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Sunday, October 3, 2010

Richt teleconference notes

First some injury updates:

- Freshman OLB T.J. Stripling will have season-ending knee surgery on Tuesday. Stripling tore his patellar tendon at Colorado, but head coach Mark Richt expects Stripling to recover.

“The history on those things have been very, very good,” Richt said.

Stripling would not qualify for a medical redshirt because he played in five games this year.

- Branden Smith is doubtful for Saturday’s game against Tennessee after a re-occurrence of a concussion. Smith missed the second half at Colorado.

“I don’t think he’ll play this week,” Richt said.

Meanwhile, Richt tried to keep upbeat about the Bulldogs’ latest loss. He said the team was holding together, and showing no signs of crumbling mentally.

“The bottom line is we must keep the faith,” Richt said. “We must keep the faith. I think that’s the biggest thing right now. I think we will. To this point we haven’t had an issue with anybody not working, not cooperating, not believing. We had a group of guys that I thought were excited about playing, were ready to play, played hard.”

Richt was also asked if he was worried that the fan reaction to the poor record would infiltrate his players. Again, he was not worried.

“I think it’s a minority of fans who really come out horribly negative with our guys and this coaching staff,” Richt said. “But I think the majority of our fans are true blue and they’re gonna support us no matter what. I can say, walking off that field in Colorado, I thought the fans that showed up were phenomenal before, during and after the game.”

Tennessee (2-3) visits Sanford Stadium on Saturday, in a game that normally has a huge bearing on the SEC race. But this year, both teams are simply searching for their first league win.

“Two teams who are normally, there’s a lot of history of us being ranked when we play, and now we’re sitting there without a win in the SEC,” Richt said. “A little bit different circumstance for each team, but a very important game for both of us.”


The D - Zone said...

Hopefully UGA can beat a just as bad Tennessee team...

Anonymous said...

Richt is just as pathetic as his horrible responses.

Anonymous said...

Gotta beat UT can't lose another one at least have to beat our big rivals get something out of this season oh yeah and FIRE BOBO NOW!!!!!

Scott said...

“I think it’s a minority of fans who really come out horribly negative with our guys and this coaching staff,” Richt said. “But I think the majority of our fans are true blue and they’re gonna support us no matter what."

I support the team and will cheer for them next week. But that does not mean I am going sit here and be happy about what I see. I will continue to criticize the play calling, the lack of discipline on the team, and hoping that Coach Grantham can recruit DBs that will not play in the manner that Willie Martinez taught.

Randy said...

What do you expect Richt to say? These anonymous posters probably have never been in charge of anything. If you are going to post something like that at least provide us the your insight on what you would have said.

Matt said...

FYI, Tennessee is 2-3. Not 1-4.

Carter said...

“I think it’s a minority of fans who really come out horribly negative with our guys and this coaching staff,” Richt said. “But I think the majority of our fans are true blue and they’re gonna support us no matter what."

No one who has the best interests of the team at heart can support Richt running the program into the ground. We're well past a crisis of confidence. A fish rots from the head down.

Fans are loyal to UGA, not to a coach who is an embarrassment on and off the field. By that same token, I'm loyal to the University, not President Adams. I'll say this for Adams, at least he is still competent at his job. Richt is a caretaker of the program, and right now that program is on life support.

Some alumni contributors stopped giving after the Adams/ Dooley fiasco and stated that their contributions would resume when Adams is no longer president. By that same token, my alumni contributions will cease until we have a new head coach. I am not wealthy so I alone won’t affect the bottom line. However, causing the program to take a hit in the wallet is the best and only means by which we alumni and other boosters can voice our displeasure.

rosezee said...

THIS is CMR a/k/a Willowbe - - start at the one minute mark

Left to Right said...

So true Georgia fans support Mark Richt no matter what?

I'm not sure that's how it works.

David Basham said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
David Basham said...

"Keep the faith." Keep the faith? That's the best you've got, Coach?

Well, what exactly are we supposed to have faith in? That our offense will bog down in the red zone? That our D will allow the opposing offense to drive down the field and score on its first drive? That one of our RBs will fumble the ball at an egregious point in the game?

As a fan and alumnus, I support the program. I will not, however, support a coach that is driving the team bus off a cliff.

Anonymous said...

we are going to be 1-5 after this weekend. and 3-9 at the end of the season. i hate it for you richt, but its done

Anonymous said...

I do not believe Mark Richt is an embarassment on/off the field for Ga. Richt is a class act.

But what would I have said?
"As head coach of the University of Ga., I am paid to win football games. We are not winning football games, and we should be. Our O/L continues to be inconsistent, our D/L is young but is not playing Ga. football. Our secondary still is not putting it together. This is not the kind of football I want to see, and it is my responsbility to make sure we correct these mistakes. On Monday, we go back to work, and I'm going to find what coaches and players can play the kind of football that wins games. We have the team to be successful, and I know what it takes to be successful. And if we don't perform, there will be changes until we do perform."

CSA said...

After the off-season changes, logic would have you believe we are better than 1-4. We are as bad as we are mainly because of coaching.

This team is only going to lose more games, with the only guaranteed win left on the schedule is Idaho State. Even Vandy could be a loss.

The Real Texas Dawg said...

Randy, based on the photo it would appear that you are a typical bean counter and have your paycheck signed other than yourself.

As an owner and CEO of my own business (multi million $$/yr), I am accountable for all transactions, profits, losses, staffing, sales and anything relative to my operations.

I certainly am not going to stand before my employees and shareholders when things might be bad and say...."keep the faith". My shareholders (investors) will run for the hills!

Also, I am not going to say that everyone is still on board and that we are "family" when Marcus Dowtin has been calling out the coaches for the past two weeks about lack of playing time, no explainable reasoning as to why he was not playing and that he practiced just as hard as anyone that the coaches had their favorites and he would wait his time.

Brandon Smith's absence is no loss...he is soft as a baby's ass...csnt tackle, cant cover and obvioulsy cant take a hit!

The greater problem is this staffs inability to properly analyze talent. Smith is a "good" return guy with decent speed. He is a "good" end around trick play from time to time. He is a pathetic DB. I know it...our opponents know it!

Dowtin proved to be a monster this past weekend!

Randy, why did Richt and staff burn a scholarship on a 2 star WR (Outlaw) that could not even qualify this past spring? Did they see a diamond in the rough that every other school and recruiting service did not see? Is our staff that good?

I don't think so! If so, why not let the kid walk on once he established his grades?

Please answer Richt loyalist...I am miffed.

This is a prime example (extend a scholarship to non worthy receipient) of a coaching staff that is totally out of control.

I have an insider at Alabama (on staff)...and asked just tonight this simple question...."why do our guys get arrested in Athens and your guys never see the blotter in Tuscalloosa?"

The reply: "Saban has the local police and authorities come to practice routinely and speak to the players....and the players are honestly just outright fearful of Saban and the consequences".

Enough said?

Richt and staff (other than Grantham) are not feared....and for Richt loyalists....that means respected. If your not respected, the inmates will run the asylum.

The UGA institution is losing credibility as the football program continues it's downward spiral.

I love UGA.....but do not choose to exchange my loyalty to my university for the loyalty of an inept coaching staff.

Anonymous said...

Win or lose to UT this weekend I don't really care at this point. We are just an awful football team with no chance at anything better than a bowl game against Alcorn St. Besides I just got tix right behind home plate for the first Braves game vs San Fran on Sunday! THWGT forever

DieHardDawg said...

I think that what he’s referring to with the “minority of fans” may be those who go beyond criticism and honest questioning and go vulgar. Some of the calls to his weekly call in show have required editing or omission due to their content. Seth Is having to delete comments off of the blog here due to their content. I’ve stood near the tunnel leading to the team locker room and heard things directed towards our own players that would make a sailor blush. It’s one thing to be concerned about the direction of the program. It’s another thing entirely to be vulgar about it.

Carter, I’m curious how CMR is an embarrassment off the field? Has he been vulgar and inappropriate in public? Any specifics you can provide about his off the field behavior that has embarrassed our institution would be most enlightening.

So you don’t like him saying his players should keep the faith? What then should he tell them? Weep openly in public? Bemoan their fate and pack it in? Turn in their scholarship papers and look for work elsewhere?

Good thing we weren’t so critical of Dooley back in the day. In the five years prior to his national title he went 9-3, 10-2, 5-6, 9-2-1, and 6-5 (67% - by comparison Richt’s last 5 years, counting the record so far this year as the 5th, has gone 68%). In 1979 we started the season 0-3, then had to go 6-2 the rest of the way just to finish above .500. I wonder if Dooley would have turned down the offer to coach Auburn after the 1979 season if there had been a similar level of public grumbling about his declining program? Perhaps at that point he would have gone back to his alma mater where he felt more wanted. Two of the three seasons prior to the one in progress we won 10 or more games.

If this makes me a “Richt apologist” then so be it. But then I guess in 1979 I would have been a Dooley apologist (whose name many now want to put in place of Sanford on our stadium), and in the 1950s I would have been a Wally Butts apologist (whose name now adorns our main athletic building).
If you think that the best course of action is to send Richt packing, then that’s fine. You’re entitled to your opinion. But rather than just say fire him, how about give a name to replace him. Why will that person do better? Why will they leave their current job for ours? Will we have better luck getting one of our top 3 choices than we did for the DC job, or will we go through several candidates before finally finding one willing to come to Athens?

Times are tough in the Dawg nation, of that there is no doubt. Times were also tough in the late 70s, and then one freshman proved that a single player can change a program. That’s not to say that there’s a similar freshman working through his senior year of high school right now, but what a difference a single year made. Will we see if Richt has a similar turnaround in him? If it were up to some, we might not even get to see what he’s got left this year.

Anonymous said...

“I think it’s a minority of fans who really come out horribly negative with our guys and this coaching staff,” Richt said. “But I think the majority of our fans are true blue and they’re gonna support us no matter what."

I support the team and will cheer for them next week. But that does not mean I am going sit here and be happy about what I see.

-- I couldn't agree more. Coach seems to not hold up well with the criticism.

Anonymous said...

Texas Dawg,
One thing I have learned...if you have to share your credentials on blogs like this, then you are full of crap. No one cares about your job or your mythical inside source at Alabama. I'm sure you have some "inside source" in the White House that will tell you when the economy is going to turn as well. I ain't buying it! First of all, Branden Smith is a good ball player that got his bell rung, twice now. I'm sure in your glory days you were the one laying the wood not receiving the hits though. Also, Dowtin is the moron that got up and celebrated his big hit on the running back on the next to the last play of the game. Yeah, he's real awesome!
Support Georgia. Plain and simple. Believe me, your words have ZERO influence on this program. But, I'm probably wrong because you are probably using the alias Texas Dawg for your real name...Herschel Walker (he lives in Texas ya know!). Give me a break. If you Just go crawl under a rock. Moron.

Real Texas Dawg said...

A lowly comment from another lowly Richt loyalist. "Anon"...err..."A-hole", back to your security guard job plebeian!

Anonymous said...

The state of Georgia has some of the best football talent in the country, yet other teams recruit lesser talent and beat us. Our football program should be in the running for a national championship EVERY year, yet we settle for so much less. The problem is that us fans settle for this, while Alabama and Florida fans expect nothing less than NC every year. I have zero faith that Richt will win a NC at UGA.

Ben said...

Texas Dawg, your opening comment is one of the biggest jack ass statements I've ever read on the Internet. Congrats; you've lived up to the ego of your state.

Michael said...

Can we please cut it out with the tired, stupid, worthless, irrelevant comparisons to the Dooley era?

Dooley couldn't carry Richt's jock strap as a coach. I say that as someone who thinks Richt's time has passed.

With few exceptions, coaches in the 50s, 70s, etc. had joke jobs compared to now. The job now is titantically different than it was then.

The stakes are higher and the margins are narrower.

You could go from a 3-8 team to a 10-1 team with a little luck and 1 good player back then. Those days are not these days.

Also, while I agree with your other points Texas Dawg, I think attacking Randy based on his picture was uncalled for.

RTD said...

Ben, you're obviously a loyal "worker bee". Worker bees work, accept the norm, are grateful for their daily pay, food and shelter...and never move up the food chain. Kind of like our abysmal football program.

Young Swole said...

If only things were as simple as keeping faith CMR. I kept the faith after watching UF beat our asses every year. I kept the faith when you held onto Willie Martinez three years too long. I kept the faith with every arrest. I even kept the faith after your team started 1-3 and went to support your team in Boulder this weekend, just to see the same undisciplined, outcoached team I've seen the past 3 years.

I will never lose faith. Its not about faith. Its about winning. Georgia can (and may) go 1-11 and i'll still cheer the Dawgs to the final whistle. But I am not going to support a coach that has no answers for how to fix his team other than "keeping the faith"



Carter said...

"Carter, I’m curious how CMR is an embarrassment off the field? Has he been vulgar and inappropriate in public? Any specifics you can provide about his off the field behavior that has embarrassed our institution would be most enlightening."

DieHardDawg, happy to answer your question. Although your tone was at times condescending, at least you didn't resort to insults.

Richt is an embarrassment off the field bc of the multitude of arrests by players under his watch. Yeah, a lot of it has been Mickey Mouse infractions, but that doesn't matter any more. The same mistakes are made over and over. The football team has a longer rap sheet than a rap record label. It's an embarrassment to alumni.

Is Richt a great guy in his personal life? I have no reason to believe he isn't. But as long as he is discrete in his private life, it is frankly of little concern to me. As an agnostic I respect his religious beliefs, but I have never been as enamored with them as some in the fan-base.

As to your enquiries of vulgarity, I don't have documentation. I also wouldn't care if I did. Leaders of men from Bear Bryant to General Patton were described as vulgar. In my book vulgarity is the spice of life. Don't get me wrong, I don't go around telling off-color jokes in mixed company or swearing in front of children. For that matter vulgarity can cross the line in sports, see Bob Knight. However, the product that Richt puts on the field and presides over off it is offensively vulgar in my book.

BulldogBen said...

For Richt's comments about the Dawg fans in Boulder (of which I was one), three words:

Non-refundable plane tickets

I think the real disgust will be seen for the UT game.

Also, the people I talked to afterwards were simply at their wits end. People are loyal to a fault with sports and many I spoke with just feel bitter about spending their time, effort, and money on what we're seeing. The chants of "F You Georgia" while leaving that stadium was the lowest moment of the Richt era. Hell, any era.

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Anonymous said...

It's a crying shame how quickly we cast stones at someone who STILL has one of the best records of any other coach in the game. I just wanna go on record in saying I trust CMR judgement and changes may come (or they may not). However, I'll still proudly wear the colors and remind any other program out there when they, too, had "re-building" years.

Michael said...

How quickly?????? Its been 5 years dude.

Half his entire coaching tenure has been crap.

Anonymous said...

I think every single kid who screwed up during the game should buy Caleb King a coke, since it seems his mistake (when he did a LOT right during that game) is going to take the attention away from all of theirs...

Anonymous said...

Just wait until he sees all the empty seats for the TN game. GA has die hard fans yes but excusing a staff does not have the kids ready to play is not going to happen.

I will tell you what he should say Randy. He should say their perfromance on the field is unacceptable and players and coaches will be making the changes that will improve the performance on the field or their will be consequences. You think Saban would EVER say what comes out of his mouth? No. Because he demands execution.

Richt has no clue.

Anonymous said...

On the plus side, no new arrests this weekend!!

Travis said...

Seth - I know this isn't your domain, but maybe you can help me out with this.

I'm hearing the Nebraska is auctioning off game worn jerseys starting at 250 a bid, with the proceeds going to the athletic department. Are you aware if this is allowed by the NCAA? I guess i don't see much of a difference between the AJ incident, and these guys selling them. Its all going for personal profit. Please tell me the NCAA will step in and stop this.

Anonymous said...

RTD, you've proven my point. Thanks for continuing to be a jack ass.

Also, it's awesome when the fanbase starts to cannibalize itself. This will be a fun end to the season.


Willb said...

I can't believe what I'm hearing from some of you so called fans? It's sad but this is usually where some of the smarter ones are.

Do you guys really want to see empty seats? Do you want our fans to boo the players or the coaching staff? There could be recruits at the game!

I have lost a lot of respect for ga fans this year. Most comments about richt are delusional! "we should contend for a nat title every year". Are you guys serious? How long have you been dawg fans? The only reason you have these expectations is because of mark richt! He will become a casualty of his own success. You "fans" might get what you want but I have a feeling a few years from now you might realize what you had in richt. Also I don't want another ridiculous anon poster claiming we have been crap for the last five years! Look at ga history. Who do you guys think we are? When your calling ten and eleven win teams crap from a program with one real nat title and one sec championship in the last twenty years before richt got here yourmsound a little delusional to me.

Billy said...

Another season-ending injury.

I. Lee said...

I would like someone to answer the question for me....

Is the issue youth, talent, coaching or a combination of all three? I dont get it. They are too good of a team to play like they are.

Patrick said...


"Fans" like you are a huge part of the problem. Despite all the built-in advantages available, you continue to settle for, first, mediocrity, and now, flat out awfulness. "Fans" like you will have us dwelling in the SEC cellar with Vandy before you can admit what became apparent to most a year or two ago, if not sooner. Richt is putting us in a hole it will take many years to get out of, just like Goff. The only "delusional" fans are the ones who continue to make excuses and show blind loyalty to someone who proves every week that he has lost control of the program and has no clue how to fix it.

Do you even bother to read Seth's posts, or do you just blindly and relentlessly come on here and defend this guy? "Keep the faith?" "We must keep the faith?" Are you kidding me? He does not know what to do. He is completely over his head and out of his league. It has gotten to the point now that I look forward to Richt's post game comments to see if they can be anymore ridiculous than the nonsense he spewed the previous week.

The guy makes $2.8 million per year and has made around $20 million since we hired him. He will make another $6-8 million if we replace him. And you apologists think the product both on the field and off is excusable at this absurd level of compensation? Despite the endless arrests, suspensions, dismissals and the atrocious play, can you not hear the garbage that comes out of Richt's mouth every week? You read his quotes and hear his radio commentary and still believe this is a guy who can lead us back to the top? Honestly, what else has to happen before you admit the inevitability of the situation?

I'm sorry, but as a UGA graduate I am embarrassed and offended by the state of the program and the guy in charge, and if there is anything I can do to make the necessary changes I'll do it. I support the University and I support the players, but I do not support this coaching staff, nor am I required to.

Anonymous said...

"Are you guys serious? How long have you been dawg fans? The only reason you have these expectations is because of mark richt"!

Not sure why I am bothering to respond, but here goes...I was a Dawg fan when Vince Dooley won a national um yea, I have expectations because of Dooley (duh).