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Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Now ... country

OK, it has come to my attention that a few of the faithful blog readers may not quite identify with new or old school rap. So to make sure I’m not alienating all but a certain demographic – and because practice is going long – a new list:

Top 10 country songs of the early 90s.

This was a key era for the genre, as it transitioned from a niche market to a crossover one. Garth Brooks was the big one, but future wife Trisha Yearwood and others helped it along. You could argue that Taylor Swift and Lady Antebellum owe their national fame to this era.

Here you go:

1. Garth Brooks … The Dance
2. Mary Chapin Carpenter … He Thinks He’ll Keep Her ... video
3. Clint Black … Better Man ... video
4. Toby Keith … Who’s that Man ... video
5. Garth Brooks … Friends in Low Places
6. Vince Gill … Whenever You Come Around ... video
7. Suzy Bogguss … Aces ... video
8. Pam Tillis … Spilled Perfume ... video
9. Garth Brooks … Learning to Live Again
10. (tie) Brooks and Dunn … Neon Moon ... video
10. (tie) Tim McGraw … Don’t take the Girl ... video
10. (tie) John Michael Montgomery … Sold ... video

You can probably tell I like soulful, sad songs. I guess the early 90s were a sad period in my life, and that’s why I fled to country music.

And NOW we return to our regularly scheduled blogging.


gdawg said...

no achy breaky heart? as long as we're on the miley cyrus kick, we might as well include her father (and that awesome haircut) in the countdown

Keep up the good work seth and try to keep the ND (non-dawg, for those of you who are not on the DawgVent) stuff coming. it's great to hear the opinion of writer on something other than our beloved dawgs

Anonymous said...


I want David back.

Anonymous said...

Welcome Seth. I like your music blogs more than I liked David's tv show blogs. Keep up the good work.

NCT said...

I dipped into the newfangled country music briefly in the early 1990s. Black's "Put Yourself In My Shoes" was a favorite. And that Monticello, Georgia, girl's "The Song Remembers When". But then I headed back to the rock and the electronic stuff, and my occasional country music listening reverted back to old-school Willie, Loretta, Dolly, George (not Strait), etc.

chitown dawg said...

Old school hip hop is an art...the NWA, Public Enemy, Tupac, B.I.G., OutKast, NAS, 36Mafia - those were the classics.

Appreciate the balance but all have to recognize the real work of art that was the early expressions of hip hop

Robert said...

Early 90's country was great. Cant go wrong with some diamond rio or brooks and dunn. Here are some good ones:

Tim McGraw - Don't take the girl and country boys and girls getting down on the farm
Alan Jackson - Livin on love
Brooks and Dunn - Shes not the cheatin kind
Clay Walker - If I could make a livin out of lovin you.
Garth - Aint goin down till the sun comes up
Joe Diffie - Pickup man
Tracy byrd - watermelon crawl

Oh, and Monticello girl = Trisha yearwood.

Erked Russell said...

Allen Jackson Chattahoochee has to be on this list. Got to have the Georgia boy on the Bulldogs blog!

RH Bradberry said...

Good God man. No list of 90s country is complete without Dwight Yoakim.

Beak said...

No George Strait???

ChicagoDawg said...

Yikes....that is some bad music there my friend....I don't mind Country, but loathe crossover/pop Country....I absolutely dig some the old school cats like Haggard, Jones, Williams, Cash, Owens, Willie & Waylon et al.

If we have to go with the 90s era, then I guess Jackson, Strait and Yoakim are tolerable -- at least some of their non-pop sounding stuff.

John said...

I completely agree with Bradberry on Dwight Yoakam. You should include "Fast as You" in your list.

Countrysucksdonkeynuts said...

Please no country music on here. ugh....I actually kind of like 90's hip/hop and rap but country is the worst music ever created.