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Monday, October 11, 2010

Murray honored, Kentucky game time set

Georgia's game at Kentucky will be under the lights, according to the SEC.

The game has been picked up by Comcast Sports South for a 7:30 p.m. broadcast.

Meanwhile, Georgia quarterback Aaron Murray was named SEC freshman of the week on Monday. Murray passed for two touchdowns and ran for two more in a 41-14 win over Tennessee. Murray passed for 266 yards and had no interceptions.

It is the Bulldogs' first weekly SEC award of the season.


Bill M. said...

Why the hell cant we get a damn night homegame? uga/uk is still a terrible matchup from a national standpoint yet its at night? pisses me off

Kevin said...

player of the week in a uga game goes to... a uga player? woah

Anonymous said...

Kudos to Aaron Murray! And Akeem Dent! GO DAWGS!

Anonymous said...

Until the team starts winning some big games you'll be limited in games you get to see. Sucks any way you slice it, there is always radio.

Anonymous said...

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CSA said...

Great job to Aaron Murray, this kid has a seriously bright future ahead of him at Georgia, let's just get a great cast of players around him to support his talents and a real junkyard defense.

A few coaching changes wouldn't hurt either.

Anonymous said...

Are CSS games shown on DirecTV?
If so, what channel?

PTC DAWG said...

CSS HD Ch 805 Comcast in ATL

I think CSS is available on Direct, you may need a sports package though.

Prince_Lightfoot said...

I think after Saturday we all have a better idea of the kind of "Gameday Atmosphere" Jennifer Stamp, member of the UGA Athletic Association board, had in mind when she praised the experience at USC. I'd take a season of noon kicks if it meant the Bulldogs were halfway prepared to play a team like Alabama.

(And Spurrier did it with his regular Unis!)

Rick said...

Ah crap. Charter doesn't have CSS in high def.

Anonymous said...

Caleb King, I see, is in JAIL.

Another Coach Richt recruit who has felt NOTHING but that he is entitled since the day he stepped foot on MY campus.

Got a ticket for speeding.

Has to go to Court.


Not Coach Richt’s recruits don’t have to go to no damn Court for no reason.

Willb said...

It's about time Murray has gotten some recognition! He is playing lights out! He is the hardest playing player we have out there.

This kid has got a stafford arm, Shockley legs, and just maybe the heart and football iq of David Greene. Obviously as you can see I really like this kid. If he turns out to be as great as I think he can be we might be looking at the greatest qb is ga history! He won't break the wins record cause of this year but if he stays healthy he might break all the others. That's saying something considering David green went here! Also all this losing is surely going to build some character.

Btw I know everyone here probably thinks i might be a little too excited over Murray and my expectations are a little high but I have had a feeling about him since the day he committed. I'm just so damn worried about him getting injured! That would break my heart!

craigbrubin said...

Hello Seth:

Why would ESPN U take UAB vs. Miss St. over GA vs. Kentucky?/ I have AT&T U-verse and do not get CSS.. Is there any way for you to talk to anybody in athletic dep't to put some type of pressure on THE SEC Office, or CSS to make the game available to AT&T U-Verse Customers, as well as the dish networks??
Thanks for any assistance...

Carter said...

So I don't know if you went with your reader's suggestion of "Favre Dollar Foot-long" for your fantasy team. However, in light of recent findings, that name would be a lot cooler now than it was at the start of the season.

Rick said...


Except that, according to those who have seen the pics, Favre is more of a 4 and half inch mini-sub.


Anonymous said...

Apparently, Kentucky's students (along with students at Colorado and Mississippi State) are mature enough to handle a game after 12:30pm.

Ours are not.