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Monday, August 9, 2010

The safety rotation

Spoke to a few secondary members after this morning's practice ... And then went to the eye doctor, because my glasses broke over the weekend. Ah, good times.

In any case, sorry I didn't get this to you sooner, but a few quick notes:

- According to the players, here's how the safety rotation is breaking down at practice: Baccari Rambo is shifting between free and strong. When Rambo plays free, he plays alongside Nick Williams. When Rambo is at strong, it's Jakar Hamilton at free safety.

Shawn Williams and Alec Ogletree are also working in there, but it's mainly Rambo, Hamilton and Nick Williams.

"It's mainly us three rotating in," Rambo said.

Rambo has no preference on whether he plays free or safety.

"It's all up to the coaches," he said. "If they tell me to play nose tackle I'll do it."

- Ogletree expects to play, but perhaps more on special teams.

"More than likely I probably won't redshirt. But as far as playing time, I should get enough (for a) freshman," Ogletree said. "But I've pretty much been playing mostly special teams."

- Freshman cornerback Derek Owens appears to be getting a serious look, working with first and second teamers. He credited that in part to staying in Athens over the summer and doing some extra studying.

"Students, players, the players that talk to the coaches, they come to me and tell me, 'The coaches like you,' " Owens said.


Prov said...

Speaking of Nose: any update on Bean Anderson on D?

GreenDawg said...

You've got to love Rambo's attitude. I expect this kid to be a leader in the locker room and fill the void left by Rennie Curran. Any thoughts on who is the "leader" for the D is with Dent on the sidelines?

bdawg said...

Have you heard how the cornerback race is between Smith and Cuff?

BigMuddyDawg said...

Very excited about our Safety situation. I'm telling you, come Oct. 9, when the we play the Vols 'tween the Hedges, Da'Rick better keep his head on a swivel. Hitman and Rambo are coming!*

*Note: I don't wish injury on any player...especially if they are still eligible for a medical redshirt.

Dawgfan17 said...

I love the idea of using a player like Ogletree as a full time special teams guy instead of redshirting him. A few more talented guys like him that take the pressure off the starters to have to play as many plays on special teams but still having very talented guys to cover kickoffs etc is great. Anyone that can be a "starter" on special teams should not ever redshirt.

meansonny said...


I agree that his use on special teams warrants burning the redshirt.

IF the defense can do their job holding leads, we will have ample opportunity getting our young guy reps against good talent