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Friday, October 15, 2010

A demoted linemen takes it in stride

Georgia juggled its line a week ago, putting in a true freshman and a former starter recovering from knee surgeries. The results, coaches said, were good enough to try another week.

One of the odd men out was Josh Davis, a senior who had started 11 straight games. But Davis is taking his demotion as a message to give better effort.

“I think that was my biggest strong point. I think I started to rely on other things and not so much playing as hard as I could,” Davis said.

Those “other things,” according to Davis, were his technique and finesse. The demotion has led him to try to show coaches in practice that he was back to “mauling” and getting a push on the line.

“Stuff I used to do, (which) I did every down, I stepped back from a little bit, and it hurt me,” Davis said.

But he doesn’t begrudge the man who essentially replaced him in the starting lineup. Left tackle Trinton Sturdivant is recovering from consecutive knee surgeries. Davis understands a bit of what Sturdivant went through, having had shoulder surgery in early 2009 that caused him to miss the first half of last season.

“Trinton worked crazy hard to get to where he is right now,” Davis said. “I’m really excited to see Trinton playing again. I thought when he was going in 2007 he was probably one off the best going in the country, to me. So it’s great to see him back out there.”

Davis and Sturdivant could still end up starting together. Kenarious Gates, the freshman, is getting his second start at right guard, but Clint Boling (starting at right tackle) has played at that spot too. The coaches have shown they’re not afraid to juggle, and could do so again.

But for now Davis is saying all the right things.

“I’ve never really been a me guy. So if they think that’s the best team, then fine,” Davis said. “I’ve just gotta work and get in their eyes that I can be in the best five again.”


Anonymous said...

Hate it for the guy. This has to kill any nfl dreams he had.

Adam said...

I thought o-linemen didn't talk to the press? Has that been eased up on a bit?

Billy said...

Sounds pretty ho-hum about losing his starting position.
Maybe it's best he's on the bench.

UGA69Dawg said...

There seems to be a pattern here. Durham was talking in another article about how the team had not been taking the games one at a time. Davis saying he was not giving the same effort. This is why we will be hard pressed to win many more games this year. We don't play like our hair is on fire. Our team has the same emotion as our coach. It is a rare occasion that you can look at CMR on the sidelines and tell if we are winning or losing. Try looking at most coaches on the sidelines it's pretty easy to tell what their teams are doing. Keeping cool is one thing being in a coma is another.

Anonymous said...

I blame Seth. Bring back Hale.

Anonymous said...

Well said, UGA69Dawg! I wouldn't even speak to the media fi I'd just lost my starting job. Great competitive athletes never have this attitude about losing their position. Can you imagine MJ, Kobe, or Peyton Manning ever saying something even remotely close to this? Pathetic! We need more competitive fire out of our players and that starts with the man on top, Richt. He doesn't have that attitude of wanting to win more than anything else! Word to Richt, this ain't t-ball buddy, this is SEC football. Either light a fire under these kids or get out of my program. I am sick of the mediocrity surrounding UGA football. No one coach is bigger than the program and I have no problem showing Mr. Richt the door.

Anonymous said...

You forgot to mention that Russ got demoted too.

Ginny said...

Oh we go with "Mark Richt will never win a NC because he's not fiery enough."

OldDawg55 said...

Anon 1:13, go find another team that you can identify with..this team, Mark Richt's team, is out there practicing and playing to win not to suit your personal desires. Davis' attitude is one you'd expect to go public..inside I know he is burning to redeem himselt..and will. Russ, you've been a damn good dawg, brown spot and all! Now Dawgs GATA!!!!

me said...

Hey Richt-Hater, you ever been in the locker room before a game or at halftime? You really have no idea what kind of "fire" Richt possesses!

I've always found the best Head Coaches to be the ones that can control their emotions on the sidelines... You want Mike Gundy or Dan Hawkins?? They are clowns! Their emotions get the best of them.

And recognize that the guy that wasn't playing "like his hair is on fire" is now riding the pine.

And you're right... this is SEC football. Get behind the longest-tenured coach in the SEC, allow the changes he has implemented time to produce fruit, and stop all you whining!

Anonymous said...

Richt's attitude was the same when he won 3 East titles and 2 SEC Championships. He's never been an overly excited coach. Find another excuse.

Lawdawg567 said...

Some of y'all make me sick.

I bet you're the same people that say CMR recruits guys that don't love Georgia, and as soon as one guy comes out saying it's about the team, not him, you call him soft.

Sounds to me like one of our players is taking responsibilty for his play and is going to bust his butt to get better.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, Davis should have went into a berzerker rage and run amok at the vet school. He should have choked out a few 400 pound hogs and feasted on their entrails in order to properly express his anger and disappointment about being benched. Shut your slack-jawed mouths Richt haters - everyone knows you can never be satisfied with Richt. If you need a new team to pull for there is plenty of room on Bill Curry GSU bandwagon. Go Dawgs.

Anonymous said...

Hey now, we don't need those fans at GSU. We'll welcome everyone else, though

Anonymous said...

Dawgdayafternoon, what a typical loser comment. "Everyone knows you can't be satisfied with Richt"?? You really are delusional about Richt. I love Richt but the product he puts on the field does not make me proud to be a UGA fan the last few seasons. Summer sweat = Fall Success. Our coaches and players didn't sacrifice in the off season and it shows on the field. Too much mediocrity for the talent pool UGA has access too. That means its coaching. Mr. Richt, please show yourself the door. You are done embarrassing my program!