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Monday, October 18, 2010

Samuel feels it would be 'beneficial' to redshirt

Last week, as Georgia was searching for running backs, there was a player on its bench who ran for 104 yards in one game last year, and was a top-rated tailback coming out of high school.

But Richard Samuel wasn’t called upon for a variety of reasons. He’s a linebacker now. He’s hardly practiced because of a preseason injury. And he may end up redshirting anyway.

Samuel, a junior, suited up for the first time against Vanderbilt but did not play. At this point, with five games left in the regular season, he would be willing to save himself for another year of eligibility.

“I think it’d be beneficial if I got (the redshirt), if it happened,” Samuel said.
Samuel spent his first two years at Georgia as a tailback, gaining 133 yards as a freshman and 395 as a sophomore. In fact last year he started six times, and had an 80-yard touchdown run against Arkansas.

But he was moved to linebacker last spring, and feels comfortable at the position.

Samuel was a five-star running back prospect in high school, the fifth-rated running back by

Last week, with Caleb King suspended and Carlton Thomas dealing with a hamstring injury, the Bulldogs were thinking about taking the redshirt off freshman Ken Malcome. (They did not.) Instead fullbacks Fred Munzenmaier and Zander Ogletree got work there.

Samuel was not an option, though it did cross his mind.

“I was thinking about is I was healthy again, depending on how many reps I was getting at my position, I could probably contribute on that side of the ball,” Samuel said.

He played linebacker in high school, and had the option before he came to Georgia. He chose running back, but says now linebacker would be his preference.

Samuel said he feels more comfortable at linebacker, and likes the physical side of it.

“At first it was hard (to switch positions.) I would always sit back and watch our running backs and think the things I would’ve done if I was there,” Samuel said. “It was difficult. But I just feel like linebacker is for me.”


Ben said...

Has anyone noticed what Zander's jersey reads? From the west endzone it looks like "A. Ogletree," which would be kind of pointless.

CSA said...

I hope that's truly how he feels about switching positions after being so highly rated. I wish for him the best and hope he can produce some awesome results out on the field while having some fun in the game.

Anonymous said...

Zander jersey does read A.Olgetree because his full name is Alexander Olgetree and Alec Olgetree is his brother the safety. I think that was what you were asking right?

King Jericho said...

I'm pretty sure what he was saying is since both are A. Ogletree, there's really no point in the "A." Not sure what Alec's says though.

PTC DAWG said...

I don't care how their jersey's read. I'm just glad to see the "tree" boys on the field contributing.

I'm quite sure they worked it out amongst themselves as to how their jersey's should read.

Anonymous said...

Both of them have A. Ogletree on their jersey. I've wondered about that