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Monday, October 4, 2010

"A Dilemma" For Dooley

Vince Dooley said that he will be staying away from Sanford Stadium on Saturday.

His son Derek is the coach at Tennessee, but Dooley said it would be impossible for him to root against Georgia while inside Sanford Stadium

He called it, “a dilemma of mixed emotions.”

“I’m going to be in my home in my den watching the game on television,” Dooley. “There is no question I have to pull for my son. It is family first. It is a great dilemma, of course. But never the less, to not pull for Georgia in Sanford Stadium, there is no question I couldn’t do that. So I am staying away.”

Dooley was also asked about the state of the Georgia program. The Bulldogs are 1-4 for the first time since 1957, with three losses in the SEC. Coach Mark Richt is being criticized by Bulldogs’ fans that thought Georgia would be competing to win the SEC East this year.

“Any football coach is going to through some tough times,” Dooley said. “I don’t care who you are. Now, coach Richt has been very blessed in that respect.”

Dooley pointed out that Richt was at Florida State when it was one of the top programs in the county. Dooley also pointed out that Richt won a SEC Championship his second year at Georgia, and has been consistently winning 10 games a year, until recently.

“So he’s going through a tough time. That’s what happens,” Dooley said. “Four or five years ago, Joe Paterno had three losing seasons in four years at a place called Penn State. Bear Bryant went through his problems in the late 60s and very early 70s. Bobby Bowden ended up, even though what an incredible coach he was, his last few years at Florida State weren’t very pleasant.

“A coach has to address it, analyze it, make some decisions and go forward. And I sure he’ll do that.”

Dooley said that Georgia was very close in all its losses and believes it’s just a dip in the program.

“You need to be able to realize that while you aspire for the best, you’ve got to realize that’s not always possible,” Dooley said. “And you have to hang tough through the tough times. What’s the old saying? Tough times don’t last, but tough people do.”


Ginny said...

I agree with Coach Dooley. Unfortunately, I don't think the people that matter also agree. He brought up JoePa and Bowden having rough seasons. They're both gone now because of it. It's sad, but football is definitely a "what have you done for me lately" business. I'm not ready to get rid of Coach Richt yet. However, I understand why many are. My biggest fear is that we'll fire Richt prematurely and go the way of Tennessee. I have to think they would've been better off with Fulmer than what's transpired there recently.

Anonymous said...

Dooley has it right in this regard as I think staying away from the stadium, not only for this game, but the rest of the year is the best course of action the fans can take.

A bunch of empty seats for the rest of the season and greatly diminished donations would get the admins attention real fast.

Anonymous said...

Ginny, JoePa is actually still hanging on at Penn State.

Matt Adkins said...

@ Anon 11:33

Seriously? I can understand your displeasure with coach Richt and you have the right to desire his firing, but to quit supporting the team because things are not going smoothly is pathetic. Get over it! Vocalize your displeasure all you like, although constant negativity is draining for everyone, but support the team! We are Georgia not FSU! We support our team even in the tough times!

Anonymous said...

"He brought up JoePa and Bowden having rough seasons. They're both gone now because of it."

sweetheart, Joe Pa is still the head Coach at Penn State.

Anon 11:33am - i'll be happy to buy your tickets.

Prince_Lightfoot said...

"Four or five years ago, Joe Paterno had three losing seasons in four years at a place called Penn State."

And now his team doesn't have a prayer against Alabama, either...

Jeff said...

Its ashamed that people want to see Coach Richt fired or his head on a silver platter, I mean come on look what the man has done for this program the last 9 years. Yea I would love to see a national title what Dawg wouldn't but to keep crying this is crazy its obvious their are more wagon jumpers than true fans, that's just what you need to do that is you ones that think not going to the games will get their attention, Hello I think they (coaches and Admin) know and are aware of the situation. Coach Richt is a great coach man of integrity, they will turn this program around, so to you wagon jumpers please, please stay home that way I can get into and out of the stadium much faster, Go Dawgs!

PTC DAWG said...

Tough spot for Vince no doubt, and I don't blame him for sitting at home.

Willb said...

Whoever says they will stop going to games or they hope ga loses so the staff gets fired! You are not fans! When we get better and we will you do not deserve to call yourself a fan of uga. You are a disgrace to all the true fans out there. I will gladly go to every ga game left on the schedule.

Do you not want to see ga beat tenn? Ga beat fla? Ga beat ga tech???? Those are huge deals to me still. I don't want to have to hang my head around fans of those schools for another year. Right now I only have bragging rights if a ull fan comes around. Hasn't happened yet!

CSA said...

Richt has done less with more than any Georgia coach in recent memory. He's squandered so much talent with his complete inability to evaluate coaching talent (Bobo, Martinez, Dave Van Halanger, etc.)

Anybody who wants to be embarrassed in 2011 with the same old coach can feel free to support Richt. I am loyal to Georgia, not a bunch of inept coaches.

Willb said...

Btw has anyone else read the bama player story on yahoo? He took money from an actual agent!! He knew it was an agent!!!! He got two games!!!! WTF????? Aj green would of been better off if he had attended the Miami agent party!

ColumbiaDawg said...

The only thing that I can say is that the more games that Georgia loses this year, the more likely that there will be a new head coach by 2012. There just comes a point where a program is beyond fixing, and a head coach is needed.

There are other factors There is the alumni - fan support. Most importantly, there is the perception by high school recruits. They will not go to a program that is struggling and where the head coach's future is uncertain.

Just be careful what you wish for. Georgia could get another Lane Kiffin. I'm just saying that a new head coach will not be that easy.

ColumbiaDawg said...

I meant finding a new head coach would not be that easy.

Anonymous said...

Willb @ 12:26

That's because Dareus gave them the name of someone bigger to fry:

"Former University of North Carolina associate head coach John Blake called Alabama defensive lineman Marcell Dareus this summer and lobbied for him to consider employing agent Gary Wichard, an Alabama source confirmed Sunday.

Dareus reported the information to the NCAA when it interviewed him during its investigation into violations of improper benefits received by Dareus and players at several other schools, including North Carolina."

Anonymous said...

UGA does it too. Not fair, but rules are rules.

Anonymous said...

You got to love the lemming disney dawgs who throw out that insipid 'you aren't a real fan' mantra when people express their displeasure with the pocket book.

If you want to be an enabler then that's your choice, but don't act all self righteous as if you are a superior fan because you unquestionably accept and support mediocrity. Some people demand and expect excellence, and will reward it handsomly. However, they will also punish failure. Enablers reward and make excuses for failure. Sounds like there are still a ton of enablers out there that are in complete denial.

BLA Dawg said...

On the Dooley quote..."a dilemma of mixed emotions".

I think he was actually quoted as saying..."a glass cage of emotion".

CSA said...

You can make excuses all you want, but at this point we have the worst record in the SEC and will continue to be surpassed by the other teams in the league until some major changes are made.

Anonymous said...

When you are the worst team, there are no other teams left to surpass you.

Olddawg55 said...

I am just as disappointed as most of you BUT,having been in the "Arena" as a player and coach in winning programs and losing programs, it happens! "..and all the King's horses..." All those coaches and especially Richt didn't just forget everything in one season. Having watched the blogs during his coaching stent I don't think too many of you were complaining..even about Willie, those years. Richt has to quickly evaluate our offense and steer young Bobo in the right direction, Searls has to chew some tail and Grantham has to get the defense's attention and NOW! Talk of firing coaches is Bullsh*t..just regroup and play the game the Dawg way..GATA!!!