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Monday, October 4, 2010

King reiterates: It was not a flea-flicker

Caleb King talked Monday night for the first time since his fumble at Colorado. The Georgia tailback admitted it "was a long plane ride back," and also cleared up what the call was on the play.

"Everybody says it was a flea-flicker. But it was a draw play," King said. "We don't even do flea-flickers."

King said the it was the same draw play the Bulldogs had called throughout the game, and had run with a good deal of success. Head coach Mark Richt afterwards called the play the team's "No. 1 running play."

"The whole time, I saw the man coming off the edge. And I tried to spin before he got there. I guess the ball just (came out). But it's part of the game. It's something we've gotta look past and get ready to play Tennessee."

On the bright side, King did finish with 100 yards.

"I didn't even know that," King said.


David said...

I'm afraid I may have been the one to start the "flea flicker story"

I posted on game night the following:

"Call me crazy, but it looked almost like King was turning back to Murray before he fumbled - almost like a flea flicker was called."

I should have been more careful how I worded that. I meant to say something about how odd the play looked. Not your typical running play look and feel at point of handoff.

But clearly down and distance - not to mention game situation - would have made a flea flicker absolutely out of consideration.

My apologies for the post. Certainly C. King has enough other things to think about without having to dispel an unguarded comment by a reader.

Hey, at least I didn't post "anonymous"

Shake it off CK - the fumble didn't lose the game ... there were a whole lot of things that went into that loss. Hard to single one out as the reason.

Erked Russell said...

One of the few times a CMR team has lost with a 100 yard rusher.

dawgjammin said...

Does it say something about the mentality of our offense when our "no.1 running play" is classified as a "draw" play. "Draw" plays are very passive in nature and not attacking or an imposing your will on the defense type of play. Maybe this is why our OL is weak. They spend the majority of their time practicing passive plays such as draws. What ever happened to lining up, putting a hat on a hat, driving your legs and knocking the guy across from you backwards.

CSA said...


Our guys are waaaaaay to weak to ask them to do that, and you can blame Coach DVH for that.

Anonymous said...

I must say that before thinking about it many inside the stadium felt the play looked like a flea flicker including me. Obviously that was not the case or play as you review the film and think about it, but the initial impression was WTF "a flea-flicker"". Many Buff fans we were sitting with thought the same thing.