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Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Ealey describes injury, calls it "nothing"

Washaun Ealey looks good to go, according to everyone we spoke to after Georgia's practice, despite the tailback sitting out the first portion of practice with a knee injury.

Ealey said he has a grade 1 sprained MCL.

"So it's really nothing," Ealey said. "Basically a bruise."

Ealey came out briefly in the fourth quarter of the Kentucky game. He only participated on scout team on Tuesday, but that was described as a precautionary measure.

"It's 100 percent. I've been running on it," Ealey said. "I'm just trying to get it from being stiff, just get it back to the strength."

Offensive coordinator Mike Bobo said Ealey was "gonna be good to go."

Running backs coach Bryan McClendon said Ealey would likely start Saturday against Florida, as long as he was healthy. Caleb King is off from his two-game suspension, but Ealey did well in his absence.

"Right now we still don't know," McClendon said. "Especially if Washaun's all banged up, and you don't want him taking that bulk of the work, then he probably wouldn't (start). But right now if everything stays the same and he's good and healthy and he continues on as practice as he has been, then he probably would."


CSA said...

After Ealey's performance these past two games, I can't see why you wouldn't start him. Keep him out there too, let him get a rhythm. Put King in there when Ealey is tired, or if his knee starts bothering him. Honestly, I'm not really sure how Carlton fits in with Florida's stout defense. Just hope these Dawgs can pull out a win!

Anonymous said...

Seth, your Boise State tweets are bogus. If we could just "settle it on the field," then that's what we'd be doing. But we can't, hence the debate as to who should play as the 1 and 2 teams... Shoot, I'd love to see Boise State play every top 10 team right now, so that we could have some concrete evidence as to where they'd fall out. But, that's not a possibility... and neither is sending three undefeated teams to the BCS championship. So, we must pick two teams. And when you look at the schedules, Boise State just doesn't have it. Sure, Auburn beat Ark St. by less than the amount that Boise State beat La Tech, but keep in mind... Auburn is concerned with beating teams like LSU and Arkansas, Boise State just can't say the same thing... if you had to pick two of the three top undefeated teams right now, I just don't see how you could pick Boise State...

Billy said...

Some interesting stats:

Murray (RFr.) comp% = 62% (121 of 193)
Brantley (Jr.) comp% = 62% (129 of 208)

Murray TD/Int = 12/3
Brantley TD/Int = 6/5

Murray Pass Yds. = 1931
Brantley Pass Yds.=1214

UGA rush yds v. opponents = 1230/794

UF rush yds. v. opponents =

ey218 said...

I think it is time to talk about Mad Men. Just watched it last night as I was on vacation w/out AMC last week. Thoughts?

NCIvyDawg said...

Coaching question Seth:

I've noticed over the entire year our backs have a tendency to hold the ball in the inside arm. This is a basic fundamental of football: Hold the ball in the outside arm.

I called it to the attention of the room in which we were all watching the game last weekend and everyone agreed. That's not a Saturday adjustment, its a Tuesday-Friday coaching adjustment.

Its a little thing for sure, but still noticeable.

Anonymous said...

NCIvyDawg - what was your question?

Anonymous said...

I agree with Anon 8:51.

I would like to ask a question for the other readers, and this question isn't meant as a jab at Boise State, but moreso a question that should be asked and answered by those who vote in the polls:

How many top 10 teams would be undefeated if they played Boise State's schedule?

BullyMack said...

NCIvyDawg- To answer your question...Richt was asked about ball security not too long ago and basically he said he wants the guys to #1 put the ball away high and tight. He said he would prefer for them to have it in their outside arm but many times he's seen guys get the thing stripped as they are changing the ball to the other arm. He would rather them #2 put it away as they are comfortable with doing in their dominate arm and keep it there rather than try to change it midstream, say on a cutback in some traffic, and allow the other team to strip it as many teams are now taught to do from behind and so forth. It is not a coaching oversight by Richt and Co., just a different philosphy.

NCIvyDawg said...

Thanks BM.

Willb said...

There is no way in the world that Boise should go the bcs championship game with the schedule they play! There are a number of teams that would be undefeated with the schedule Boise has. I'm sure a number of sec programs would be undefeated at this point.

I agree Boise has don't all they can do. They beat who is on there schedule and that is all they can do. You put Boise in the sec and they are possibly are very bad team. As far as recruiting goes they would have possibly the worst talent in the sec.

I just don't agree with the polls at all myself. The ranking are not at all based on who the best teams are. They are based on your record and in college football schedules vary from very weak to very strong so one team with three losses might be much better than a team with one or no losses at all.

I would like to see someone put a ranking out that ranks the teams by how good they actually are. Some of these schools that are in front of schools like Texas and fla simply because they have fewer losses is ridiculous. If you look at the rivals 120 poll they have ga at like fifty something. Teams like southern Mississippi in front of them.

I myself think that just about every year the bcs championship should be the sec winner vs. The best non sec team. The difference in sec football and every other conference is huge. From top to bottom the sec is the most complete conference by far. Put Boise Utah or tcu in the sec and see what happens. They wouldn't be like Vanderbilt or anything but they would just be slightly respectable sec teams in my opinion. Now you give Boise a whole offseason or a few weeks for a bowl game to prepare for a good team they have a chance. Make them play week in and week out against good teams and there nothing special.

Just look at the recruiting by those teams. They don't have the talent. A top fifty class for Boise is good. There full of two star players. I don't think ga even has a two star player.