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Sunday, October 24, 2010

Healthy Ealey, eligible King set to compete

Washaun Ealey is probably OK, and Caleb King is back to contend with him for carries, Georgia head coach Mark Richt said on Sunday’s teleconference.

Ealey said after Saturday’s win at Kentucky that he “tweaked” his knee a couple times. But Ealey, who scored a school-record five rushing touchdowns in the game, said he didn’t think it was serious, and Richt said he hadn’t heard otherwise on Sunday.

“The way he finished I don’t think it’s anything serious. I’m sure he’s a little sore,” said Richt, who added that athletic trainer Ron Courson’s postgame injury report didn’t include Ealey.

Meanwhile, King’s two-game suspension following an arrest is over. King was the starter before his suspension, and had been separating himself from the pack.

“I don’t think there’s any reason he won’t get back into the mix,” Richt said. “I think he’s played pretty well this season. I think he’s improved in a lot of areas throughout the year. We’re confident in his ability to play, so I’m sure he’ll get right back in there.”

A few other injury updates from Richt:

- Cornerback Branden Smith’s status remains uncertain. Smith has missed the past three games with a concussion.

“That’ll be one of the first things I’ll ask Ron as far as where do we think he’s at,” Richt said.

- Linebacker and special teamer Mike Gilliard injured his hamstring at Kentucky. His status is also uncertain.

- Receiver Logan Gray also appeared to hurt his hamstring, but Richt said Gray played after the injury.

“He may be in better shape than we think,” Richt said.

As for the next opponent, Florida, the Georgia coach seemed to compare Florida’s current state with how Georgia was after falling to 1-4.

The Gators had a bye this weekend, and head coach Urban Meyer said they would use the time to make some changes, especially on offense.

“I’m sure they’re doing some soul-searching and trying to find some answers too,” Richt said. “They have time to change their course a little bit. I’m sure that’s what they’re focusing on right now.”


Anonymous said...

So is it safe to say that King's receipt of the $500 loan the Red and Black uncovered will not keep him out of the game?

Willb said...

I didn't know anything about the Caleb king problems until now. Why haven't they been mentioned here?

His suspension is up now and he could play this week but it could be like the aj situation and ga will hold him out until he is cleared by the NCAA. Seems like this could be a big story. Seems like something that would of been reported here.

Anonymous said...

It was reported here. Caleb King was arrested because he failed to show up to traffic court or pay a ticket. Nothing to do with the NCAA, he doesn't have to be cleared. Geez.

Anonymous said...

The $500 loan "uncovered" by the Red and Black is a non-issue. What they uncovered was an allegation that was never substantiated. The coaching staff knows this.

Willb said...

Sorry, what I was speaking of was a rumored $500 loan he recieved from a friend. I had just read it on the red and black website. I was a little startled that I had heard nothing of it before. That might be because there was nothing to the rumor.

The little arcticle I read made it sound a little serious but I guess it's not. At first I thought it might be a hold him out until the NCAA clears him thing but it looks like nothing.

With all these problems at ga I'm surprised a little rumor like that wasn't all over the place.

Seth Emerson said...

Haven't seen any information to warrant a story.

And it's the policy here not to refute every report/rumor that's out there, unless it rises to a level that it needs to be addressed.

My English Bulldog said...

Thanks for this post .....................

Anonymous said...

If you're looking for news, then the Red and Black is not the place to go. But if you're looking for a crossword puzzle to do during class, then it's the ticket.

Anonymous said...

it appears caleb got a loan from a girlfriend. not an agent. it's a non issue. it also appears to never been confirmed.

we've turned the incident into the ncaa just to be safe and follow protocol.

Anonymous said...

"His suspension is up now and he could play this week but it could be like the aj situation and ga will hold him out until he is cleared by the NCAA. Seems like this could be a big story. Seems like something that would of been reported here."

Additionally, why aren't you reporting about this thing FakeDawg8 said he heard from some guy who heard from a guy who made up on the DawgVent about Aaron Murray taking money from an agent? That guy's a great source!