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Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Death to the BCS ... trophy

I’m aware that this story has been told, but for those of you who haven’t heard it, enjoy:

A few years ago, when now-Georgia tight end Orson Charles was on a recruiting visit to Florida, he broke the national championship trophy.

Yup, broke it into a bunch of pieces, after bumping the table holding the trophy, and the Gators had to get another one.

“The whole thing shattered, and I guess they swept it up and put it in the trash can,” recalled Aaron Murray, who was Charles’ high school teammate at Plant High School in Tampa, Fla., and were both being recruited by Florida. The trophy-shattering incident happened the spring of their junior years.

Murray wasn’t there when it happened, but was on his way to Gainesville and remembers a panicked phone call from Charles.

“I broke the trophy,” Charles told Murray.

“What?” Murray said.

“I broke it. The national championship trophy,” Charles said.

Then he hung up abruptly.

(Charles, normally very accessible and talkative, has chosen not to do interviews Monday or Tuesday, according to Georgia.)

“He was upset. Not upset, but more embarrassed about what happened,” Murray said Tuesday. “I told him, Hey that’s a good thing now. If you had gone to Florida that would’ve been a bad thing. But you went to Georgia, I mean you’re worshiped for that right here. He should take more advantage of being the guy that dropped the national championship trophy.”

Murray said one of his coaches at Plant picked up a piece of the shattered trophy and took it back to the school. So now at the high school they show off a piece of Florida’s BCS trophy – brought home, in one way or another, by Charles.

“I think Urban, I mean coach Meyer, was like, You better commit and come win us another one if you’re gonna do that,’” Murray said. “I think he was pretty cool about it. They’ve got insurance on it, so they just went and got another one.”

And Charles and Murray each went to Georgia.


The Cuatro said...

Just an FYI, AM and OC were in the same high school class.

Willb said...

Wasn't orson a junior when Aaron was a senior?

On another note man I hope were not overlooking Fla here. They have lost three in a row while we have blown out three straight opponents. Seems like we got the momentum right?

Fla lost to two undefeated sec teams and one top 25 sec team by three points. A miss st team that had there way with us.

Heck there aren't to many teams in the nation that would of did well in that three game stretch Fla had. I think Fla is much better than there being given credit for.

VineyardDawg said...

This story is why Orson Charles, for as long as he's at the University, will always be my favorite Bulldog.

And, as I heard the story, he bumped the trophy with his, er, hindquarters.

Seth Emerson said...

Thanks, corrected the part about their junior year.

Willb said...

Sorry I was wrong about the Murray Charles thing. Don't know what the hell I was thinking.... Murray redshirting threw me off I guess. Seems like murray has been here forever.

Anonymous said...

I heard he just looked at it mean and it hit the floor.

Anonymous said...


Yes, sir.

Georgia would have done far worse had we played the # 1 team in The SEC Alabama and the # 1 Defensive team in The SEC LSU, neither of which do we play. They also did a FAR BETTER job than us vs Missy State who beat us in a rout.

In the meantime, we also beat Kentucky by not nearly as well as the rout Florida had over them.

And, we LOST to the likes of Colorado a losing team with a losing record even with their win over us, a loss which Florida has nothing to compare.

All in all, Florida is a LOT BETTER FOOTBALL TEAM than we are.


Since when is this season compared as these feel-good fans are doing on this blog except for you Willb, and it determined that we are BETTER than Florida ?

B.S. of the highest order, as you point out correctly, Willb. I noticed none of them replied to you Willb on your point, so I will.

Army Dawg said...

Anon 6:36...we were beating Kentucky 41 to 17 in the 4th quarter. Two worthless 4th quarter touchdowns made the final score a lot closer than it really was so the only point you can take about both teams playing Kentucky is Florida finished better when they had a big league. Big rip.

Miss. State - Do you really think this game would have not been different with AJ Green on the field? Georgia's offense has been night and day without and with AJ. No denying that.

Colorado, I don't know how we managed to lose that game. I think if we played Colorado this Saturday we would beat them by 28 points, there is no good explanation on how we managed to lose that game.

Do I think we'll roll Florida this Saturday? No. Do I think we have a shot? Yes. Play well, don't turn the ball over and I believe we'll be right there in the 4th quarter.

The Cuatro said...

Another note, Orson actually attended a different high school during his junior year before transferring to Tampa Plant to play with Aaron for their senior season.