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Sunday, October 17, 2010

Smith still doubtful, and so is Kentucky's Locke

Branden Smith is doubtful to play Saturday at Kentucky, which could also still be without its top offensive player.

Smith, the Georgia cornerback, punt returner and occasional offensive weapon, missed the Vanderbilt game with his second concussion of the season.

“We know he had two concussions relatively close together," Richt said. "So there’s not gonna be a mad rush to get him in there until we fell really good about it.”

Reserve S-LB Nick Williams (hamstring) is getting close to returning, however. Williams hurt the hamstring during the Tennessee game and didn't suit up for Vanderbilt.

Meanwhile, Kentucky tailback Derrick Locke, the SEC's third-leading rusher, is also doubtful to play because of a shoulder injury. But Kentucky head coach Joker Phillips said Locke's injury had improved Sunday, so there was still a chance.

“I talked to him during the game actually and he thinks it’s getting better,” Richt said.

In other news, Richt said he believes Christian Robinson’s called-back touchdown was ruled correctly when it was overturned on replay.

But he did think that A.J. Green caught a touchdown pass near the end of the first half. It wasn’t ruled a catch, and play was not stopped to review it.

“My guess is A.J. had a hold on that one right away,” Richt said.

Richt was also asked about the muddled SEC East picture, and whether he planned to say anything to his team about it.

“I don’t even know if I have to say anything to them," Richt said. "I think they’re kind of keeping an eye on it. But I think the one thing we had to do to win these last couple games was just focus on the process of becoming a better football team rather than where we are in league play.”


Willb said...

Man that would be huge if locke misses this game! If we can get cam newton and nesbitt to be injured too it would really help us! Those are the kind of players that kill ga!

Anyone else pissed about seeing Boise st and tcu ahead of two unbeaten sec teams? Heck I think Alabama should be ahead of them too! Throw some of these top ten teams in the sec and see what happens. I'm not sayin every team outside the sec sucks but I would take a one loss sec team over an undefeated big ten PAC ten WAC or whatever other conference team. I would love to see what boises record would be in the sec with ga's schedule. I would also love to see bama playing boises schedule waiting for that big showdown with Nevada!


I'm sure Locke will play. We need a big effort from the defense. Go Dawgs!

Anonymous said...

Willb, why do i get the feeling you are 12 years old?

Anonymous said...

Faye was a fox. How do you fall in love and get engaged in one episode. Overall disappointing. Nothing happened that made me want to count the days until season 5 life previous finales.