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Saturday, October 30, 2010

Third quarter blog

End of third quarter, Georgia still trails 21-10

The scoreboard says the Bulldogs are down two possessions, but they're poised to change that, and momentum is in their favor.

Georgia will have first-and-goal at the 5 when the final quarter begins. That comes after a catch-and-run by Washaun Ealey, who got inside the 5 and didn't ... well, you know.

Tavarres King had a 30-yard catch, and now has 93 receiving yards today. That's just on two catches, but hey, he's making 'em count.

While the Bulldogs' running game has lost steam, Murray's has actually picked up. The quarterback is back to doing what he does best on those scrambles: Deciding at just the right moment when to abandon the play and run. In fact I'm not so sure the run isn't his secondary read on those plays.

Obviously, this is a critical 15 minutes for each team's season. The winner is alive in a two-team division race. The loser will be scrambling for the Music City Bowl. Big, big 15 minutes.

5:18 left in the third quarter, Georgia now trails 21-10

Georgia tried real hard to get the ball to Orson Charles on its first drive of the half. It worked, at least until the end.

The Bulldogs had to settle for a Blair Walsh field goal after getting into the red zone. They took a lot of time off the clock too, but it's not time yet to make that a major concern.

The news on that drive was Charles catching three passes. He now has four on the game, which along with Aron White's earlier catch means a season-high for catches by the Georgia tight ends.

White and Charles combined for four catches in the first three games after A.J. Green became eligible. Prior to that they had combined for four in four games. Neither had a catch last week.

One of the key plays was a third-down catch-and-run by Charles. It was a well designed play - and one I don't think I've seen them run all year. Maybe for A.J. Green, but not Charles.

Now Georgia's defense needs a stop, or a turnover. Yes, there's 20 minutes left, plenty of time to keep rallying. But you also can't count on Florida's point total staying at 21.

10:50 left in third quarter, Florida still leads 21-7

They just announced attendance for today's game at 84,444.

Speaking of fours ... Florida just had to go for it on fouth-and-10, thanks to its total lack of confidence in its field goal kicking game. (Caleb Sturgis being out with a back injury and all.) The result was a play stopped fairly easily by Georgia, and the Bulldogs have a bit of life here, early in the third quarter.

I say that because the half didn't start well for the Bulldogs, as the Gators drove right downfield and looked poised to score. A pass play into the red zone resulted in Bacarri Rambo laying out a Gator receiver, but for some reason Rambo decided to showboat a bit despite the fact it was, well, a completion.

Me thinks Bacarri is going to hear about that.

1 comment:

Rick said...

Why go for 2 with the whole 4th quarter to go? Not only is it risky and unnecessary at this stage in the game, it takes away from the momentum we just gained in scoring. Stupid, stupid decision.