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Saturday, October 16, 2010

From the locker room

Here's some quick reaction from Georgia head coach Mark Richt following his team's 43-0 rout of Vanderbilt.

"A shutout in any level of football is not easy to do, and I'm really proud of not only our defensive coaches and players, but the entire team," Richt said. "Because you don't get a shutout if you throw a pick-six. You don't get a shutout if you fumble it on a kickoff return, you don't get a shutout if you don't play really well, all the way around our football team.

"But the majority of the credit goes to our defensive coaches, led by coach (Todd) Grantham, and our defensive players, to really play the game the way it should be played. I'm really proud of them."

- Richt on the team:

"It looks like we're playing a little better. It looks like we're playing with a little more passion ... We're improving. I thought we were improving when we were losing. But hopefully we'll keep going and keep getting better."

- The team knew Carlton Thomas (who had two touchdowns) would be able to play on Thursday.

"I wasn't really interested in playing Ken Malcome for just a short amount of time," Richt said. "And then Caleb comes back and Carlton gets healthy and all that kind of thing. More than likely we won't play Ken unless we absolutely have to. I think he was happy it turned out that way too."

- Last week it was Boss Bailey, the honorary captain, ripping into his former team. Despite coming off a win, ex-players Thomas Davis and Geno Atkins also came back and delivered rousing speeches before the game.

"I didn't have to say a word, I just said 'Let's go' when he was done," Richt said.

- Richt addressed the use of the three timeouts early in the first half.

The first came because of a substitution error. The second was the result of having the wrong play called for the personnel grouping, which Richt called a "mix-up."

The third one, taking the field goal off the team so they could go for it, Richt said "that was me, just deciding."

Richt later sort of made light of the situation, when talking about a possible replay of A.J. Green's near-catch in the end zone at the end of the half.

"I didn't have a timeout anyway, so I couldn't do anything about it," Richt said, to laughter.

(You can afford to make light of that when you win 43-0.)

- While they rotated on the offensive, Richt said the starting five is looking good. Josh Davis and Chris Davis played a lot, especially Josh Davis.

"But the starting lineup we like," Richt said. "It takes a little pressure off of Gates, (and) I think it takes a little pressure off Sturdivant not to have to play every snap."


devildawg said...

I was surprised the booth didn't review AJ's catch. With his reputation for circus catches, it's about time some refs give him the benefit of the doubt. I only saw two angles on it, and it was hard to say either way, but I never saw the ball hit the ground

Rob said...

Imagine how well they'd have played if they'd had the full-speed practice on Monday.

Marcus said...

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Willb said...

Come on guys!!!! When we lose everyone has negative things to say! We win and nobody has anything to say?

I am starting to get extremely excited about Aaron Murray! Come next year he might be the best or second best qb in the sec. Has there ever been a better statistical season for a redshirt freshman in ga history? Heck in the sec history this has got to be one of the better ones!

One thing I'm wondering is what if ga plays this great for the rest of the season on offense?I thought bobo was gone for sure no matter what but if this were to happen I wonder if bobo would still be fired. I know it's a big if but anything can happen. If we blame him for the offense performing bad we have to give him credit for it performing great.

On another note Cam newton is looking tib tebow great though. I don't know if I'm looking forward to playing him this year or not. He's the exact type of qb that kills us!

Charlestowne Dawg said...

I'll back you up on that. I am also very, very excited about the progress that Murray and our team seem to have made.

I know its just been UT and Vandy and we should dominate those teams; however, we DID dominate those teams and we took care of business.

I still am behind Richt 100% as well and feel like he should be given time to right the ship. These things happen when you have a coach at a program for as long as Richt has been at Georgia. You can't be on top 100% of the time. Even Corch Urbs is having some issues down in the swamp.

Now if we can just take care of business against Kentucky, we'll have some momentum and confidence heading down to Jax. A win this year might not mean much this year, but it COULD be the beginning of a streak (at least here's hoping).

I don't know about y'all but I can't help but feel like if we would've come away with a W against Ark, we wouldn't have dropped Colorado and Miss State and would be sitting 6-1 right now.

What could've been??? Ah, the pains of being a Dawg fan :)

Willb said...

I know charlestowne dawg! We lost to sc barely. We should of beaten ark. Like you say if we beat ark we prob beat miss st. We should of beat col the same as we should of beaten ark.

I know were 3-4 and that's just the way it is but we are so close to not only being 5-1 but 6-0! Were not a bad team and I don't like excuses but were better than our record shows. But I'm also sure we can say the same for a lot of teams with bad records. What if!!! In the end the best teams just seam to have a little more luck and exacute a little better.

Maybe we can win out this year? That would be huge considering our schedule. Get some big recruits start the season ranked. I'm sure sc will be the fav to win the east next year and im guessing ga will be the next fav. I will take Aaron Murray over garcia and Brantley any day though.

Wes said...

Seth, the past two games (UT and Vandy) I've seen quite a few plays were Green seemed to be lazy off the ball. Other receivers would get catches and AJ would stand there and watch, and not help block. I first noticed it in the UT game (there were several plays) and saw it again tonight against Vandy. It seems that he just watches when he's not the one with the ball. Has there been any evidence of this in practice or indication that the coaches have seen the same? Or is this just a case of me catching AJ on a few bad plays?

Rick said...




Anonymous said...

Here's a fun fact. If UGA wins out in SEC play and Carolina loses to UF and Ark. we will go to Atlanta!

Anonymous said...

Never thought I would have said this three weeks ago, but we are still alive in the East. We just need to win out. Tall task I know, but if we just do our part I can see things falling into place. South Carolina has Arkansas at home and Florida in the Swamp. Both are very losable games.

Rick said...

Damn, the East was there for the taking this year. It's too bad we sucked for four straight games.

For the sake of argument, let's assume we win out and SC only drops one more SEC game (to UF). In the event of a 3-way tie, what are Georgia's chances over SC and UF? I think out of conference record is one of the tiebreakers, which really makes that Colorado loss hurt even more.

So I'll ask again, what are UGA's chances in a 3 way tie?

Ben said...

In a three way tie it goes to BCS rankings, and then the top two teams is the head to head winner. (I think).

Anonymous said...

This is directly from the SEC website. SEC East record would be the next tiebreaker if UF beats SC and we win out. We would have the best SEC East record. We would then go to Atlanta and beat Alabama or Auburn or LSU. Naturally.


1. (Once the tie has been reduced to two teams, go to the two-team tie-breaker format.)
2. Combined head-to-head record among the tied teams.
3. Record of the tied teams within the division.
4. Head-to-head competition vs. the team within the division with the best overall (divisional and non-divisional) Conference record and proceeding through the division. Multiple ties within the division will be broken from first to last.
5. Overall record vs. non-division teams.

Anonymous said...

They did away with the BCS tiebreaker a few years ago.

Rick said...

Thanks Anon 10:50.

Though I just realized that the UF loss hurts us because it's their 3rd SEC loss. We can't get the 3 way tie at this point so we need the chickens to lose two more. It's possible but it sucks that we have no control over it.

bnwdog said...


Hate to be the bearer of bad news....but if, BIG IF, we win out FL has 4 SEC losses! That means USC east has to lose 2 more SEC games. There would be no 3 way tie

bnwdog said...

somehow rick beat me to the punch!

Anonymous said...

If we win out and Florida beats SC, then all three of us will have 3 SEC losses. Both UF and SC would have 2 SEC East losses, and we would have 1. We win.

Anonymous said...

Yeah that is right. If we beat Florida, we need ARky and UF to beat them too.

Rick said...

@Anon 10:56

Except that if we beat UF, it gives them 4 SEC losses.

Stupid Gators. Even when they lose they screw us over...

Willb said...

Everyones kinda confusing me. If we win out and sc loses one more sec game and we both have three sec losses I thought they would get in because they have the head to heah tie breaker against us? Wouldn't sc have to have four sec losses and us three since they beat us?

Maybe this is what everyone is saying and I'm just stupid?

Rick said...



UGA69Dawg said...

Ah the Bi-Polar Dawg fans. Beat two terrible teams and we are going to Atlanta. I'll take 6-6 right now and a lousy bowl game.

Bryan said...

UGA69Dawg: First off, we straight up dominated 2 bad teams. Secondly, everyone here is saying that there's the slightest of possibilities that we can win the SEC East. No one is saying that because we beat Tenn and Vandy that we're going, but UF is looking very vulnerable and USC showed that they're not as good as they were last week. You are an odd UGA fan if you're content with just 6-6. We can very possibly win out if we play like we have the past 2 weeks, no matter who we were playing.

CSA said...

Winning out is a tall order for these Dawgs, and what really disturbs me is that for four straight games in which we lose, we just can't seem to figure things out (mostly defensively and slightly offensively.)

It doesn't seem like these guys were very well prepared, but that's for another discussion. Our coaches have done a good job of making changes to correct some issues, but those changes would have been welcome after, you know, the South Carolina loss?

Mike said...

We started winning when CMR got engaged and doing what he is paid to do. COACH!

Anonymous said...

Our playcalls changed in the Tenn game and even moreso against Vandy. Richt said he needed to be more assertive with Bobo about the playcalling, and I imagine that is exactly what is going on. Against Vandy, Thomas was used as a change of pace back, more on the outside where his speed is better suited. we had a lot more tight end involvement. There was much more vertical passing on early downs (bomb downfield first play of game on offense, a Mark Richt calling card) as opposed to 1st down dive, second down dive, 3rd down pass that Bobo seemed to favor. Richt is calling more and more of our plays, though he won't admit it because he won't throw an assistant under the bus.