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Monday, August 23, 2010

The Monday night Richt report

The news was good on DE Demarcus Dobbs, who merely sprained an ankle. Dobbs missed Monday’s practice and was seen in a walking boot.

“I would think before the week’s out he’ll be back,” Georgia head coach Mark Richt said. “I don’t think it was too severe.”

- It was a busy day on the injury front, and not all because of bad news. (See previous post about seemingly half the team being in green non-contact jerseys.)

“A lot of guys that have been hurt are beginning to trickle back to the field, which is good,” Richt said.

Starting center Ben Jones had a rapid recovery, returning to the field eight days after minor knee surgery. (Well, minor to everyone except him.) But his backup, Chris Burnette, suffered a concussion a few days ago and was out of practice.

Receiver Logan Gray should be back in full contact mode by the end of this week, Richt added. Gray, who sprained his ankle last week, was jogging in green Monday.

Freshman DE Dexter Morant was out of Monday's practice after hurting his shoulder. Richt didn’t know how bad it was.

Senior ILB Akeem Dent got his first work with the other linebackers since camp opened. So did fellow inside linebacker Richard Samuel, but Dent is in much better shape.

“Dent has a lot more experience playing linebacker. Just reps, his whole life, playing linebacker, and throughout his career at Georgia. So it would affect him less than it would affect Richard,” Richt said. “Richard would need all the reps he can get.”

- Meanwhile, the team still hasn’t decided whether true freshman Hutson Mason will play this year. He’s getting second-team snaps now, but Logan Gray is still available to play if something happens to Aaron Murray.

Richt said such a decision was coming soon. (Of course that seems a very tentative decision, since you could foresee scenarios where Mason would have to burn a redshirt.)

- On other fronts, Richt still expects to play a lot of receivers and tight ends, and doesn’t seem too concerned with pinpointing a No. 2 receiver opposite A.J. Green. In fact, Richt said he expects to have a lot of substitution at every offensive skill position “except quarterback.”

- After three weeks, and now one day, Richt is getting antsy.

“It’s about time to play a game, really,” he said. “I’m real glad we’re breaking into scout teams and preparing to play an opponent.”


GT ACC Champions said...


STFU UGAy. The mutts are always hurt or getting arrested. Enjoy a 6-6 season.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

60 - 39 - 5

GT ACC Champions said...

thUGA we have 4 national titles. You only have 2. We beat your ass 8 straight the longest winning streak.

buzz said...

You forgot to had salt to the wound. GT has 16 conference titles to the mutts 14 conference titles

Anonymous said...

Why are Tech fans obsessed with UGA blogs?

Anonymous said...

Because who would want to talk about Tech?

Dawgfan17 said...

Winning the ACC is like winning a gold medal at the special olympics, yeah you won but you are still (for the politically correct) handi-capped. BTW with UGA beating GT and USC beating Clemson last year after USC lost to UGA we could claim your title as ACC champs, but 8-5 in the SEC is and a tie for second in our division makes us look better so we will stick with that.

Anonymous said...

Guys, unless you want this to turn into an AJC blog, just ignore the Techies.

Seth, keep up the good work. You are obviously drawing a large crowd.

LADAWG said...
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Seth Emerson said...

Keep it clean, people.

Anonymous said...

Seth how about keeping it free of the aholes. We can do without those incredibly envious GT nerds occupying bandwidth.

Anonymous said...

Why would the coaches not play the back up quarterback? I guess they like our quarterbacks to have as little experience as possible before we have no other choice but to play them.

Anonymous said...

Why would the coaches not play the back up quarterback? I guess they like our quarterbacks to have as little experience as possible before we have no other choice but to play them.