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Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Spurrier lauds Georgia

Georgia all of a sudden looks like “the best team in the SEC” according to one interested observer. Yes, your old favorite and mine, the Ol’ Ball Coach.

Steve Spurrier spoke about resurgent Georgia during his weekly news conference Tuesday. Then the South Carolina head coach pointed out that basically everybody is resurgent in the SEC East.

“Yeah, Georgia played very well, ran the ball, threw the ball (against Vandy). They looked like the best team in the SEC probably last week and the week before against Tennessee. They got their act together,” Spurrier said. “They are still in the hunt in the East. Heck, everybody is in the hunt.

“Well, heck Vanderbilt is still in the hunt. I think in the conference they are 1-2, yep, they’ve only got two losses. That Eastern side, Tennessee is a little bit in a hole I guess at 0-3, but anyway most of us have just played four games, a few have played five. It’s pretty much wide open.”

Georgia head coach Mark Richt said he has noticed an improved mood around the team, but didn’t ascribe it to being back in the the SEC race.

“I’m sure it’s in the back of everybody’s mind that things could get more exciting,” Richt said. “But it won’t be more exciting if we don’t win this game.”


Erked Russell said...

Is there any way we could start to get some pics and videos from time to time? The content has been great but that is the only thing missing on this blog when Hale was here. Keep up the good work.
Go Dawgs!

Anonymous said...

We need to forget about this "in contention in the east" stuff. I understand we are, but Richt needs to keep the team focused on just playing. Whatever we did the last two weeks, we need to keep doing it.

We've looked like a totally different team the last 2 weeks (plus the 3 quarters AJ played in Boulder).

Just keep plugging and let's win some games.

heyberto said...

I'm of the notion that we've gotten some mojo in the past couple of weeks, but I'm not sold yet that Mr. Spurrier is right. Not taking anything away from the team, and if we finish strong I hope to eat my words, but I want to see us perform well against some better opponents. But if we beat Florida, I almost don't care if we lose every other game... almost.

opsomath said...

Spurrier is being nice to us. The sky always falls after that. KY's gonna hang fifty on us as Cobb burns Rambo again and again and again.

PTC DAWG said...

SOS is losing his mind, he flat out cost his team a shot at tying the game up in Columbia. Stupid waste of his last timeout.

That said, I hope Carolina loses out. :)

CSA said...

Anon 3:37, did you not read the article, specifically Richt's comment:

"I’m sure it’s in the back of everybody’s mind that things could get more exciting. But it won’t be more exciting if we don’t win this game."

I think Richt is right on point, and it sounds as if he's just taking it one game at a time rather than looking forward into the future. Everyone knows it could still happen. It's been a strange year in the SEC, heck, in college football in general. But that quote indicates Richt is just focusing on each team, and beating the next opponent.

Mike said...

We could be National champions next year and some of u SOB,s would complain that we didn't win by enough points or Richt went about it the wrong way!Try being a little positive every now and again, especially when we have had a good two weeks! Either that or send your resume to McGarity because you are freaking brilliant and we need your help!