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Friday, October 15, 2010

My preseason hoops All-SEC ballot

I know a lot of you prefer that football talk and debate not get interrupted by another sport, but basketball practice officially started on Friday.

Across much of the nation, and at Kentucky, they held Midnight Madness ceremonies last night. At the 11 other SEC schools, the basketball players went to IHOP.

In any event, I was one of the media members asked to vote for this year’s SEC preseason awards, which are set to be announced next week. Here’s how my ballot went:



1. Florida
2. Kentucky
3. Vanderbilt
4. Georgia
5. Tennessee
6. South Carolina


1. Mississippi State
2. Arkansas
3. Alabama
4. Ole Miss
5. LSU
6. Auburn

ALL-SEC TEAM (Can be any number of positions)

Trey Thompkins, F, Georgia
Kenny Boynton, G, Florida
Chris Warren, G, Ole Miss
Jeffery Taylor, F, Vanderbilt
JaMychael Green, F, Alabama


My predicted order of finish differs from a preview I did for The State in May, after the NBA early-entry deadline had passed. A few things have changed since then: Tennessee’s NCAA trouble, which could be a distraction, Kentucky’s Enes Kanter is a question mark and Mississippi State got Dee Bost back.

Plus, I just did a bit of re-thinking, and dropped Tennessee because of the looming NCAA news. (And no, it’s not because I’m covering Georgia now and giving the Dogs some home-cooking.)

The East is a crapshoot, especially three through five. Florida and Kentucky may be a notch above, while you could put Georgia, Vanderbilt and Tennessee in any order. Five teams from the division could make the NCAAs. Well four, if Tennessee gets a postseason ban.

The West was also hard to predict, but for different reasons. Other than Mississippi State, it’s pretty mediocre, with a chance to be dreadful. There are some good players – Alabama’s Green, Ole Miss’ Warren and Arkansas’ Marshawn Powell among them. But there isn’t much depth.

Thompkins was a relatively easy pick as preseason player of the year, though I thought about Taylor too.

Last year I made John Wall my preseason SEC player of the year, and was excoriated for voting for a guy who hadn’t played in college yet. So what do I know.

I almost put Travis Leslie on the first team, and there’s a good chance he’ll end up there. Honestly, other than Thompkins and Taylor, the rest of the first team is debatable.

Feel free to call me an idiot for anything on that ballot. Or any other assorted things.


Will said...

I have a hard time believing that Florida will field a better team than UGA this year. UGA has the entire scoring base returning (minus McPhee who actually might be an upgrade). Chandler Parsons' supporting cast isn't that impressive, and I'll take Fox's X's and O's every day. Donovan had a glory run with the right players, I don't think he can coach it up again.

I'll give you UK and possibly Vandy. I don't see UGA finishing below three in the East. I certainly don't see Florida in the top three.

Oh and Leslie will be first team all-SEC. No doubt.

Seth Emerson said...

Florida returns its top five scorers from a team that went to the NCAAs last year, and adds freshman Patric Young, who may be one of their best players. The Gators could always fall flat on their face, but either they or Kentucky will be the favorite in the East.

Big M said...

The Hoop Dawgs will make the NCAA this year. I'm ready for some March Madness!!! This team will win a lot of games this year.

Anonymous said...

I think UGA has a chance to be a very good team this year. This could be the best team we've fielded since the year everything blew up with Harrick.

Bulldog Joe said...

Idiot.... :)

Mark Richt said...

You wanna fight Bulldog Joe?!?!

Come out of your momma's basement and let's go at this like men!

BulldogBen said...

Be interested to know the last time the Hoop Dawgs were ranked and the football team wasn't.

Basketball can't start soon enough. Can't remember the last time I thought that.


Willb said...

I haven't really paid much attention to the dawgs bball team but this looks to be one of there best teams in a while. Am I right? Seriously I want to know. It looks like we have a couple of nba players on our squad and a great coach. But like I said I don't pay attention to the dawgs ball team so someone clue me in am I right.

Is that gates kid coming in this year or next? Will we be pre season ranked in the top 25?

Anonymous said...

Yes, by all means let's talk about basketball and how UGA is not going to be # 4 in the Division.

CMR Recruits :

Caleb King tells his former girlfriend that if she goes public about the $500 loan which he is stiffing her on, that he will publish nude pics and videos of her on the Internet, after he has done nothing here after named # 1 overall football player in the state of Georgia 2006.

Zach Mettenberger a Top 10 QB recruit in the nation who should have played vs Okie State, practices with the 2nd team only then goes on Spring Break to Valdosta and is found Guilty of 2 Counts of Sexual Battery.

Montez Robinson a Top 10 player at his position in the nation and # 1 overall football player in his state of Indiana, 3 times beats up an UGA coed before CMR kicks him off the team. Presumably he is in prison.

Zach Witchett is kicked off his high school football team. CMR tells him afterwards that he still has his Scholarship from CMR, not to worry.

Christian LeMay has sex in a classroom in front of Principal with a 14 year old, and CMR tells him his Scholarship from CMR is still here intact too, not to worry.

Michael Lemon is arrested for beating a student to a pulp because the student dared to speak with a lady whom Michael Lemon WANTED to be with but was NOT.

2001 Recruiting Class of CMR has 6 who are denied Admission into UGA.

2001 Coach Richt has 4 who are suspended for the Opening Day Game.

2002 was the year Brandon Williams was hiding naked in Tony Cole’s closet while he had consensual sex with a coed, then did the same.

Odell Thurman was suspended twice, once for drugs. Odell Thurman was dismissed to Georgia Military Academy, as you recall only to come right back a year from now in 2003. See what happens with his Forgiveness in 2003, please.

George Foster, you all recall 11 06 2002 George Foster personal foul bouncing on Bam Hardmon during the offensive drive which cost us at least a Field Goal against Florida. Repeatedly, George Foster on National TV just bounced up and down on Bam Hardmon. After the 15-yard penalty, we had to settle for a field goal try that was just too long. His penalty stalled the drive and we lost by the 7 points. Coach Richt would PUNISH George Foster both during the game taking him out and at Practice George Foster was also punished.

2003 was more of the same with Bryan McClendon arrested and suspended 2 games for Drugs. Perhaps you remember this ? 4 were arrested and suspended 2 games for drugs. Bryan McClendon, Tim Jennings, DeMario Minter, and Mario Raley. Those were 4 of our stars. Randall Swoopes was also arrested for drugs and suspended for 2 games.

2 days after that, Offensive Coordinator Neil Callaway was arrested for DUI and fined $11,000. Coach Callaway BACKED UP at the checkpoint.

2003 Coach Richt suspended 5 players for 2 games for drugs, and Michael F. Adam$ was mad as Hell.

Then, after that still in 2003, BJ Fields was suspended for drugs 1 game, Jamario Smith was suspended for drugs 1 game, Chris Hickman was suspended for drugs 1 game, and Tyson Browning was suspended 3 games for drugs.

Right after that, still in 2003, nine (9) Georgia Bulldogs’ Football Players decided that since UGA had not had any SEC Championship in 2 decades that they should SELL THEIR SEC CHAMPIONSHIP RINGS on eBay, some for as much as $3,000.

Tony Taylor, Tim Jennings, Darrius Swain, Fred Gibson, Bruce Thornton, Kenny Bailey, and Michael Johnson were all 8 Starters on our team who SOLD THEIR SEC CHAMPIONSHIP RINGS on eBay. Walk-on Tray Young also sold his SEC Championship Ring on eBay.

20 years.

No SEC Championship. Win 1 and instantly 9 players go SELL IT on eBay.

God Almighty is all I can say.

2003 Coach Richt suspended 8 Players from the Opening Day Game. 8.

Anonymous said...

There you are, adorable little anon. Oh how I've missed you. Next post, I'd like you to somehow mix this phrase in:

"It rubs the lotion on the skin or else it gets the hose again."

You raging psycho! Please take your talents elsewhere.