the mistakes on Offense include but are not limited to just not recognizing talent when handed it, but more importantly by playing those we did play – instead – we have Averaged NCAA # 96 team in the nation in Penalties the last 4 years and counting, 21 fumbles a year and counting every year of the last 4 years in succession, and 14 interceptions a year and counting every year of the last 4 years consecutively for good measure.

Mike Bobo has MORE ISSUES and SHOULD HAVE MORE POSITION BATTLES than EVERY OFFENSE in The SEC East, indeed the entire SEC, and beyond that – in the nation, Seth – not that you should know that or nothing.

“thanks to a big thunderstorm that forced the team indoors for an hour. And they weren't practicing, they just waited”

That’s because we ain’t got no indoor practice field, Seth, if you bothered looking around.

God Almighty son, Mike Bobo, sitting there and saying that “Marlon Brown has a bright future” – this AFTER Mike Bobo threw a grand total of 2 passes to Marlon Brown last season. That is UTTERLY AMAZING that during the Summer all of a Sudden Marlon Brown now knows everything about everything and is the best player since sliced bread.

Which explains why “Mike Bobo’s Offensive Coaching Staff” threw the football exactly 2 times all season long to both Marlon Brown and Branden Smith – 2 of the most highly rated wide receivers of the previous season – before “Mike Bobo’s Offensive Coaching Staff” got a hold of them, with their combined well over 2,000 yards receiving the previous year – and figured it out to throw to them both 2 times each.

Can I quote you on that Mike Bobo ?

“Marlon Brown has a bright future.” That so po’s me Mike Bobo to hear you say that.

You have WASTED every talent ever handed you Mike Bobo.


It wasn’t just the TV shows daily bnwdog; I never heard of a single TV show he EVER discussed : NONE.

JORDAN LAWRENCE LOVE 12 31 1990. That the guy you asking about ? Hasn’t met the Judge yet on his Obstruction Arrest shooting off fireworks more than a day AFTER July 4th. God, that guy made the whole team look like FOOLS. Uh, I don’t know what my middle name is, er uh, I might guess what it might be but er uh I don’t have a clue how you go about spelling it. Born ? Uhh, er uh… no sir, I don’t know when I was born, er uh, might have been er uh, no sir, don’t know.

Does anyone really think that EVERY DEFENSE isn’t going to FORCE Aaron Murray to beat them with his arm ?

Anonymous said...

Btw, I am a moron.

Anonymous said...

Josh Kendall was a lot better than David Hale, who 1st took his parting shot to Coach Richt that the Arrests / Suspensions he detailed from February 2007 to the very day he quit this gig that :

"There is a real problem with behavior on this UGA Football Team, which needs to be addressed and resolved, rather than simply explained away." David Hale

Herschel Blogger said...

Well look who found his way back to the blog... The infamous anonymous troll!
Seriously dude,
I worry about asbestos and leadbased paint in your mother's basement.
And seriously? Never heard of a single show Hale mentioned? Have you been living under a rock, or maybe just downright LOST the past 6 years? You're an abomination to the bulldawg nation.
Seth, haven't gotten a chance to welcome you yet, so welcome good sir. I've already been enjoying the posts. Now, Hale and I grabbed a beer or 5 once upon a time.. Any chance you'd like to?

GAboy00 said...

Come on people just don't respond to the Anon guy. He WANTS you to. Just let him post his ridiculously long messages and act like it was not posted. Simple.

Anyway, Seth. I was wondering about all the construction going on at Sanford Stadium. Will it all be completed by the time the season begins Sept. 4? Any information you have on this would be appreciated. Keep up the good work.

Seth Emerson said...

Herschel Blogger (love that name), if you're buying, who would I be to turn it down?

ChicagoDawg said...

Anonymous -- I must say, I think you have lost a step. That was a pretty weak effort my man and you are better than this. It is clear that you are starting to phone it in.

Where is the effort? Don't come in here with this weak 600 word lay down. We have come to expect nothing less than 2,300+ words and 2,300+ is what you will deliver my friend.

Now, I don't know if you are distracted, affected by the heat or just in need of a size 12 up your back end, but you need to examine some things over the weekend and decide if you are in this thing or not?

Joe said...

Seth, first of all, great job so far. Second, I need a new frustratingly addictive scifi show to watch and see referenced on my favorite UGA blog. Suggestions?

Is there any way we can ship that anonymous dude to the AJC blogs?

Anonymous said...

By the time I get to your blog, I have already read it in the AJC, Athens paper or UGA Sports. Can you give us some of your insight and opinions? It was never this way before. I am just looking for a different perspective other than what has already been published. Thank you in advance.

Greg B.

Seth Emerson said...

Greg, first off I'm trying to post as timely and as quickly as the other places.

As for opinions, being as I've only been on the beat one week, I don't want to start off by dropping bombs and taking names right away. I think it's better to take stock, get the lay of the land, and then develop opinions from there.

Seth Emerson said...

Joe (and others who've asked about TV and other references),

I've been thinking about Netflixing Battlestar Galactica (the newer version) because I've heard such good stuff about it.

Otherwise, I've been trying to concentrate on getting situated this week, both on the beat and in the house - where I'm still unpacking and organizing - but believe me, the pop culture stuff is coming.

Anonymous said...


Is it true that Mark Richt has not won any championships since Brian Van Gorder,the defensive coodinator, left the program?

BigMuddyDawg said...

Seth, concerning the new version of Battlestar Galactica, the however long it is mini-series that sets up the show (it's an extended pilot of sorts, I suppose) is absolutely worth watching, as is the first season and half or so. It really starts to get wonky after that and one is left with the impression that the writers of the show might not have expected it to run that long.

Glad to read your frequent updates here at the blog will be looking forward to you getting settled in and really making it your own.

Matt Rushing said...

Actually, Mark Richt won 1 SEC title with BVG and 1 without. So.....yeah.......don't know where you were going with that point.

Jake G said...

Ok Seth, I have an idea that I think would please all but one of your followers. Are you ready for this? Ok, here we go...

So, on this blog, I know that the only posted comments that are deleted are those that include any sort of profanity, racial slurs, etc. are deleted (as they should be). Comments that disagree with the party line are not deleted (as it should be), as this blog encourages the sharing of ideas and opinions (both popular and not). Well, I suggest that we make an exception to this rule for the comments posted by this infamous Anonymous poster (see August 7, 2010 1:35 AM). I really think that everyone would appreciate his/her comments being deleted. It junks up the blog, and I know David wasn't a fan of him.

To prove that everyone wants this, I suggest that we take it to a vote. Simply post a story that lays out the suggested action, and ask for your readers to post a Yay or Nay comment.

What do you think, guys? Seth?