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Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Marlon Brown looks doubtful

Chalk up another Georgia receiver as being set to miss a game.

Marlon Brown's shoulder injury, sustained in Monday's full-pads practice, has him likely to miss Saturday's game at Tennessee.

"Marlon's chances of playing are not very good at all," head coach Mark Richt said on Wednesday's SEC teleconference.

Brown had his first career touchdown catch just last week at Colorado. He's a native of Tennessee.

There might have been another injury either at Monday's unusual full-pads practice, or Tuesday's physical practice. Richt indicated as much on the teleconference, but didn't want to name them. So maybe we'll find out later today at practice.

For the record, we did interview A.J. Green after Tuesday's practice, and he seemed fine.

Then again, we interviewed Brown on Tuesday too, and he never said anything about being hurt. Of course no one asked.


Billy said...

Another injury.
Anyone surprised?

Chris said...

Could this be another indication of poor strength and conditioning? It seems like Georgia has more hamstring injuries and cramps than any team in football.

Charelstowne Dawg said...

This could just be shooting in the dark, but Orson has yet to be injured. He did all of that extra training over the Summer with the military program. I remember him talking about how much of a grind that training is.

But the again, none of the TE's have really been involved enough to get injured anyway :)

Charlestowne Dawg said...

D'oh! Apparently Charles was dinged up...this week actually. Knew that was going to happen after I made that last post :)