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Sunday, October 31, 2010

Richt defends use of Green, says team must play for 'honor'

Mark Richt was anticipating a question about A.J. Green only getting four catches in Saturday’s loss to Florida. So the Georgia head coach did some research before getting on his weekly teleconference.

There were 16 plays, according to Richt, in which Green was the primary receiver. There were eight more in which the star receiver was No. 2 in the progression.

“We weren’t saying that hey we’re gonna throw this ball to A.J. no matter what,” Richt said. “You still have to read the routes.”

The passing game was a heavy topic on the call, after Georgia’s 34-31 overtime loss to Florida. Freshman quarterback Aaron Murray had three interceptions, including one in overtime that basically decided the game.

On that play, Richt said one route was run deeper than designed, but that wasn’t the main problem with the play.

“The thing that was most problematic on that play was the protection, and Murray having to throw the ball sooner than he wanted to,” he said.

Still, after watching the tape, Richt believed Murray simply made a few mistakes, but was still good enough to go over the 300-yard mark.

“Overall the passing game was pretty solid,” Richt said.

The result, however, was still a loss, and the end of Georgia’s SEC East Division hopes. They enter Saturday’s game against Idaho State, an FCS team, just looking to get back to .500.

So what does Richt tell his team now?

“Right now we think about winning the rest of our games starting with Idaho State,” Richt said. “There’s honor in that. We have fans that have paid their money for their season tickets. We’ve got people that still love the Dogs and want to see them do well.

“And all these guys are not professional athletes, but they certainly have pride in what they do, and understand that they have a job to do. And they know that when they do that job they’ve gotta do the best they can. We’ll do that, and we’ve been doing that actually. Sometimes you lose a game like that and people might think an awful amount went right.”

Some other notes:

- Receiver Kris Durham is questionable for Idaho State after bruising his lung, according to Richt. That appeared to be the only major injury that emerged from the trip to Jacksonville.

- Richt said he’d think about changing the practice schedule, after nine straight games without a bye.

“We’ve actually been on pretty good shape on the injury front lately,” he said. “I’m not saying we won’t, but if we do, it won’t be a huge change.”

- The game time for the Auburn game should be announced on Monday, unless CBS elects to take the six-day window.

The events in Jacksonville would seem to lessen the chance that Georgia-Auburn will get that slot. CBS could opt for A.J. Green and the Bulldogs going against the No. 1 team in the country. But it’s a better bet it will be more intrigued by Steve Spurrier taking his South Carolina team into the Swamp with a division title on the line.

- Richt didn’t complain about Florida not being whistled for excessive celebration following Murray’s overtime interception. He pointed out that the Gators, having returned it to near the goal-line, probably thought they had won the game.

“The officials could’ve (called a penalty),” Richt said, but added: “I think it was a definitely judgment call on the officials. If I was an official I would’ve had a hard time calling it right there. I mean to me would that have been excessive considering they thought they won the game. I don’t think it was.”


dawgfan17 said...

I agree it shouldn't have been called but anyone want to place bets if UGA had been in the same situation the refs would have flagged them?

@DawgeeStyl said...

So tired of losing to Florida. Let's finish strong Dawgs!

chilly dawg said...

I said on this blog last year that Coach Rodney Gardner needed to go as for as our recruiting coordinator. It has continued to get worse. For years we have had Florida, Florida State, and Auburn coming in and signing quite a few of our top prospects. Now we have Alabama pushing hard for our top prospects and we are losing them. We are losing out on our top state athletes, how long do we continue to leave him in charge. I continue to question our recruiting; prime example is our running backs. We have two running backs, one, Ealey, from a class A school and King from a Class AA school. Now, I do believe these two to be good backs but could we not compete and sign a RB from a class 5A school or Class 4A. The competition is for better in those classifications, yet we sign two from lower classifications. Yes, I here you, Herschel was from a class A school, however, with his size, strength and world-class speed, he could have starred anywhere. King and Ealey have no break away speed and are just average backs. These were the best in the state? Rambo, from a class A school and Shawn Williams from AA Early are good players, but those were the best safeties in GA, I just don’t believe we can lure and keep our top recruits in state. I keep hoping Gardner will get a head job, please, some one hire him.

BullyMack said...

there may have been 16 play calls for AJ yet somehow he only hauls in 4 passes. that to me shows we aren't being very creative in getting it to him. he was the best player on the field for goodness sakes. i bet it was 4 plays called 4 diff times.

Willb said...

Chilly dawg last year was the first year in almost ten years that we didn't finish in the top ten nationally in recruiting. We finished just outside of the top ten.

Ga has possibly been the most consistent recruiting team in the nation for the past ten years. The state of ga is possibly the fourth best state as far as recruits go. We are going to lose some top in state talent. The same thing happens in cal, tx, fla.

There are three huge recruits that come to mind this year that are still unsigned. Crowell(small school), Ray drew, and jay Rome. I feel pretty good about our chances for them.

You don't have to be critical of every aspect of the program . Not everything about uga is bad. We are having a terrible season right now yes but we do not do every thing terribly.

Anonymous said...

Shows how little you know chilly dawg. Caleb Kind played one season for a AA school. He spent the other three years setting state records for AAAAA Parkview. As a Junior he was class 5A all state player and set the single season state rushing record for a junior in that division. I suggest getting your facts straight before commenting.

curt in thomasville said...

Chilly dawg probably does not want Georgia to sign Crowell since he plays at AA Carver. Not wanting kids in the lower classifications is crap.

Anonymous said...

It's GARNER.....not Gardner!!

If anyone on this pathetic staff deserves to stay, it's Rodney Garner.

We lose good kids because good kids don't want to play for a 2nd rate school that is a mid-tier SEC school and does not provide NC opportunities; ie: Crowell.

Richt ultimately approves scholarships.

Willb, no kids are "signed" yet - verbally committed to a program...yes.

This blog beats me down.

Anonymous said...

Chilly Dawg - based on your wisdom we shouldn't have recruited or signed Herschel Walker - are you for real?

Perhaps you need to study a bit before making DUMB comments!

Anonymous said...

We are 4 and 5. We are 3 and 4 in the SEC about to go 3 and 5 in the SEC. Everything is great. There is nothing wrong with our program. Did you defend Goff this much? "GARNER" shoud go and so should the entire offensive coaching staff. All that remains after next year is whether Richt is gone. Enjoy 2 and 9 against the gators next year. Idiots.

Pdiddy said...

Willb is an utter moron. Do you really expect him to know the difference between "unsigned" and uncommitted?"

Okay Willb, according to your infinite wisdom, we have "been the most consistent recruiting team in the nation the past 10 years," or thereabouts. Let's say, for shi%$s & giggles, I agree. How do you defend the coaching staff? Since you are a moron, I'll answer that myself: you can't. It's called "process of elimination." If it's not a dearth of talent, then it must be coaching.

Honestly, I can't believe I'm even responding to the this but I swear you are ruining this blog. Typically I see your name and skip over your inane, predictable commentary and go straight to the next response, but this time I can't help myself. Please, please do this blog a favor and STOP responding to every single post. You have nothing to add and everyone who reads Seth's blog knows what your going to say. For the love of God man, give it a rest. Or just go away. And take Richt and Bozo with you.

Anonymous said...

Ok Let's put this into perspective... The only reason AJ would consider staying at UGA for another year is if he believes it's a winning program and that he can pad some stats so that he would go higher in the draft. Well he'll already go in the first round if he leaves this year, so the question comes...will this be a winning program next year...hmmmmm...maybe two years, maybe three, we've been waiting too long for a national championship, start ranked...end up on the outs...mostly because we can't seem to win against Florida, year after year...this is the worst team Florida has had in about the last ten years...we still lose. What will AJ do...leave.

BuLLdawg said...

Coach Richt's job is hard now. He's not & hasn't been getting the job done

3 wins 11 games CMR Era vs Top 10 Final AP Poll teams in 10 years now

2 wins 10 games CMR Era vs Florida in 10 years now

10 losses 10 teams not ranked Top 25 Final AP Poll 10 years CMR Era

CMR will have in 12-months fired every coach he hired

We are to believe that CMR knows how to hire a coaching staff now ?

42-19 CMR record over these last 5 years now this season; he is great ?

In same last 5 years, CMR # 2 nation Fulmer Cup Most Arrested / Suspended

13-12 CMR record vs SEC East these last 5 years now this season; great ?

20 better college programs than our won / lost over these last 5 years

I'm not satisfied these last 5 yrs & you are not a better fan because you are

We lose 14 seniors after this 2010 season & 4 juniors; how is 2011 different ?

BuLLdawg said...


There are only 3 other states with more high school recruits who go on to the NFL; yet you also point out that CMR and Rodney Garner average Signing the # 9 recruiting class according to every recruiting service there is such as both Rivals and

What is wrong with this picture ? 4th best state yet 9th in recruiting. Herschel Walker says we are not signing the top talent in Georgia. He's right and you are wrong. Crowell said he is going to Alabama. Why say you are satisfied with our chances he is coming here ?

We recruit terribly.

If you actually look at the Signed Classes of CMR, what you find is that we had better talent Signed by Jim Donnan here in the state of Georgia. By a large wide margin, I add.

If you further break it down Willb, CMR and Rodney Garner (soon to be fired in 2 months time from now), have actually LOST OUT on a host of the recruits that we did Sign and who did not qualify or had to be kicked out of the program, did not pan out, or transferred due to playing favorites in the CMR Era.

Anonymous said...

I've been saying Willb is an idiot for weeks now. Every one of his posts starts out with "(Georgia's opponent of the week) scares me to death!" I agree with Pdiddy, his posts have become so predictable and completely stupid that I just skip over them. Stop posting Willb!

Willb said...

I come here quite often yet don't post that much cause I don't like dealing with Internet people. I don't think anyone is right or wrong. But from the post I have seen from willb he just seems to be a uga fan with opinions like everyone else. I even looked through his last few post because this one guy is bashing him making everyone think everyone really cares about this guys post.. the same kind of thing happened to me at a ga message board on rivals. If you don't like his post then stfu! I like reading them so keep on posting. Seriously does anyone really care about his post?????

Whocares said...

Just looked at my last post I put willb as my name. I'm sure. Everyone is going to think willb is posting as two different people. Sorry dude.......nobody will believe you now. :)

Anonymous said...

@ Whocares,

WTF are you talking about? Nobody understands your post, so you are obviously Willb.

Matthew said...

willb is one of the only true ga fans on this site that makes any sense. You guys all play too much madden and all think y'all know so much more than THE WINNINGEST COACH we have ever had. You negative nancy's just hate it that willb admits that he (and all of you) don't have the answers but that our coaches prob know a little more than we do and he wants to give the coach that created the current high expectations to have an opportunity to right the ship. Give all the hate and negativity a break. You guys are never going to see your team where you want them if you are ready to jump ship this easily.

Anonymous said...

The winningest coach ever, Matthew? Show me his national championship. How about a player he coached that won the Heisman? He doesn't have any of that, so STFU.

You may be dumber than Willb.

Matthew said...

Give me a break you anonymous nobody. Richt has a 74.6% winning percentage. That's higher than Dooley and Butts. We go 13-1 in 2002. Than means we are in the big game in most years. He wins SEC coach of the year in 2 out of 10 years, SEC champs 2 years, and SEC east champs in 4 years. WTF are your real expectations. You need a reality check. GA has the expectations that we have because of richt's success.

Anonymous said...

"Than means we are in the big game in most years."

That's some argument there, Matthew. You really got me with these incoherent sentences. STFU, you anonymous nobody. Have fun going 6-6 next year, loser.

Xon said...

Mr. Emerson,

It is time to initate a more stringent commenting policy on this here blog, I think.

Xon said...

Mr. Emerson,

It is time to initate a more stringent commenting policy on this here blog, I think.