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Saturday, October 30, 2010

Halftime thoughts and observations

- Aaron Murray was due for a clunker, and he had it in the first half. He was off on most of his passes, was picked off twice, and his fumble may end up being the key moment of the game.

- It's almost all about turnovers right now: Florida has out-gained Georgia, but not by much (249-200). The Gators' second and third touchdowns each came after turnovers and a short field.

- If it feels like deja vu, you're not off: Georgia turned it over four times against Florida in 2008, and four times last year.

- A.J. Green has touched the ball once today. Once. And as we know, when Green is not involved, the Bulldogs struggle on offense.

A lot of credit goes to Florida cornerback Janoris Jenkins. But the Bulldogs have to find a way to get Green open downfield in the second half.

- Georgia's top-ranked run defense is taking a beating. Florida has 137 at the half, and is averaging 5.1 yards a carry.

- The Bulldogs are actually averaging 5.9 yards per carry. The problem is, other than the 63-yard touchdown pass to Tavarres King, they have no passing game. And Florida's defense also stiffened up in the second quarter, when Caleb King and Washaun Ealey saw their yards-per-carry go down.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

It could have been worse? Are you serious? It doesn't get worse than losing again to UF for the 18th time in the last 21 years. We had at least 7 bone-headed plays. In case you don't know, a bone-headed play is is one that by itself can cost you the game. FL had -0- bone-headed plays and we had 7. We do not know how to play winning football. If luck is on our side or we totally overmatch someone then we are fine, but we are not a group of players that know how to win.