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Saturday, October 9, 2010

From the locker room

Mike Bobo did a “beautiful job” calling the plays, according to head coach Mark Richt, who also defended his offensive coordinator’s performance from last week.

“If you taken just last week’s game, if we had executed with all the plays that were called last week, we would’ve had another 150, 200 yards and about probably two or three more touchdowns,” Richt said. “We have to execute what’s called. Everybody that Mike’s been calling is very sound.”

Richt tied the offensive playcalling to the development of quarterback Aaron Murray, who seems to have improved every week.

“The more we execute, and the more Mike allows himself to be aggressive and feel like his quarterback can handle situations,” Richt said, not quite finishing the thought, but adding: “I think Murray’s grown up enough that Mike feels the confidence to feel a little more aggressive down after down.”

Bobo agreed that Murray has progressed, especially when it comes to his check-downs.

“He was boom, boom, boom, and if it wasn’t there he ran it,” Bobo said. “He went from one to two to three, if they were covered he ran. If two was open he hit it. It was good to see.”

- Georgia will not have another full-pads practice on Monday, despite the success it (apparently) had this week.

“We just wanted to kick-start (last week) off,” Richt said.

But another change may have staying power. Richt also led the team out of the tunnel for the first time, acting on a suggestion by a caller to his radio show.

“I’d been stretching all week,” Richt said. “It was kind of fun. I might do it again.”

- Caleb King and Washaun Ealey were the only tailbacks used, despite the absence of Carlton Thomas. The redshirt stays on true freshman Ken Malcome, at least for now.

The team still isn’t ruling out using Malcome, who stood near the coaches with his helmet on for much of the second half.

“Kenarious Gates played today and he hadn’t played all year,” Bobo said. “We’ve gotta do whatever it takes to win ballgames. Ken Malcome has worked hard and gotten better. I don’t know, if we need him he’ll play. Right now he’s not playing.”

Freshman Alec Ogletree said he played one play on offense, lining up at receiver for a toss sweep to Ealey. Playing offense was the coaches’ idea, the player said.

“That was the only play they had designed for me,” Ogletree said.

- Some other here-and-there quotes:

Tennessee QB Matt Sims on Georgia:

“They were excited to play, but nothing out of the ordinary for a conference game. Like I told you guys all week, that was the most talented 1-4 defense I’ve ever seen in my life, and I still believe that now. They’ve got a lot of good players over there, and they just outplayed us today.”

Tennessee RB Tauren Poole:

“It was Georgia. Georgia brought it today, and they made up their mind every play that they were going to out-compete us. And they did that. Hats off to them. We got our butt whipped. We’ve got to learn how to respond now.”


“I thought our guys played hard on both sides of the ball, and that’s a tribute really to coach Richt. You know you’re 1-4 and you’ve got a lot of people doubting you. For these guys to come out and play hard for each other shows the fight of this football team. …

“We can’t worry about what’s going on outside or what’s going on next week, what happened in the past, we’ve gotta worry about the process of getting better every week.”


“I never lost hope, I never lost faith. I never felt like we’ve got a tremendous amount of problems. I knew that we weren’t finishing. I knew that we were so close to having a much better record than we did, but we didn’t finish a couple games.”


Anonymous said...

I loved that ogletree play on offense.

Robert said...

Hey Seth, good job with the blog. I just feel the overwhelming urge to let you know that Tennessee's quarterback is SimMs not Sims. Of course, if you're trying to discredit the guy because he's a Tennessee QB then disregard my correction.

Anonymous said...

I don't know...the players didn't seem to mind suiting up on a Monday, so why call it off? Sometimes I think our team is begging for discipline that our coaches just won't give them. Richt is soft. I guess we'll get all smug and happy again after beating the worst Tennessee team in years.

BullyMack said...

I agree Anon 7:20. I'm extremely dissappointed we won't continue the hitting next week. I think it would be the worst message ever to the players that we somehow "have arrived" by beating the worst team in the SEC. We need to keep that edge until futher notice IMHO. It's not like the OL dominated or the D put on a show. We ain't there yet. Come on Coach Richt, man up!
Anybody know if Nick Williams is ok?

Anonymous said...

That's Richt for you. Find something new that works, and then stop doing it immediately. If losing out means Richt is gone, I'm all for it.

Anonymous said...

UGA lost at least 2 players from the Monday practice - there's a reason schools - not just the dawgs - don't do that every week.

BullyMack said...

Yeah Anon, I understand that but you are making excuses instead of striving for excellence from our team. The fact we still are a fairly soft team and we took it easy in camp should dictate we try to get an edge physically in some fashion and maintain it until we prove ourselves. It should be a challenge instead of something we shy away from. One win doesn't erase who we are right now. We don't have to run them into the ground but we need to do something. The fact we lost 2 players by having a physical practice should speak for itself with what some of the problems are with us..along with the fact AJ could barely make it through the CO game without cramping. Explain away why that, along with all the injuries, isn't a S&C problem? I'm as happy as anyone we won but that doesn't mean we don't still have issues. We need to keep our heads down and keep grinding if we are going to do anything this year. We've dug ourselves quite the hole so far. Obviously it paid dividends this week which everyone could see, so why let up now? We haven't earned the right to take it easy in practice.

CSA said...


I believe the coaches are reluctant to have another full-pads 1's vs. 1's practice because of injury. It's just a lot to ask of these players, beating their bodies like that. It's not hard to instill discipline while also giving these guys a chance to recover.

Willb said...

Do you guys really think we should practice like that every week? Mark richt has been doing this a long time and has never done that once so I'm sure he knows what he's doing by not doing it again this week.

Aaron murray or aj green gets injured in practice on monday and you guys are yelling how stupid richt is. I don't think richt is letting his team think they have arrived because he is not doing a full pads full contact first team vs first team practice every Monday. It's unrealistic at this level to expect practices like that every week. Guys are too big and strong. Injuries are guerenteed to happen.

I think you guys are over anylizing the situation here. Looking for something to nitpick about. CMR hasn't all the sudden gone stupid this year and forgot how to coach. There's a reason he's one of the greatest coaches of all time. He knows what he's doing.

I'm surprised most of you guys here aren't head coaches of d1 football teams with everyone always talking as though they know more about football than one of the winningest coaches in college history. I understand criticism but I believe that coach richt knows much more about football than most of us could ever comprehend. You don't do the things he has done in his career by luck and there are fans of other teams out there who could only be so lucky to have a coach like CMR.

CSA said...

OMG! Saban falls to the Gamecocks! Meyer loses to Les Miles and the Tigers!! The sky is falling!!

Fire them both!!

Am I doin' it right?

Anonymous said...

Willb: Tough to give Richt the benefit of the doubt right now.

<--- Dawg Stephen Himself said...

CSA--- Yes you are doing it right.

That SC team scored 35 points on BAMA. I guess that Kirby guy is a BUM.. I mean Grantham only gave up 17 points... and Saban?? did you see him flustered when that kid DROPPED the fake field goal? Hes soft and they are undisciplined, how else do you explain dropping that pass? Fire him, they are on their way down. No excuse for losing to SPurrier.

And meyer?? they FELL for the fake field goal when EVERYONE IN THE STADIUM knew he couldnt make it from there... and giving up that final drive and leaving the slant open that way? Disgraceful.

(see, we can do it too)

<--- Dawg Stephen Himself said...


I forgot to say how STUPID it looked to see Florida change to ORANGE jerseys and embarass themselves on TV.. we all know that stuff dont work....

you haters see how dumb you sound now?

Willb said...

You guys are right!!! Ever since urban Meyer won that last nat title what has he done? Fla has been going down hill fast! He won that first title with someone elses recruits and he won the second with Tim tebow! What coach couldn't of won a nat title with Tim tebow right? I think it's time for a change in fla! What has urban Meyer done for fla lately? Now that he has a mortal qb he has proven himself to be a mediocre coach. I bet boise or tcus coach would be undefeated with this fla squad!

Anonymous said...

Did I mention Mike Bobo is great aganst a hapless vols' team ?

8 fumbles in 6 games.

6 more regular season games, and then our bowl game. 13 we get play this season, again.

SEC West is a LOT BETTER than The SEC East. Lost Opportunity for this “coaching staff” in its 10th season here. And, it is because of Arrests and Suspensions and because we FAILED TO PREPARE A QUARTERBACK for 2010.

Like we do every year.

We have now been sacked 14 times for minus 101 yards in 6 games at 2-4.

Hutson Mason has not been sacked.

Of course, that is the fault of the OL.

Or the player who is our best player, the unprepared QB as I told you he was not prepared.

It is absolutely most certainly and most assuredly not the fault of the “coaching staff” of Coach Richt.

Coach Richt SQUARED his record 2006 2007 2008 2009 2010 vs SEC East today 11-11.

Putting everything into perspective on a 41-14 day,

vols, are a very bad football team who has beat Martin Tennessee whatever level football that is and in 2 OT beat a team who has themselves only beat 1 team Troy – that was UAB with their 1 win all season a 1-point victory over Troy.

We beat the vols without Branden Smith, the little guy who has had his brains beat in twice already this season.

We play Vandie next, then Kentucky, and coming up after JAX, face off vs Idaho State. Did I say that right ? So, we can be 5-5 heading into our last 2 games of the season. This is where we are with victories over only hapless Louisiana Lafayette and hapless vols.

I don’t understand why we just gave up at the end of the game, not doing a damn thing when it was 41-14 in the 2nd half. We don’t have that killer instinct. We should have put in some hungry players and done something.

We played 12 minutes and 48 seconds in the 2nd half at HOME and JUST QUIT.

Colorado LOST by 26 to NOTHING today.

I see Miami of Florida LOST AGAIN.

I see Notre Dame is now 3-3 on the season, oh yeah they are great.

Like Michigan who LOST today.

Did I mention UNRANKED Southern California LOST AGAIN 4-2 Lame Kitten.

Stanford stormed the field after the win, Harbaugh won 8 last year and you want him

Ohio State and Oregon are # 1 and # 2 in these 2-team play-off BCS NC G update and neither plays ANY ONE.

LSU 6-0 was # 12 pre-game, yeah our coach better than he
Auburn 6-0 was # 8 pre-game
Arkansas 4-1 was # 11 pre-game
Alabama 5-1 about # 5
Florida 4-2 is dropping to about # 20
South Carolina 4-1 was # 19 pre-game
These are the Top 6 SEC teams in the Polls, you know Top HALF of SEC.

Anonymous said...

Didn't finish a couple games Coach Richt ? “Couple” is 2 games Coach Richt. Give up on Monday with a 2-4 team. We have arrived now. Go back to losing ways. Notice CMR had a stand in get his guys fired up pre-game. That worked too. No since CMR doing anything but making sure their music isn't too loud pre-game.

We are still in the BOTTOM HALF of The SEC with 6 ranked teams and then there is us.

Anonymous said...

Great game. 1 great game all damn season long, now long freaking since over after the 1st five games. Isn’t it ?

Aaron Murray, again, was our best player.

He really takes some shots.

Hutson Mason 41-14 and we cannot get him in the game, at all for even 1 short pass ?

This season is 1 play away from being a total and utter disaster, and after not preparing a QB for 2006 losing 4, after not preparing a QB for 2009 losing 5, after not preparing a QB for 2010 losing 4 already, we cannot get Hutson Mason on the field for 1 stinking lousy pass when we had obviously called off The Dawgs in a 41-14 rout of a hapless opponent.

B.S. We learn nothing. 31 Losses in 10 years, and each is the experience of 1 game 122 times, not 122 games experience. We make the same mistakes every game for 10 years.

Brandon Boykin will run the football in the NFL, so why haven’t we given him 1 rush here ? Someone want to try to explain to me who is a better rusher on our team than Brandon Boykin ?

Washaun Ealey, we hand him the ball several times in a row from the 8-yard line and 3 yard line, ready to score. Does someone want to explain that to me, after his fumble vs Missy State at the goal line and after his fumble earlier in the year at the goal line vs South Carolina, just like this ? Washaun Fumbled the football at the goal line vs the vols.

Bacarri Rambo standing there the loose football dropped by the vols, at his feet. He makes no move toward dropping down to pick it up. I realize that the officials had whistled the play dead, when the ball looked to hit out of bounds slightly. I just don’t get this kind of play. Bacarri Rambo has been the Starter ALL SEASON LONG this year, every game.

I see we ripped the Redshirt off Garrison Smith vs Colorado in the 4th game, the season already shot. Garrison Smith played in his 2nd college game tonight, Georgia standing now at 2-4.

Anonymous said...

Chris Davis did not play today vs vols on our OL.

Josh Davis did not Start today vs vols on our OL.

Kenarious Gates, who has not played ALL SEASON LONG, had his REDSHIRT ripped off with our record 2-4 to go to STARTER, instead today vs vols on our OL.

Kenarious Gates, let me get this straight now 6th game of the season, the SEASON LONG OVER NOW, and we RIP THE REDSHIRT OFF Kenarious Gates, who doesn’t come in to spell anyone, but to START at Right Guard on our OL.

Amazing you freaking geniuses.

Tanner Strickland who has Started EVERY ONE OF THE LAST 3 LOSSES, is also BENCHED as Starter vs vols on our OL.

Trinton Sturdivant who has not Started all season long, is made Starter today vs the vols at Left Tackle on our OL.

Jakar Hamilton is ALSO BENCHED as the Starter vs the vols. For 5 games in a row, he is our Starter. Game 6, the season shot, and Jakar Hamilton is BENCHED as Starter.

Abry Jones has been the Starter now 3 games in a row at Left End.

Caleb King, who has not been Starter since Game 1 gets his 2nd Start of the entire season today vs vols.

Carlton Thomas, who in our Last Loss Last Week was deemed to be our Best Running Back and made the Starter. Today, he never got on the field, not once.

Carlton Thomas Did Not Play vs vols, but was our Starter in the last game. Our “coaching staff” benched Carlton Thomas, he, whom THEY RECRUITED.

Shawn Williams who hasn’t Started all season long, is made the Starter today vs the vols.

And, I am going to get back to this RECRUITING.

We are totally clueless, seemingly throwing guys out there and say here you do it the other guy sucks. Oh, well, that didn’t work. Try someone else. It cannot be us the coaches and must be them the players. And, if you think Coach Richt’s coaching staff hasn’t done that EXACTLY, then you have not followed Bulldogs’ football.

Anonymous said...

Doesn't make any sense Coach Richt, your coaching decisions.

None of them.

Chris said...

Carlton Thomas was injured. Just FYI

Left to Right said...

Nice to see Richt back to thinking he's got it all figured out. Good moment for him to be a little humble and he goes the other way.

Load up on Kentucky in two weeks.

PTC DAWG said...

Obviously, the complainers will continue to complain. No matter what UGA does.