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Saturday, October 2, 2010

Halftime stat highlights

- A.J. Green has 109 of Georgia's 222 yards of total offense.

- The star receiver has six catches for 69 yards, including two touchdowns, and a 40-yard run.

- Caleb King was the fourth Bulldog to have a carry in this game - but he's currently the team's leading rusher. King has 56 yards on five carries, the most damage being a 32-yarder. (The first three ball-carriers, in order, were Carlton Thomas, Washaun Ealey and Green.)

- The tight ends ... (the tight ends!) have combined for three catches for 30 yards. In the first four games, the unit combined for six catches.

- Brandon Boykin’s 72-yard kick return was Georgia’s longest of the season so far. Branden Smith also had a 36-yard punt return, also the longest for the Bulldogs in that category.

- Colorado had 121 offensive yards in the first quarter, and 14 points. It had 74 yards and zero points in the second quarter.


Brett Steele said...

i hope the change in defense was because of grantham's adjustments, but either way, i like the play of the front 7.

aj sure does make bobo look like a better play caller. If Murray doesn't overthrow the long pass to AJ that would have been another touchdown. This dawg fan remains excited.

Anonymous said...

So what happens next year w/ out AJ

Rick said...

What happens now is we pray for an NFL lockout.

devildawg said...

yes, marlon!!

and i'll say this, the pass protection has been pretty good, but i still think our run blocking looks pretty weak.