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Monday, October 4, 2010

Richt and Bulldogs 'shake things up'

It may not sound like much, but for the first time Monday we saw the first tangible sign of Georgia trying something to fix its woes.

The Bulldogs held a full-pad practice on Monday, which is normally reserved for special teams work and other minor walk-through stuff. Head coach Mark Richt answered “never” when asked how unusual it was to do so on a Monday.

“We hadn’t been blocking and tackling real good, so we decided to have a little spring ball today,” Richt said. “Normally we’re in shorts, running, getting a little running in, work on a few things. But we decided to put the pads on and get after it. One vs. one, two vs. two.”

Richt seemed pleased, calling it “physical” with “great competition.”

The players found out via text at 2 p.m. that the practice was going to be switched up.

“We’ve gotta do something different, to shake things up,” tailback Caleb King said. “It honestly was a good fun practice. I’m looking forward to tomorrow, more like this.”

King said that despite having to do sprints at the end of practice. That went for the entire offense, which “lost” a set of mini-scrimmages to the offense.

Cornerback Vance Cuff admitted that the rules were set up to favor the defense.

“They had to get a certain amount of yards and have to do certain things, and all we had to do was pretty much stop them at the beginning,” Cuff said.

Receiver Kris Durham, still dealing with a pinched nerve, was in a non-contact jersey. (He said he hopes to play Saturday.) But Durham also thought the padded practice was a good thing.

“It was a very emotional practice. You could tell everyone was getting after it. It was pleasing to see,” Durham said. “It was something that we needed. We needed to get more physical.”


Nathan said...

I just wish that we would start to see our back-ups get more playing time. Vance Cuff got three personal foul calls in my opinion he needs to see much less playing time. Rambo has consistenly been soft, even worse I haven't seen anything positive jakar hamilton has done since his easy pick off in game 1. I'm not trying to call certain players out, but you think we'd be giving the back-ups more playing time. Obviously are starters aren't getting it done. I even noticed Ealey in on a 3rd and 13 an obvious pass down. I know for a fact 2 sacks against Arkansas were directly because of him and I'm sure there has been more. So why is he in there on an obvious passing down. Blows my mind

Anonymous said...

let's just practice like that every day.

CSA said...

Thanks, Seth, for giving us some positive news. Hopefully it will translate to some wins.

Anonymous said...

This is a perfect example that Coach Richt just doesn't have the skills after 10 years to be a head coach.

39-18 after 2005 season through today.

# 2 Fulmer Cup after 2005 season through today.

Does THAT sound great Buck Belue ?



This for the # 11 All-Time Football Program in 1-A wins.

This is instead # 22 team in Wins for 2005 2006 2007 2008 2009 2010



Only 3 states have more high school recruits go on to NFL than Georgia

Why are we then # 22 in wins for : 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010 ?



Let’s break down 91-31

10 losses to teams not Top 25 Final AP Poll

21 losses 17 wins vs Top 25 Final AP Poll

These are your 31 LOSSES.



3 wins 8 losses vs Top 10 Final AP Poll teams

All 3 of those wins came in years lost 4 games, 3 games and 4 games.

Never beat Top 10 Final AP Poll team any year didn’t lose 4 or 3 games

How damn great is that Buck Belue ?

Buck Belue, sorry son, but we didn’t beat great teams 2002 or 2007.

I listened to your radio show Buck Belue.

I heard you say it’s not Coach Richt’s fault that SEC was down 2002

2002 only 1 other SEC team Top 25 Final Coaches’ Poll, Auburn # 14.

That’s why played # 24 Final AP Poll 5-Loss FSU Sugar Bowl 2002

Too bad Buck Belue. These are the facts.

2007 lost to 6-6 no bowl game South Carolina and lousy vols 2007.

That’s why played # 19 Final AP Poll (Hawaii) in Sugar Bowl 2007

Coach Richt has NOT had a great year where he beat 1 single great team.


Get over it Buck Belue.



When CMR fires Mike Bobo & Offensive Staff, will have fired every 1 of his coaches

Unless of course you think Rodney Garner deserves to keep his job Buck Belue ?

How good is CMR at hiring a coaching staff if HE fires all his coaches in 10 months

We have real problems and this does not address our real problems except that the players see that a fan can call in and teach Coach Richt something about coaching football teams.

Doug said...

Thanks for vomiting the same info on to the Blog again Anon.

My word was homaggis

David said...

Good news that they are trying to right the ship. Funny how everyone are blaming the coaches. Strength and Conditioning is the problem, OC is the problem, CMR is the problem. Haven't heard many 'the players are the problem'. After all given that we have had all these high ranking recruiting classes the players can't be the problem. I see a O-Line that's struggling, no running game (this maybe due to the lack of an O-Line), no high impact D players, no big threat receivers (other than AJ) stepping up. I know the D is in transition, but you would think that a great player would find a way to make a play on D. You stick AJ (aka great player) and we score touch downs, pull AJ out and we do nothing. Pedestrian UGA team. Hmm, maybe recruiting is the issue.

Billy said...

Who do you think does the recruiting?

David said...

Yea, the coaches do the recruiting, but most of the arguments on the boards seem to revolve around lack of coaching ability - not recruiting ability.

WiseDawg said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Anonymous said...

Coaches are responsible for not only recruiting, but developing the talent once it gets on campus. If UGA doesn't have the talent or the impact players, the blame ultimately goes back to the coaches because they either can't evaluate talent, can't develop the talent once it arrives on campus, or a combination of both. Either way, the buck stops with the coaching staff.

Anonymous said...

To pervert the Bill Parcells metaphor:

The coaches buy the groceries and cook the meal, so it's their fault if the meal is rancid.