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Thursday, August 26, 2010

Gamble, King have starting nods

Lots of depth chart news emanating out of conversations with Georgia assistant coaches after Thursday's practice. Let's get to it:

- Caleb King will probably start at tailback over Washaun Ealey, according to running backs coach Bryan McClendon. That's a mild surprise. The pair will almost certainly alternate and they'll go with the hot hand.

"Caleb does sort of get the lean right now because of his pass protection," McClendon said.

- Darryl Gamble appears to have edged past Cornelius Washington to be the starter at outside linebacker opposite Justin Houston. That would've been a surprise before camp, but not after Gamble kept earning praise from coaches.

Georgia defensive coordinator Todd Grantham said after Thursday's practice that Gamble would be out there, but Washington would play too. Gamble, a senior who's had an up-and-down career, impressed the staff with a good camp.

- Hutson Mason is definitely the No. 2 quarterback right now, according to offensive coordinator Mike Bobo. That doesn't mean the decision has been made to burn Mason's redshirt. Logan Gray's injury factors into the equation too.

"He's pretty much No. 2 right now," Bobo said of Mason. "A lot has to do with Logan Gray's injury. ... That's a call (whether to play Mason) from a head coach, not me."

- The top two receivers, after A.J. Green, are Kris Durham and Marlon Brown.

"That's fair to say," receivers coach Tony Ball said.

Durham earned a heap of praise from Bobo for his performance in Wednesday's scrimmage.

Tavarres King is suspended for the opener. Otherwise, Israel Troupe, the injured Rantavious Wooten and Gray remain in the mix.

Michael Bennett will probably redshirt, it sounds like, but Ball hasn't committed to that yet.

- Elsewhere on defense, Akeem Dent is "on track" to play in the opener, and will obviously start if healthy. Otherwise, Christian Robinson and Marcus Dowtin have been the most impressive at the inside linebacker spot, and Grantham said those two and Dent would all rotate.

- Grantham also said that DeAngelo Tyson will play both end and nose tackle. He indicated that Justin "Bean" Anderson has retained his edge to start at nose, which would push Tyson to end. Demarcus Dobbs, who sprained his ankle earlier in the week, should return to practice Friday.

- The punt return job remains ... pun intended ... up in the air. The main kick returner will remain Brandon Boykin.


Anonymous said...

Look at Marlon Brown sneakin in there. I love it.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for getting your practice reports up so quickly.

Anonymous said...

Not so surprised on King - some of the scrimmage stats they release are off. The first scrimmage stats left out a huge run from Caleb.
Don't forget, too, Ealey's thrown punch in the spring game and word of slight misbehavior... nothing criminal but my opinion is they want to see more in-line behavior from Ealey.
Since they will get the same carries, the starter job just sends a message.

Joel said...

What's up with Houston? I haven't read anything about him recently. Based on the scrimmage stats, he didn't have any tackles, so I assume he did not play. Is he OK?

DaltonDawg said...

so hey do yall know if this is legit? I've seen it a few times, but man that would be nuts!

Anonymous said...

"That's a call (whether to play Hutson Mason) from a head coach, not me" Mike Bobo said.

There will be a lot more decisions that Mike Bobo will have NO SAY IN TOO.

Marlon Brown we threw 2 passes to all season long last year. Now, he is 1 of 2 names offensive coaching staff talks about behind AJ Green.

Supportive comments about bust Caleb King being named Starter for the 6th game in a row ? Utterly amazing,

We threw the ball 2 times only to Branden Smith all season long last year too and he had 1085 yards catching the ball his senior year coming into last year.

I am not confident we are making the right choices on personnel on Offense at all; look at last year's Aron White being Starter at TE until Game 12 of our 13-game year in a 14-game season because he had all of 3 catches his freshman year compared to Orson Charles who had 23.

Did I miss the EXCUSE for how we got ourselves into this position again this year of not preparing our Quarterback ?

meansonny said...

Anon 6:19am;

I couldn't disagree with you more.

1) CMR is the head coach. Of course its his decision. He has the final say on everything.

2)Everyone knew that Marlon came through a weak h.s. Football division. And the book on his was "raw talent". When a freshman has to get a playbook AND fundamentals down, should we really be surprised about slow development early on?

3)Caleb King is as good as Ealey. And he is the more complete back to boot. They were about the same last year on total yards and yards per touch. But Caleb handled red zone duties much more effectively with his blocking, catching, and quickness.

5)Brandon smith isn't a wr. Yes, we want to get him the ball anyway we can. But again... Fundamentals and playbook is going to slow the growth of a young player when they are imperative needs at a position at the same time.

6) I'm an orson charles fan. But I would take aron white just as easily for my tight end. He's more reliable. Notice how much more action he got when we wanted a big play (after a rare turnover or in the red zone needing a score).

7)And how can we prepare a backup qb when we can't effectively put away an opponent with our starter (osu,, arkie, asu, lsu, ut, uk, au, gt). How much poo would cmr be in if we lost at arkie because we wanted to give logan some more series to get educated in sec football)

Think, man. Just because you love a player and hate a coach doesn't mean that there aren't good options available for the team.

Anonymous said...

Anon 6:19
Seriously dude. Either become a coach yourself or get a life.

Anonymous said...

does anon 8:43 get the psychic award for teh board or what?