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Monday, October 11, 2010

Malcome to play?

The redshirt might be coming off Ken Malcome.

The freshman tailback has dressed for every game and made all three road trips. He has yet to play, but on head coach Mark Richt's radio show Monday night, Richt discussed Malcome playing.

"There's a good chance that that happens," Richt said, adding that it was partly because of “the situation Caleb has gotten himself into.”

That comes on the heels of starting tailback Caleb King's arrest. No punishment has been announced for King.

“We’ve just going to do what we feel like is the right thing to do,” Richt said when asked on his show about King’s status. “The bottom line is we’ve got to make sure everybody is taking care of business.”

Carlton Thomas sat out the Tennessee game with a hamstring injury, so if King is suspended the Bulldogs may need Malcome.

Malcome said he could see the benefits of sitting out this entire season, or getting some playing experience, even this late in the juncture.

“I don’t know what the deal is,” Malcome said. “I’m just gonna practice every day, and if my name gets called, I’m gonna give everything I can.”


Anonymous said...


A few thoughts.

1- Yes, the redshirt should come off. The running game's struggling to find a groove anyways, why not? I think some fresh energy will be a good thing for the running attack, which is the biggest thing the team needs to fix to go to the next level.

2- Enjoying your take. Nice middle ground between not being too positive, like say Buck Buleu, or too negative, like Jeff Schultz (not saying anyone should fire Jeff Schultz--I just think his negative bias rarely presents both sides of an issue and is appalling from a journalistic perspective)

Go Bulldogs

Carter said...

A still have an e-mail correspondence saved between late, great sportswriter Ralph Wiley and me (myself?, grammar ain't my strong suit) where he referred to Jeff Schultz as a "hack", amongst other even less kind descriptions.

Maybe if I send it to Seth he can give a copy of it to Schultz the next time he sees him in the press box.

Carter said...

I still...


A still...

I gotta stop commenting after hours.

Chris said...

I don't think the redshirt should come off. There are three RBs already sharing playing time, if you add in a fourth will Malcome really get enough meaningful reps? Let him learn this year and contribute next year.

CharlestowneDawg said...

Caleb will probably be suspended, Thomas is hurt. That leaves us with one who is prone to fumble in the red zone. No brainer in my opinion.

Thedawg said...

Take off the redshirt. We need to find a consistent running back. Thomas is great against weak competition, but can't run between the tackles. Ealy can't hold on to the ball and is a basket case presently. King is about as dependable as the French during war. We need a true SEC caliber running back, whether this guy is it, I don't know, but give him a shot.

Randy said...

I think this comes from the fact that the players have been told that there is no more room for this kind of screw up. DUI's will get kicked of the team and if you get arrested for anything, there will be consequences. UGA is tired of this and they are putting the hammer down. King knew the rule and failed to pay the ticket, so he had it coming. I say good show CMR!

meansonny said...

Ideally, we are able to hold the redshirt by getting the ball to Ealey and Munzenmeier. Change things up with playcalls with Wooten and Logan in the backfield, too. We've got enough weapons to be creative without King and Thomas.

Who is going to contribute to the program more? A true Fresh for 6 games or a 5th year senior playing in hopefully 14 games.

If it doesn't work out that way... it doesn't work out that way. I'd just hate to burn a redshirt because of Caleb Kings mistake.