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Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Wilder and practice notes

So by now you know that James Wilder Jr. did NOT commit to Georgia this afternoon, as had been reported that he would. The running back-linebacker, rated the No. 3 prospect in the entire nation by Rivals, instead went with Florida State.

This is why covering recruiting is such a hazardous business. In defense of, the original report may have actually been true at the time. Wilder may have picked Georgia, then changed his mind overnight. Who knows. We're talking about teenagers here. Just look at Dexter Morant.

In the long run, this probably isn't the worst thing to happen to Georgia. It still probably leads for Isaiah Crowell, out of Columbus. And, as I tweeted just now, after watching the first few minutes of Georgia's football practice, they appear set on continuing to play football here despite Wilder's announcement.

Speaking of which, practice notes:

- Receiver Logan Gray was in a walking boot, which is never a great sign. He rolled his ankle in practice Tuesday, according to We'll ask the coaches about it later.

- Otherwise, Georgia's players seem to be healing up, as evidenced by the empty stationary bikes:

LB Akeem Dent (toe injury), WR Rantavious Wooten (left knee) and LB Mike Gilliard (undisclosed injury) were all still in green non-contact jerseys, but were running around. That gives credence to head coach Mark Richt's hope that they'd all be ready for the opener.

S Bacarri Rambo, who's been dealing with a minor injury, was also in green but was going through drills with the rest of the secondary players.

- Receiver Kris Durham, who was hurt last week and skipped the scrimmage, was back in red.

- Starting guard Cordy Glenn (mononucleosis) still wasn't out there. Ditto for starting center Ben Jones, but he's not expected back for another couple weeks after having his knee scoped.


Anonymous said...

I wanted Crowell more anyway. The Huggins kid outta NJ is still in play. We will be fine. How is the Malcome kid looking so far?

Anonymous said...

Ken Malcome...sorry.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the great work! I'm enjoying the blog.

As for Wilder, I just don't get the drama. I assume the UGA rumor was to stir things up but why? If he were going to UF, or another SEC school, I'd see it. Just pick FSU and let it go. Oh well. As for Fanhouse, I'm not buying the whole 'he changed his mind theory' either they were dumb enough to believe him or they wanted to help him thumb his nose at us. Until Yesterday we were all pretty sure it was FSU.

IveyLeaguer said...

I want Crowell more, too, Bryan. I see Wilder as a LB anyway. Not that he can't play RB, but unless he's got Herschel Walker's speed I don't see him being a great RB.

I was thinking we sign him, and then convince him to move to a position where he can have a real future. I just don't think it's at RB.

I guess we'll see in a year or two.

Anonymous said...

yeh im starting to learn not to put all my eggs in one basket when it comes to UGA recruiting. especially when competing again FSU. seems like no matter who it is when they are choosing between uga and fsu, fsu always wins. i guess fsu is doing something we are not. tallahasse is a totally different town than athens, I live 30 minutes from tally and i never go down there because the people are very different. mostly liberals

Anonymous said...

@Anon 9:11pm - - If "liberal" means "knowing how to spell", yeah, I guess you're right. Keep politics out of this football blog, please.

Anonymous said...

Athens if pretty liberal too... just sayin.

Cojones said...

anon#2-If you never go down there, how do you know it's full of liberals? Most people resent that the paper is named "The Tallassee Democrat", but are ignorant that it is not a political party name. The people in Tallahassee are no more liberal than the people in Cairo or Thomasville.

It is a college town, more redneck than Nashville and has similar attributes to Athens. You should visit sometime and find the people about you. That way you can lose your ignorance. Did you know Richt resided there with his family for 15 years? Probably not. As a matter of fact, the Tallahassee Democrat has covered the Mule Days held in Climax,Ga and the area thereabouts for the years it has been held, photos and all . Yep! That's a liberal bunch alright.

Cojones said...

Boy! You have an old keyboard if your "f" is near your "s".

Cojones said...

Seth-Good work. Your previous column couching caution concerning corroboration cushioned the conference crap. Thanks.

dawgy said...

Sometimes in recruiting and life, things happen for the good. Da' Rick Rogers come to mind.